Linux repositories inspector
pegasus-dagman(1)pegasus-dagman - Wrapper around *condor_dagman*. Not to be run by user.
pegasus-dashboard(1)pegasus-dashboard - Starts the Pegasus monitoring dashboard.
pegasus-dax-validator(1)pegasus-dax-validator - determines if a given DAX file is valid.
pegasus-exitcode(1)pegasus-exitcode - Checks the stdout/stderr files of a workflow job for any indication that an error occurred in the job. This script is intended to be invoked automatically by DAGMan as the POST script of a job.
pegasus-gridftp(1)pegasus-gridftp - Perform file and directory operations on remote GridFTP servers
pegasus-invoke(1)pegasus-invoke - invokes a command from a file
pegasus-keg(1)pegasus-keg - kanonical executable for grids
pegasus-kickstart(1)pegasus-kickstart - remote job wrapper
pegasus-monitord(1)pegasus-monitord - tracks a workflow progress, mining information
pegasus-mpi-cluster(1)pegasus-mpi-cluster - a tool for running computational workflows expressed as DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs) on computational clusters using MPI.
pegasus-plan(1)pegasus-plan - runs Pegasus to generate the executable workflow
pegasus-plots(1)pegasus-plots - A tool to generate graphs and charts to visualize workflow run.
pegasus-rc-client(1)pegasus-rc-client - shell client for replica implementations
pegasus-remove(1)pegasus-remove - removes a workflow that has been planned and submitted using pegasus-plan and pegasus-run
pegasus-run(1)pegasus-run - executes a workflow that has been planned using *pegasus-plan*.
pegasus-s3(1)pegasus-s3 - Upload, download, delete objects in Amazon S3
pegasus-sc-client(1)pegasus-sc-client - generates a site catalog by querying sources.
pegasus-sc-converter(1)pegasus-sc-converter - A client to convert site catalog from one format to another format.
pegasus-statistics(1)pegasus-statistics - A tool to generate statistics about the workflow run.
pegasus-status(1)pegasus-status - Pegasus workflow- and run-time status
pegasus-submit-dag(1)pegasus-submit-dag - Wrapper around *condor_submit_dag*. Not to be run by user.
pegasus-tc-client(1)pegasus-tc-client - A full featured generic client to handle adds, deletes and queries to the Transformation Catalog (TC).
pegasus-tc-converter(1)pegasus-tc-converter - A client to convert transformation catalog from one format to another format.
pegasus-transfer(1)pegasus-transfer - Handles data transfers in Pegasus workflows.
pegasus-version(1)pegasus-version - print or match the version of the toolkit.
pegjs(1)pegjs - a JavaScript parser generator
pegrep(1)pegrep — multi-line perl-regexp grep
pehash(1)pehash - calculate hashes of PE pieces
peicon(1)peicon — extract icon resources from PE files
pekwm(1)pekwm - a tabbed window manager
pelican(1)pelican - tool to generate a static blog
pelican-import(1)usage: - import from a feed, Wordpress, or Dotclear files
pelican-quickstart(1)usage: - kickstart a Pelican blog
pelican-themes(1)pelican-themes - install themes for Pelican
pem(1)pem - GNU personal expenses manager
pem2openpgp(1)pem2openpgp - translate PEM-encoded RSA keys to OpenPGP certificates
pen(1)pen - Load balancer for udp and tcp based protocols
pencil2d(1)pencil2d - An animation/drawing software
penctl(1)penctl - control a running pen load balancer
PenguinTV(1)PenguinTV- podcasts and video blogs for Linux
penlog(1)penlog - pipe Apache logs to penlogd
penlogd(1)penlogd - consolidate web server logs
peony(1)Peony - The UKUI File Manager
peony-autorun-software(1)peony-autorun-software - Autorun Software in Peony
peony-connect-server(1)Peony-connect-server - Connect to Server dialog for Peony
peony-file-management-properties(1)Peony-file-management-properties - Peony File Management Preferences
peony-sendto(1)peony-sendto - convenience application to send a file via email or instant messenger
pep257(1)pep257 - pep257 Documentation pep257 is a static analysis tool for checking compliance with Python PEP 257. Contents:
pep8(1)pep8 - A tool to check your Python code against some of the style conventions in PEP 8.
pepack(1)pepack - check if a PE file is packed
pepper(1)pepper - Repository statistics and report tool
percentid(1)percentid - Calculate the percentage identity of the passed alignment
perceptualdiff(1)perceptualdiff - compare images using a perceptually based image metric
perconaserver_config(1)mysql_config - display options for compiling clients
peres(1)peres - analyze and extract PE file resources
perf(1)perf - Performance analysis tools for Linux
perf-annotate(1)perf-annotate - Read (created by perf record) and display annotated code
perf-archive(1)perf-archive - Create archive with object files with build-ids found in file
perf-bench(1)perf-bench - General framework for benchmark suites
perf-buildid-cache(1)perf-buildid-cache - Manage build-id cache.
perf-buildid-list(1)perf-buildid-list - List the buildids in a file
perf-c2c(1)perf-c2c - Shared Data C2C/HITM Analyzer.
perf-config(1)perf-config - Get and set variables in a configuration file.
perf-data(1)perf-data - Data file related processing
perf-diff(1)perf-diff - Read files and display the differential profile
perf-evlist(1)perf-evlist - List the event names in a file
perf-ftrace(1)perf-ftrace - simple wrapper for kernels ftrace functionality
perf-help(1)perf-help - display help information about perf
perf-inject(1)perf-inject - Filter to augment the events stream with additional information
perf-kallsyms(1)perf-kallsyms - Searches running kernel for symbols
perf-kmem(1)perf-kmem - Tool to trace/measure kernel memory properties
perf-kvm(1)perf-kvm - Tool to trace/measure kvm guest os
perf-list(1)perf-list - List all symbolic event types
perf-lock(1)perf-lock - Analyze lock events
perf-mem(1)perf-mem - Profile memory accesses
perf-probe(1)perf-probe - Define new dynamic tracepoints
perf-record(1)perf-record - Run a command and record its profile into
perf-report(1)perf-report - Read (created by perf record) and display the profile
perf-sched(1)perf-sched - Tool to trace/measure scheduler properties (latencies)
perf-script(1)perf-script - Read (created by perf record) and display trace output
perf-script-perl(1)perf-script-perl - Process trace data with a Perl script
perf-script-python(1)perf-script-python - Process trace data with a Python script
perf-stat(1)perf-stat - Run a command and gather performance counter statistics
perf-test(1)perf-test - Runs sanity tests.
perf-timechart(1)perf-timechart - Tool to visualize total system behavior during a workload
perf-top(1)perf-top - System profiling tool.
perf-trace(1)perf-trace - strace inspired tool
perf-version(1)perf-version - display the version of perf binary
perf2tau(1)perf2tau - converts PerfLib profiles to TAU profile files
perfalloc(1)perfalloc - notify pmdaperfevent(1) to disable hardware counter allocation.
perfexplorer(1)perfexplorer - Open TAU’s Performance Data Mining/Analyzer.
perfexplorer_configure(1)perfexplorer_configure - Links perfexplorer to your perfdmf database.
perf_4.12(1)perf - Performance analysis tools for Linux
perf_4.12-annotate(1)perf-annotate - Read (created by perf record) and display annotated code
perf_4.12-archive(1)perf-archive - Create archive with object files with build-ids found in file
perf_4.12-bench(1)perf-bench - General framework for benchmark suites
perf_4.12-buildid-cache(1)perf-buildid-cache - Manage build-id cache.
perf_4.12-buildid-list(1)perf-buildid-list - List the buildids in a file
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