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langinfo.h(0p)langinfo.h — language information constants
libgen.h(0p)libgen.h — definitions for pattern matching functions
limits.h(0p)limits.h — implementation-defined constants
locale.h(0p)locale.h — category macros
l20n2po(1)l20n2po - Convert Mozilla .l20n files to Gettext PO localization files.
l2p(1)l2p - Creates a PostScript file from a symbolic layout file,or from a physical layout file.
[Include document man1/alc_origin.1]
l2ping(1)l2ping - Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer
l2test(1)l2test - L2CAP testing tool
l3build(1)l3build - Checking and building packages
l4p-tmpl(1)l4p-tmpl - Print out a Log4perl template configuration
label3d(1)label3d - process a Raster3D scene containing labels
LabelClustersUniquely(1)LabelClustersUniquely - part of ANTS registration suite
LabelGeometryMeasures(1)LabelGeometryMeasures - part of ANTS registration suite
labelme(1)labelme - Image Polygonal Annotation with Python
LabelOverlapMeasures(1)LabelOverlapMeasures - part of ANTS registration suite
lablgl(1)lablgl - OCaml toplevel with labgl support.
lablgladecc2(1)lablgladecc2 - manual page for lablgladecc2 2.18.10
lablgladecc3(1)lablgladecc3 - manual page for lablgladecc3 3.1.0
lablgtk2(1)lablgtk2 - manual page for lablgtk2 2.18.10
lablie(1)lablie - Tool to generate documents with labels for printing.
labplot2(1)labplot2 - an application by KDE for interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data.
labrea(1)labrea - Honeypot for incoming IP connection attempts
LAcat(1)LAcat - concatenate .las files
LAcheck(1)lacheck - A consistency checker for LaTeX documents.
lacme(1)lacme - ACME client written with process isolation and minimal privileges in mind
lacme-accountd(1)lacme-accountd - ACME client written with process isolation and minimal privileges in mind (account key manager)
laditools(1)laditools - tools to control and monitor LADI (JACK and ladish) systems
ladr4-apps(1)ladr4-apps - undocumented LADR4 applications
ladspalist(1)ladspalist - find LADSPA plugins info for use by SuperCollider
LAdump(1)LAdump - display daligner local alignments in a simple format
LAindex(1)LAindex - index Daligner alignment files
lal(1)lal - stand alone clock that is designed to run as a dock application but is not required to. This document covers 1.1 version of lal.
lambda(1)lambda - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA
lambda-term-actions(1)lambda-term-actions - Display lambda-term editing actions
lambda2(1)lambda2 - Lambda, the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DataA
lambda2-mkindexn(1)lambda2_mkindexn - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA
lambda2-mkindexp(1)lambda2_mkindexp - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA
lambda2-searchn(1)lambda2_searchn - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA
lambda2-searchp(1)lambda2_searchp - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA
lambda_indexer(1)lambda_indexer - indexer for creating lambda-compatible databases
lamboot(1)lamboot - Start a LAM multicomputer.
lamcheckpoint(1)lamcheckpoint - Checkpoint a LAM/MPI job.
lamclean(1)lamclean - Attempt to clean entire LAM system.
lamd(1)LAM - introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM)
lame(1)lame - create mp3 audio files
LAmerge(1)LAmerge - merge .las files into a single sorted file
lamexec(1)lamexec - Run non-MPI programs on LAM nodes.
lamgrow(1)lamgrow - Extend a LAM multicomputer.
lamhalt(1)lamhalt - Shutdown the LAM/MPI run-time environment.
laminfo(1)laminfo - Display configuration information about LAM/MPI
lamnodes(1)lamnodes - Resolve LAM node/CPU notation to Unix hostnames.
lampcolor(1)lampcolor - compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter
lamrestart(1)lamrestart - restart a LAM/MPI program.
lamshrink(1)lamshrink - Shrink a LAM universe.
lamson(1)Lamson - Lamson is a modern Pythonic mail server built like a web application server.
lamtrace(1)lamtrace - Unload LAM trace data.
lamwipe(1)lamwipe - Shutdown LAM.
landmark_warp(1)landmark_warp - warp an image using point landmarks
landscape-client(1)landscape-client - Landscape system client
landscape-config(1)landscape-config - configure the Landscape management client
landscape-message(1)landscape-message - Send a message to the landscape web interface
landscape-sysinfo(1)landscape-sysinfo - Display a summary of the current system status
landslide(1)landslide - html5 slideshow generator
langdrill(1)langdrill - simple program to test your vocabulary in foreign languages
langident(1)langident - identifies the language files are written in
lapcat(1)lapcat - Location Aware Proxy Chooser And Tunneler
laplacianFoam(1)laplacianFoam - part of OpenFOAM (The Open Source CFD Toolbox).
LaplacianThickness(1)LaplacianThickness - part of ANTS registration suite
laptop-detect(1)laptop-detect - attempt to detect a laptop
larch(1)larch - copy messages from one IMAP server to another
largeprimes(1)largeprimes -- generate large, random primes using Crypt::Primes.
las2col(1)las2col - LAS translation to MonetDB binary format
las2las(1)las2las - Advanced LAS filtering and manipulation
las2ogr(1)las2ogr - convert LAS file to data source using OGR
las2pg(1)las2pg - LAS translation to PostgreSQL binary format
las2txt(1)las2txt - output ASRPS LAS files into ASCII text
lasblock(1)lasblock - pre-process LAS files into blocks
lasem-render-0.4(1)lasem-render-0.4 - render MathML or SVG using Lasem
LAshow(1)LAshow - display local alignments from .las files
lasinfo(1)lasinfo - display LAS file details
LAsort(1)LAsort - sort .las alignment files
LAsplit(1)LAsplit - divide an .las alignment file
last(1)last, lastb - show a listing of last logged in users
last-dotplot(1)last-dotplot - make a dotplot, a.k.a. Oxford Grid, of alignments in LAST tabular format
last-map-probs(1)last-map-probs - Add extra column with mapping probabilities
last-merge-batches(1)last-merge-batches - Read files of lastal output, merge corresponding batches, and write them
last-pair-probs(1)last-pair-probs - Read alignments of paired DNA reads to a genome, and do estimations
last-postmask(1)last-postmask - Get alignments that have a segment with score >= threshold, with gentle masking of lowercase letters
last-split(1)last-split - Estimates "split" or "spliced" alignments.
last-split8(1)last-split8 - Estimates "split" or "spliced" alignments.
last-train(1)last-train - Try to find suitable score parameters for aligning the given sequences
lastal(1)lastal - genome-scale comparison of biological sequences
lastal8(1)lastal8 - genome-scale comparison of biological sequences
lastcomm(1)lastcomm - print out information about previously executed commands.
lastdb(1)lastdb - genome-scale comparison of biological sequences
lastrelease(1)lastrelease - print information about last release of a system managed withs shapeTools
lasts(1)lasts - Indicate duration of file based on multicat’s auxiliary file
lat(1)lat - LDAP Administration Tool
latency(1)latency - Xenomai timer latency benchmark
LatentModel(1)LatentModel - Example of Modeling Correlated Defaults
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