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o2info(1)o2info - Show OCFS2 file system information.
o3read(1)o3read, o3tohtml, o3totxt - convert files in format.
oa-compile(1)oa-compile - Testing tool that parses PAD rule set files and runs a match against message.
oadm(1)oadm - Tools for managing a cluster
oadm-build-chain(1)oadm build-chain - Output the inputs and dependencies of your builds
oadm-ca(1)oadm ca - Manage certificates and keys
oadm-ca-create-key-pair(1)oadm ca create-key-pair - Create a public/private key pair
oadm-ca-create-master-certs(1)oadm ca create-master-certs - Create certificates and keys for a master
oadm-ca-create-server-cert(1)oadm ca create-server-cert - Create a signed server certificate and key
oadm-ca-create-signer-cert(1)oadm ca create-signer-cert - Create a signer (certificate authority/CA) certificate and key
oadm-ca-decrypt(1)oadm ca decrypt - Decrypt data encrypted with "oadm ca encrypt"
oadm-ca-encrypt(1)oadm ca encrypt - Encrypt data with AES-256-CBC encryption
oadm-certificate(1)oadm certificate - Modify certificate resources.
oadm-certificate-approve(1)oadm certificate approve - Approve a certificate signing request
oadm-certificate-deny(1)oadm certificate deny - Deny a certificate signing request
oadm-completion(1)oadm completion - Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
oadm-config(1)oadm config - Change configuration files for the client
oadm-config-current-context(1)oadm config current-context - Displays the current-context
oadm-config-delete-cluster(1)oadm config delete-cluster - Delete the specified cluster from the kubeconfig
oadm-config-delete-context(1)oadm config delete-context - Delete the specified context from the kubeconfig
oadm-config-get-clusters(1)oadm config get-clusters - Display clusters defined in the kubeconfig
oadm-config-get-contexts(1)oadm config get-contexts - Describe one or many contexts
oadm-config-rename-context(1)oadm config rename-context - Renames a context from the kubeconfig file.
oadm-config-set(1)oadm config set - Sets an individual value in a kubeconfig file
oadm-config-set-cluster(1)oadm config set-cluster - Sets a cluster entry in kubeconfig
oadm-config-set-context(1)oadm config set-context - Sets a context entry in kubeconfig
oadm-config-set-credentials(1)oadm config set-credentials - Sets a user entry in kubeconfig
oadm-config-unset(1)oadm config unset - Unsets an individual value in a kubeconfig file
oadm-config-use-context(1)oadm config use-context - Sets the current-context in a kubeconfig file
oadm-config-view(1)oadm config view - Display merged kubeconfig settings or a specified kubeconfig file
oadm-cordon(1)oadm cordon - Mark node as unschedulable
oadm-create-api-client-config(1)oadm create-api-client-config - Create a config file for connecting to the server as a user
oadm-create-bootstrap-policy-file(1)oadm create-bootstrap-policy-file - Create the default bootstrap policy
oadm-create-bootstrap-project-template(1)oadm create-bootstrap-project-template - Create a bootstrap project template
oadm-create-error-template(1)oadm create-error-template - Create an error page template
oadm-create-key-pair(1)oadm create-key-pair -
oadm-create-kubeconfig(1)oadm create-kubeconfig - Create a basic .kubeconfig file from client certs
oadm-create-login-template(1)oadm create-login-template - Create a login template
oadm-create-master-certs(1)oadm create-master-certs -
oadm-create-node-config(1)oadm create-node-config - Create a configuration bundle for a node
oadm-create-provider-selection-template(1)oadm create-provider-selection-template - Create a provider selection template
oadm-create-server-cert(1)oadm create-server-cert -
oadm-create-signer-cert(1)oadm create-signer-cert -
oadm-diagnostics(1)oadm diagnostics - Diagnose common cluster problems
oadm-drain(1)oadm drain - Drain node in preparation for maintenance
oadm-groups(1)oadm groups - Manage groups
oadm-groups-add-users(1)oadm groups add-users - Add users to a group
oadm-groups-new(1)oadm groups new - Create a new group
oadm-groups-prune(1)oadm groups prune - Prune OpenShift groups referencing missing records on an external provider.
oadm-groups-remove-users(1)oadm groups remove-users - Remove users from a group
oadm-groups-sync(1)oadm groups sync - Sync OpenShift groups with records from an external provider.
