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k2f(1)k2f, FSM translator ALLIANCE format from/to Berkeley format
[Include document man1/alc_origin.1]
k2pdfopt(1)K2pdfopt - PDF Reflow tool
k3b(1)k3b - KDE CD burning program
k3d(1)k3d - 3D modeling and animation system.
k3d-renderframe(1)k3d-renderframe - Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on the local host
k3d-renderjob(1)k3d-renderjob - Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on the local host
k3d-sl2xml(1)k3d-sl2xml - Parses a RenderMan shader to create a shader meta file used by the K-3D user interface.
k3d-uuidgen(1)k3d-uuidgen - generates a unique identifier.
k4dirstat(1)k4dirstat - Graphical directory statistics
k5srvutil(1)k5srvutil - host key table (keytab) manipulation utility
k5start(1)k5start - Obtain and optionally keep active a Kerberos ticket
k9copy(1)k9copy - DVD copy tool for KDE
k9play(1)k9play - A movie playing utility
k9xineplayer(1)k9xineplayer - A movie playing utility
kabcclient(1)kabcclient - commandline client for the KDE addressbook
kadmin(1)kadmin - Kerberos V5 database administration program
kadmin.heimdal(1)kadmin - Kerberos administration utility
kadu(1)kadu - instant messenger for Gadu-Gadu protocol
kadu-config(1)kadu-config - script to get information about the installed version of kadu
kaffeine(1)kaffeine - A media player by KDE with digital TV support
kafkacat(1)kafkacat - generic producer and consumer for Apache Kafka
kak(1)kak - a vim inspired, selection oriented code editor
kakasi(1)KAKASI - Kanji kana simple inverter (between Kanji, both Kana and Romaji)
kakasi-config(1)kakasi-config - script to get information about the installed version of KAKASI
kak_commands(1)commands - a
kak_execeval(1)execeval - a
kak_expansions(1)expansions - a
kak_faces(1)faces - a
kak_highlighters(1)highlighters - a
kak_hooks(1)hooks - a
kak_options(1)options - a
kak_registers(1)registers - a
kak_scopes(1)scopes - a
kak_shortcuts(1)shortcuts - a
kali(1)kali - draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc.
kalign(1)kalign - performs multiple alignment of biological sequences.
kalzium(1)kalzium - A KDE based chemistry teaching tool
kamcli(1)kamcli - Kamailio command line interface control tool
kamene(1)kamene - Interactive packet manipulation tool
kamerka(1)Kamerka - take photos using your webcam and shiny animated QML interface
kamoso(1)kamoso - Webcam picture retriever
kanatest(1)kanatest - a beginner’s drill game to learn Japanese kana characters
kanboard(1)kanboard - kanboard command line client
kanif(1)kanif - a TakTuk wrapper for cluster management
kanjipad(1)kanjipad - handwriting recognition for Kanji
kanshi(1)kanshi - dynamic output configuration
kantiword(1)kantiword - installs desktop icon for d’n’d function of antiword
kapow(1)kapow - punch clock program
kapptemplate(1)kapptemplate - creates a framework to develop a KDE application - obtain information about K and O types for Klebsiella genome assemblies
karbon(1)Karbon - A Vector Graphics Drawing Application.
karlyriceditor(1)karlyriceditor — graphical karaoke lyrics editor
karma_helper(1)karma_helper - adjusts the state of the Rio Karma
kasumi(1)kasumi - a personal dictionary manager for Anthy
katalyzer(1)katalyzer - analyzes Kate streams and displays various information about them.
katarakt(1)katarakt - a simple PDF viewer with three layouts
kate(1)kate - Advanced text editor by KDE
katedec(1)katedec - decodes Kate streams to a textual description
KateDJ(1)KateDJ - edits and remixes Kate streams in Ogg
kateenc(1)kateenc - create Kate streams from text input
kawa(1)kawa - Scheme language implemented using on a Java VM
kayali(1)kayali - a qt and maxima-based computer algebra system
kazam(1)Kazam - Screen recording and capturing program.
kazehakase(1)kazehakase - Gecko based web browser using GTK
kbackup(1)kbackup - An easy to use backup program
kbd-test(1)kbd-test - CURSES keyboard test utility
kbdd(1)kbdd - simple per-window keyboard layout switching daemon
kbdinfo(1)kbdinfo - obtain information about the status of a console
kbd_mode(1)kbd_mode - report or set the keyboard mode
kbibtex(1)kbibtex - a BibTeX editor by KDE written by Thomas Fischer and released under the GPL version 2 or later.
kbookmarkmerger(1)kbookmarkmerger - A program for merging a given set of bookmarks into the users list of bookmarks.
kbruch(1)kbruch - Learn calculating with fractions
kbxutil(1)kbxutil - List, export, import Keybox data
kc(1)kc - generate C code from Kimwitu input
kc++(1)Kimwitu++ - generate C++ code from Kimwitu++ input
kc2img(1)kc2img - convert KC files to raw KC tape images
kc2raw(1)kc2raw - convert KC files to KC memory dumps
kc2tap(1)kc2tap - convert KC files to raw KC tape images
kc2wav(1)kc2wav - convert KC files audio files (.WAV format)
kcachegrind(1)kcachegrind - a visualisation tool for valgrind profiling output
kcapi-dgst(1)kcapi-dgst - Kernel Crypto API Message Digest Crypto Helper
kcapi-enc(1)kcapi-enc - Kernel Crypto API Symmetric Cipher Crypto Helper
kcapi-rng(1)kcapi-rng - Kernel Crypto API Random Number Gatherer
kcbench(1)kcbench - Kernel compile benchmark
kcc(1)kcc - Kanji code coverter with encoding auto detection
kccachetest(1)kccachetest - command line interface to test the cache hash database
kcdirmgr(1)kcdirmgr - command line interface to manage the directory hash database
kcdirtest(1)kcdirtest - command line interface to test the directory hash database
kcemu-remote(1)kcemu-remote - A remote controller for the KC 85/4 Emulator
kcforestmgr(1)kcforestmgr - command line interface to manage the directory tree database
kcforesttest(1)kcforesttest - command line interface to test the directory tree database
kcgrasstest(1)kcgrasstest - command line interface to test the cache tree database
kchashmgr(1)kchashmgr - command line interface to manage the file hash database
kchashtest(1)kchashtest - command line interface to test the file hash database
kchmviewer(1)kchmviewer - Windows CHM viewer for KDE
kclangctest(1)kclangctest - command line interface to test the C language binding
kcollectd(1)kcollectd - displays system time-series monitoring information in collectd rrd datacollections
kconfig(1)kconfig - Standalone implementation of the Linux Kconfig parser
kconfig-conf(1)kconfig-conf - Standalone implementation of the Linux Kconfig parser
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