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fcntl.h(0p)fcntl.h — file control options
fenv.h(0p)fenv.h — floating-point environment
float.h(0p)float.h — floating types
fmtmsg.h(0p)fmtmsg.h — message display structures
fnmatch.h(0p)fnmatch.h — filename-matching types
ftw.h(0p)ftw.h — file tree traversal
f-irc(1)f-irc - a user friendly irc client for a terminal/command-line/console
f1tattoo(1)f1tattoo - disc T@2 feature for Yamaha F1 CD-RW devices
f2c(1)f2c - Convert Fortran 77 to C or C++
f2java(1)f2java - produce java source and java class from Fortran file
f2py(1)f2py - Fortran to Python interface generator
f2py3(1)f2py - Fortran to Python interface generator
f3brew(1)f3brew - help developers to infer how fake drives work
f3dinfo(1)f3dinfo - Field3D Info
f3fix(1)f3fix - edit the partition table of a fake flash drive
f3probe(1)f3probe - probe a block device for counterfeit flash memory
f3read(1)f3write, f3read - test real flash memory capacity
fa2dna(1)fa2dna - format fasta database for use with ANFO
fa2htgs(1)fa2htgs - formatter for high throughput genome sequencing project submissions
faac(1)faac - open source MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC encoder
faad(1)faad — Process an Advanced Audio Codec stream
fab(1)fab - Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
fab-cewl(1)fab-cewl - extract metadata from files
fabio-convert(1)fabio-convert_6hwsacqx - manual page for fabio-convert_6hwsacqx 0.9.0
fabio_viewer(1)fabio_viewer_pkyrh8v9 - manual page for fabio_viewer_pkyrh8v9 1.0
fac(1)fac - F*EX administration tool
faceAgglomerate(1)faceAgglomerate - part of OpenFOAM (The Open Source CFD Toolbox).
facedetect(1)facedetect - simple face detector for batch processing
factor(1)factor - factor numbers - Print prime factors
fadecut(1)fadecut - Toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles
fades(1)fades - A system that automatically handles the virtualenvs in the cases normally found when writing scripts and simple programs, and even helps to administer big projects. -- Reformat a sequence into fasta format
fahash(1)fahash - sequence hash builder for reverse e-PCR
fai-class(1)fai-class - define classes using files and scripts.
fai-debconf(1)fai-debconf - set debconf values using classes
fai-do-scripts(1)fai-do-scripts - call configuration scripts
fai-mirror(1)fai-mirror - create and manage a partial mirror for FAI
fai-mk-configspace(1)fai-mk-configspace - set up the FAI config space
fai-monitor-gui(1)fai-monitor-gui - fai monitor daemon, graphical interface
fai2ldif(1)fai2ldif - read fai classes and create an ldif file to be imported into an ldap server
faidx(1)faidx - Fetch sequences from FASTA
fail2ban(1)fail2ban - a set of server and client programs to limit brute force authentication attempts.
fail2ban-client(1)fail2ban-client - configure and control the server
fail2ban-python(1)fail2ban-python - a helper for Fail2Ban to assure that the same Python is used
fail2ban-regex(1)fail2ban-regex - test Fail2ban "failregex" option
fail2ban-server(1)fail2ban-server - start the server
fail2ban-testcases(1)fail2ban-testcases - run Fail2Ban unit-tests
fakechanges(1)fakechanges - reverse engineer a Debian .changes file.
fakechroot(1)fakechroot - gives a fake chroot environment
fakeCMY(1)Create - Create a fake CMY data file from a CMYK profile.
faked(1)faked - daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files manipulated by fakeroot processes.
faked-sysv(1)faked - daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files manipulated by fakeroot processes.
faked-tcp(1)faked - daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files manipulated by fakeroot processes.
fakenect(1)fakenect - Run a program by faking the Kinect
fakenect-record(1)fakenect-record - program to save dumps from kinect to file
faker(1)faker - command to generate fake data
fakeread(1)Fake - Fake test chart reader - lookup values in ICC/MPP profile.
fakeroot(1)fakeroot - run a command in an environment faking root privileges for file manipulation
fakeroot-ng(1)fakeroot-ng - run a command while making it believe it is running as root
fakeroot-pseudo(1)fakeroot - run a command in an environment faking root privileges for file manipulation
fakeroot-sysv(1)fakeroot - run a command in an environment faking root privileges for file manipulation
fakeroot-tcp(1)fakeroot - run a command in an environment faking root privileges for file manipulation
faketime(1)faketime - manipulate the system time for a given command
falcon(1)falcon - The Falcon Programming Language command line interpreter
falcon-conf(1)falcon-conf - Falcon makefile settings helper
falconeer.fal(1)falconeer.fal - Falcon skeleton module startup configurator script
faldisass(1)faldissass - The Falcon disassembler
falkon(1)falkon - lightweight web browser
fallc.fal(1)falconeer.fal - Falcon Language table compiler
fallocate(1)fallocate - preallocate or deallocate space to a file
falpack(1)falpack - The falcon application packaging tool
falrun(1)flcrun - The Falcon command line execution tool
false(1)false - do nothing, unsuccessfully
falsecolor(1)falsecolor - make a false color RADIANCE picture
falselogin(1)falselogin - a false login shell
faltest(1)faltest - Falcon unit test interface.
famap(1)famap - prepare Fasta sequence database for re-PCR searches
famdef(1)famdef - repeatmaker helper to define families
fantasdic(1)fantasdic — Versatile dictionary application
fapg(1)fapg - Fast Audio Playlist Generator
fapolicyd-cli(1)fapolicyd-cli - Fapolicyd CLI Tool
faqpods(1)faqpods - print out pod paths for the standard perl faqs
farcompilestrings(1)farcompilestrings - manual page for farcompilestrings 1.6.9
farcreate(1)farcreate - manual page for farcreate 1.6.9
farequal(1)farequal - manual page for farequal 1.6.9
farextract(1)farextract - manual page for farextract 1.6.9
farinfo(1)farinfo - manual page for farinfo 1.6.9
farisomorphic(1)farisomorphic - manual page for farisomorphic 1.6.9 - helps running maq jobs in batch mode
farprintstrings(1)farprintstrings - manual page for farprintstrings 1.6.9
fasd(1)fasd - quick access to files and directories
fasm(1)fasm - fast assembler for the x86 and x86-64 architectures
fasta2DAM(1)fasta2DAM - build a Dazzler map database from fasta files
fasta2DB(1)fasta2DB - create a Dazzler database from fasta files
fasta2frag(1)fasta2frag - splits a single fasta sequence into several overlapping fragments.
fastacmd(1)fastacmd - retrieve FASTA sequences from a BLAST database
fastaexplod(1)fastaexplod - split multi sequence FastA file into one file per sequence
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