oadm-ipfailover(1)oadm ipfailover - Install an IP failover group to a set of nodes
oadm-manage-node(1)oadm manage-node - Manage nodes - list pods, evacuate, or mark ready
oadm-migrate(1)oadm migrate - Migrate data in the cluster
oadm-migrate-authorization(1)oadm migrate authorization - Confirm that Origin authorization resources are in sync with their RBAC equivalents
oadm-migrate-etcd-ttl(1)oadm migrate etcd-ttl - Attach keys to etcd v3 leases to assist in etcd v2 migrations
oadm-migrate-image-references(1)oadm migrate image-references - Update embedded Docker image references
oadm-migrate-storage(1)oadm migrate storage - Update the stored version of API objects
oadm-migrate-volumesource(1)oadm migrate volumesource - Confirm that all objects that contain volumeSource.metadata do not have it set
oadm-new-project(1)oadm new-project - Create a new project
oadm-options(1)oadm options -
oadm-overwrite-policy(1)oadm overwrite-policy - Reset the policy to the default values
oadm-pod-network(1)oadm pod-network - Manage pod network
oadm-pod-network-isolate-projects(1)oadm pod-network isolate-projects - Isolate project network
oadm-pod-network-join-projects(1)oadm pod-network join-projects - Join project network
oadm-pod-network-make-projects-global(1)oadm pod-network make-projects-global - Make project network global
oadm-policy(1)oadm policy - Manage policy
oadm-policy-add-cluster-role-to-group(1)oadm policy add-cluster-role-to-group - Add a role to groups for all projects in the cluster
oadm-policy-add-cluster-role-to-user(1)oadm policy add-cluster-role-to-user - Add a role to users for all projects in the cluster
oadm-policy-add-role-to-group(1)oadm policy add-role-to-group - Add a role to groups for the current project
oadm-policy-add-role-to-user(1)oadm policy add-role-to-user - Add a role to users or serviceaccounts for the current project
oadm-policy-add-scc-to-group(1)oadm policy add-scc-to-group - Add groups to a security context constraint
oadm-policy-add-scc-to-user(1)oadm policy add-scc-to-user - Add users or serviceaccount to a security context constraint
oadm-policy-reconcile-cluster-role-bindings(1)oadm policy reconcile-cluster-role-bindings - Update cluster role bindings to match the recommended bootstrap policy
oadm-policy-reconcile-cluster-roles(1)oadm policy reconcile-cluster-roles - Update cluster roles to match the recommended bootstrap policy
oadm-policy-reconcile-sccs(1)oadm policy reconcile-sccs - Replace cluster SCCs to match the recommended bootstrap policy
oadm-policy-remove-cluster-role-from-group(1)oadm policy remove-cluster-role-from-group - Remove a role from groups for all projects in the cluster
oadm-policy-remove-cluster-role-from-user(1)oadm policy remove-cluster-role-from-user - Remove a role from users for all projects in the cluster
oadm-policy-remove-group(1)oadm policy remove-group - Remove group from the current project
oadm-policy-remove-role-from-group(1)oadm policy remove-role-from-group - Remove a role from groups for the current project
oadm-policy-remove-role-from-user(1)oadm policy remove-role-from-user - Remove a role from users for the current project
oadm-policy-remove-scc-from-group(1)oadm policy remove-scc-from-group - Remove group from scc
oadm-policy-remove-scc-from-user(1)oadm policy remove-scc-from-user - Remove user from scc
oadm-policy-remove-user(1)oadm policy remove-user - Remove user from the current project
oadm-policy-scc-review(1)oadm policy scc-review - Checks which ServiceAccount can create a Pod
oadm-policy-scc-subject-review(1)oadm policy scc-subject-review - Check whether a user or a ServiceAccount can create a Pod.
oadm-policy-who-can(1)oadm policy who-can - List who can perform the specified action on a resource
oadm-prune(1)oadm prune - Remove older versions of resources from the server
oadm-prune-builds(1)oadm prune builds - Remove old completed and failed builds
oadm-prune-deployments(1)oadm prune deployments - Remove old completed and failed deployments
oadm-prune-groups(1)oadm prune groups - Prune OpenShift groups referencing missing records on an external provider.
oadm-prune-images(1)oadm prune images - Remove unreferenced images
oadm-registry(1)oadm registry - Install the integrated Docker registry
oadm-router(1)oadm router - Install a router
oadm-taint(1)oadm taint - Update the taints on one or more nodes
oadm-top(1)oadm top - Show usage statistics of resources on the server
oadm-top-images(1)oadm top images - Show usage statistics for Images
oadm-top-imagestreams(1)oadm top imagestreams - Show usage statistics for ImageStreams
oadm-top-node(1)oadm top node - Display Resource (CPU/Memory/Storage) usage of nodes
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