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errno.h(0p)errno.h — system error numbers
e(1)e - invoke your editor, with optional file:lineno handling - instrument and compile C files with E-ACSL
e-mem(1)e-mem - finds position and length of all Maximal Exact Matches (MEMs) for very large genomes
e-PCR(1)e-PCR — Find sequence tagged sites (STS) in DNA sequences
e00conv(1)e00conv - Converts Arc/Info E00 files from one level of compression to another.
e16(1)e16 - The Enlightenment DR16 window manager
e2cp(1)e2cp - copies files from/to an e2fs filesystem
e2ln(1)e2ln - create hard links on an ext2 filesystem
e2ls(1)e2ls - list files and directories on an ext2 filesystem
e2mkdir(1)e2mkdir - creates a directory on an ext2 filesystem
e2mtiff(1)e2mtiff - any to multi-page TIFF converter of the ExactImage toolkit
e2mv(1)e2mv - moves or renames files on an ext2fs filesystem
e2pall(1)e2pall - convert all EPS files in a LaTeX document to PDF
e2ps(1)e2ps - converts plain text into PostScript
e2rm(1)e2rm - removes files and directories on an ext2 filesystem
e2tail(1)e2tail - a basic version of the tail command for an ext2 filesystem
e3(1)E3 - A mini text editor
ea-alc(1)alc - ea-utils: Approximate line counts for each file.
eaddress(1)eaddress - check edirect’s notion of your e-mail address
eancheck(1)eancheck - check digit validator for EAN, PLU and UPC barcode numbers
ear(1)ear - Ecere Archiver
earlyoom(1)earlyoom - Early OOM Daemon
earthtrack(1)earthtrack - Combine xplanet and predict
easybashgui(1)EasyBashGUI - a Bash functions library to create simple interfaces, using Zenity, GTKDialog, KDialog, XDialog, Dialog, Whiptail, etc, depending on the desktop environment.
easychem(1)easychem - draw high-quality molecules and chemical 2D formulas
easygen(1)easygen - Easy to use universal code/text generator
easyh10(1)EasyH10 - manage the iRiver H10 MP3 player
easymp3gain-gtk(1)easyMp3Gain-gtk - GTK+ GUI frontend for Mp3Gain
easymp3gain-qt(1)easyMp3Gain-qt - Qt GUI frontend for Mp3Gain
easystroke(1)The - X11 gesture recognition application
easytag(1)easytag - tag editor for MP3, Ogg Vorbis files and more
easy_eliza(1)easy_eliza - wrapper around tempest_for_eliza
easy_spice(1)easy_spice - a graphical frontend to ngspice
eatmydata(1)eatmydata - transparently disable fsync() and other data-to-disk synchronization calls
ebappendix(1)ebappendix - format appendix file for a CD-ROM book
ebfc(1)ebfc - ELF Brainfuck compiler
ebfont(1)ebfont - get font data of local defined characters in CD-ROM books
ebhtcheck(1)ebhtcheck - a lint for ebhttpd configuration
ebhtcontrol(1)ebhtcontrol - a controller for ebhttpd
ebhttpd(1)ebhttpd - a specialized HTTP server for CD-ROM books
ebinfo(1)ebinfo - list information about a CD-ROM book
ebiso(1)ebiso - UEFI bootable ISO image creator
eblast(1)eblast - perform a remote NCBI BLAST protein query
eblook(1)eblook - look in an electronic dictionary
ebncheck(1)ebncheck - a lint for ebnetd configuration
ebncontrol(1)ebncontrol - a controller for ebnetd
ebndaily(1)ebndaily - get stats for ebnetd and send it to admins
ebnetd(1)ebnetd - the EBNET server
ebnupgrade(1)ebnupgrade - smooths transition from old ndtpd
eboard-addtheme(1)eboard-addtheme - a program to easily install new eboard board and sound themes.
eboard-config(1)eboard-config - program to get information about the installed eboard.
eBook-speaker(1)eBook-speaker - read aloud eBooks and other text formats using a software speech-synthesizer
ebook-viewer(1)ebook-viewer - ebook-viewer ebook-viewer [options] file View an e-book. Whenever you pass arguments to ebook-viewer that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path
ebook2abw(1)ebook2abw - manual page for ebook2abw 0.9.6
ebook2cw(1)ebook2cw - Convert ebooks to Morse code audio files (MP3/OGG)
ebook2cwgui(1)ebook2cwgui - Graphical user interface for ebook2cw (text to Morse converter)
ebook2epub(1)ebook2epub - manual page for ebook2epub 0.9.6
ebook2html(1)ebook2html - manual page for ebook2html 0.1.3
ebook2odt(1)ebook2odt - manual page for ebook2odt 0.9.6
ebook2raw(1)ebook2raw - manual page for ebook2raw 0.1.3
ebook2text(1)ebook2text - manual page for ebook2text 0.1.3
ebrefile(1)ebrefile - refile a catalog file in a CD-ROM book
ebrowse(1)ebrowse - create a class hierarchy database
ebrowse.emacs(1)ebrowse - create a class hierarchy database
ebrowse.emacs24(1)ebrowse - create a class hierarchy database
ebrowse.emacs25(1)ebrowse - create a class hierarchy database
ebshell(1)EekBoek - Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses
ebsmount-manual(1)ebsmount-manual - Simulates udev add trigger
ebstopcode(1)ebstopcode - analyze a text stop code of a CD-ROM book
ebumeter(1)ebumeter - a audio loudness meter for Jack Audio Connection Kit
ebur128(1)ebur128 - a command line app measuring loudness on audio files.
ebview(1)ebview — An EPWING CD-ROM dictionary viewer
ebwxshell(1)EekBoek - Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses
ebzip(1)ebzip - compress a CD-ROM book
eb_client_egd(1)eb_client_egd - export entropy data as egd server
eb_client_file(1)eb_client_file - export entropy data to a file
eb_client_kernel_generic(1)eb_client_kernel_generic - client for kernel generic, v2.8, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_client_linux_kernel(1)eb_client_linux_kernel - send entropy data to /dev/random
eb_proxy_knuth_b(1)proxy_knuth_b - server for proxy_knuth_b, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_proxy_knuth_m(1)proxy_knuth_m - server for proxy_knuth_m, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_server_Araneus_Alea(1)eb_server_Araneus_Alea - server for Araneus Alea, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_server_audio(1)eb_server_audio - gather entropy on systems with a spare sound-card
eb_server_ComScire_R2000KU(1)eb_server_ComScire_R2000KU - server for ComScire R2000KU, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_server_egd(1)eb_server_egd - gather entropy on systems with an EntropyKey or EGD
eb_server_ext_proc(1)eb_server_ext_proc - gather entropy on systems with a spare sound-card
eb_server_linux_kernel(1)eb_server_linux_kernel - retrieve entropy data from /dev/random
eb_server_push_file(1)eb_server_push_file - push entropy data from file to eb-host
eb_server_smartcard(1)eb_server_smartcard - server for smartcard, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_server_stream(1)eb_server_stream - gather entropy
eb_server_timers(1)eb_server_timers - gather entropy on systems that are mostly idle
eb_server_usb(1)eb_server_usb - server for USB, (C) 2009-2015 by
eb_server_v4l(1)eb_server_v4l - gather entropy from unused video card
ec2-accept-vpc-peering-connection(1)ec2-accept-vpc-peering-connection - Accept a VPC Peering Connection
ec2-activate-license(1)ec2-activate-license - Activate capacity against a license
ec2-add-group(1)ec2-add-group - Create a new security group
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