Linux repositories inspector
dirent.h(0p)dirent.h — format of directory entries
dlfcn.h(0p)dlfcn.h — dynamic linking
d-devlibdeps(1)d-devlibdeps - Check and list dependencies of development library packages
d-feet(1)d-feet - D-Bus viewer and debugger
d-rats(1)d-rats - A communication tool for D-STAR
d-rats_mapdownloader(1)d-rats_mapdownloader - The D-RATS map download utility
d-rats_repeater(1)d-rats_repeater - A data exchange gateway for D-RATS
d-shlibmove(1)d-shlibmove - Move shared library files around in Debian package creation process
daa2iso(1)daa2iso - converts daa and gbi files to iso format.
dablin(1)dablin - CLI DAB/DAB+ receiver for Linux
dablin_gtk(1)dablin_gtk - GTK DAB/DAB+ receiver for Linux
dacs(1)dacs - a distributed access control system
dacsacl(1)dacsacl - list, check, or re-index access control rules
dacsauth(1)dacsauth - authentication check
dacscheck(1)dacscheck - authorization check
dacsconf(1)dacsconf - display configuration directives
dacscookie(1)dacscookie - create DACS credentials and emit as a cookie
dacscred(1)dacscred - acquire and manage DACS credentials
dacsemail(1)dacsemail - Simple outgoing email agent
dacsexpr(1)dacsexpr - DACS expression language shell and interpreter
dacsgrid(1)dacsgrid - administer grid-based one-time passwords
dacshttp(1)dacshttp - perform an HTTP/HTTPS request
dacsinfocard(1)dacsinfocard - manage InfoCard accounts
dacsinit(1)dacsinit - Configure a minimal DACS federation interactively
dacskey(1)dacskey - generate encryption keys for DACS
dacslist(1)dacslist - list jurisdictions
dacspasswd(1)dacspasswd - manage DACS accounts
dacsrlink(1)dacsrlink - create and administer rule links
dacssched(1)dacssched - rule-based command scheduling
dacstoken(1)dacstoken - administer hash-based one-time passwords
dacstransform(1)dacstransform - rule-based document transformation
dacsversion(1)dacsversion - display version information
dacsvfs(1)dacsvfs - access objects through the DACS virtual filestore
dact(1)dact - compress or expand a file or stream
dad(1)dad - update Debian package automatically
dadadodo(1)dadadodo - exterminate all rational thought
dadd(1)dateadd - Add DURATION to DATE/TIME and print the result.
daemon(1)daemon - turns other processes into daemons
daemonfs(1)daemonfs - A real time file monitoring software
daemonize(1)daemonize - run a program as a Unix daemon
daemonlogger(1)daemonlogger - simple network logger and soft tap daemon
dafny(1)dafny - compiler for the Dafny programming language
dailystrips(1)dailystrips - view web comic strips more conveniently
dailystrips-clean(1)dailystrips-clean - remove old downloaded dailystrips
dailystrips-update(1)dailystrips-update - download updated dailystrips definitions
daisy-player(1)daisy-player - player for DAISY Digital Talking Books or Audio-CD’s
daligner(1)daligner - local alignment discovery between long nucleotide sequencing reads
DAM2fasta(1)DAM2fasta - get fasta files from Dazzler map DB
dancer(1)dancer - helper script to create new Dancer applications
dancer2(1)dancer2 - Dancer2 command line interface
dane(1)dane - Generate TLSA/HASTLS DNS records by scanning SSL/TLS sites
danetool(1)-Font]danetool - GnuTLS DANE tool
danmaQ(1)danmaQ - desktop danmaku client implemented in Qt5
daphne(1)daphne — Django HTTP/WebSocket server
dapl-test(1)dapl-test - test for the Direct Access Programming Library (DAPL)
dapl-testcm(1)dapl-testcm - simple uDAPL test that measure setup time and connection establish time
dapl-testsrq(1)dapl-testsrq - simple uDAPL send/receive and RDMA test with shared receive queue. (SRQ)
dapl-testx(1)dapl-testx - simple uDAPL extensions test
dapl-utest(1)dapl-utest - simple uDAPL send/receive and RDMA test
dapltest(1)dapltest - test for the Direct Access Programming Library (DAPL)
dapltest1(1)dapltest - test for the Direct Access Programming Library (DAPL)
daps(1)daps - A complete environment to build HTML, PDF, ePUB and other formats from DocBook XML.
daps-auto(1)daps-auto - A program in the DAPS software package, a complete environment to build HTML, PDF, ePUB and other formats from DocBook XML.
daps-autobuild(1)daps-autobuild - Automatically build books from several DAPS projects hosted on subversion or git.
daps-check-deps(1)daps-check-deps - A program in the DAPS software package, a complete environment to build HTML, PDF, ePUB and other formats from DocBook XML.
daps-init(1)daps-init - A command to set up a DAPS documentation directory.
daps-xmlformat(1)daps-xmlformat - A program in the DAPS software package, a complete environment to build HTML, PDF, ePUB and other formats from DocBook XML.
dar(1)dar - creates, tests, lists, extracts, compares, merges, isolates, repairs dar archives
darcs(1)darcs - an advanced revision control system
darcs-monitor(1)darcs-monitor - Darcs add-on that sends mail about newly pushed changes
dares(1)dares - rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs
darkice(1)darkice - an icecast / shoutcast live audio streamer
darknet(1)darknet - program to run darknet function
darkradiant(1)DarkRadiant - the level editor for The Dark Mod
darkslide(1)darkslide - html5 slideshow generator
darksnow(1)darksnow - A simple frontend to DarkIce
darktable(1)darktable - a digital photography workflow application
darktable-cli(1)darktable-cli - a command line darktable variant
darktable-cltest(1)darktable-cltest - check if there is a usable OpenCL environment for darktable to use
darktable-cmstest(1)darktable-cmstest - test if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured
darktable-generate-cache(1)darktable-generate-cache - update darktable’s thumbnail cache
darktable-viewer(1)darktable-viewer - a stand-alone slideshow viewer that displays the images of your current collection fullscreen
darnwdl(1)darnwdl - program to view WDL files
darts(1)darts - program to do common prefix search interactively
dar_cp(1)dar_cp - ’cp’ clone command that is able to copy data located after an I/O error
dar_manager(1)dar_manager - compiles several archives contents in a database to ease file restoration
dar_slave(1)dar_slave - disk archive slave for remote access to a dar archive
dar_split(1)dar_split - dar helper to split an archive over several tapes
dar_static(1)dar - creates, tests, lists, extracts, compares, merges, isolates, repairs dar archives
dar_xform(1)dar_xform - disk archive "re-slicer"
dascrubber(1)dascrubber - alignment-based scrubbing pipeline for DNA sequencing reads
dasdcat(1)DASDCAT - display pds datasets and members from a DASD image file
dasdconv(1)DASDCONV - convert a CKD disk image from HDR-30 to AWSCKD format
dasdcopy(1)dasdcopy - copy a DASD file to another DASD file
dasdinit(1)dasdlist - build an empty DASD image file
dasdseq(1)dasdseq - Hercules DSORG=PS retrieval command
dash(1)dash - command interpreter (shell)
dash-search(1)dash-search - match arguments against cruft filter patterns
dasher(1)dasher - graphical predictive text entry system
data2inc(1)data2inc - Free Pascal binary to pascal include file converter.
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