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q(1)Q - The equational programming language
q-text-as-data(1)q - Text as Data
q4wine(1)q4wine - runs GUI utility for Wine applications and prefixes management.
q4wine-cli(1)q4wine-cli - console utility for wine applications and prefixes management.
q4wine-helper(1)q4wine-helper - run Windows program in Q4Wine helper environment.
qabcs(1)qABCs - learn alphabet application
qacct(1)qacct - report and account for Grid Engine usage
qadmin(1)qadmin - Easy to use admin console to examine and administer PgQ queues.
qalc(1)qalc - Powerful and easy to use command line calculator
qalculate-gtk(1)qalculate-gtk - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator
qalter(1)qalter - alter a job name, the job rerun flag or the job output file name.
qalter-torque(1)qalter - alter pbs batch job
qarecord(1)qarecord - an audio recording tool
qasconfig(1)qasconfig - ALSA configuration tree browser
qashctl(1)qashctl - Desktop mixer for ALSA’s "High level Control Interface"
qasmixer(1)qasmixer - Desktop sound mixer for ALSA
qbiff(1)qbiff - announce new mail the moment it arrives
qbittorrent(1)qBittorrent - a Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt
qbittorrent-nox(1)qBittorrent-nox - a command line Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt
qbooblyrics(1)qbooblyrics - search lyrics
qboobmsg(1)qboobmsg - send and receive message threads
qboobtracker(1)qboobtracker - search for bugs/tasks
qbrew(1)qbrew - homebrewer’s recipe calculator (uses Qt)
qbrowser(1)qbrowser - QGIS Geographic Information System Browser
qbrowser.bin(1)qbrowser - QGIS Geographic Information System Browser
qbs(1)qbs - the Qbs build tool
qcad(1)qcad - A feature-rich drafting application
qcatool(1)qcatool - command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture
qcatool-qt5(1)qcatool - command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture
qcatool2(1)qcatool - command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture
qchat(1)qchat - desc.
qchkpt(1)qchkpt - checkpoint pbs batch jobs
qcineoob(1)qcineoob - search movies, people, torrent and subtitles
qcmd(1)qmv, qcp - Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor
qcmsevents(1)qcmsevents - Xorg color management event observer
qcmsevents-qt4(1)qcmsevents - Xorg color management event observer
qcomicbook(1)QComicBook - QT viewer for comic book archives (cbr/cbz)
qconf(1)qconf - Grid Engine Queue Configuration
qconvex(1)qconvex - compute the convex hull
qcookboob(1)qcookboob - search recipes
qcowinfo(1)qcowinfo - determines information about a QEMU Copy-On-Write (QCOW) image file
qct(1)qct - Qt Commit Tool
qcumber(1)qcumber - quality control of genomic sequences
qcvm(1)qcvm - A standalone QuakeC VM binary executor
qd-config(1)qd-config - determine flags for compilation and linking
qdacco(1)qdacco — dacco english-catalan dictionary frontend
qdbus(1)qdbus - a communication-interface for qt-based applications
qdel(1)qdel - delete Grid Engine jobs from queues
qdel-ge(1)qdel - delete Sun Grid Engine jobs from queues
qdel-torque(1)qdel - delete pbs batch job
qdelaunay(1)qdelaunay - compute the Delaunay triangulation
qdevelop(1)QDevelop - A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4
qdigidoc4(1)qdigidoc4 - Application for verifying and signing digital signatures
qdigidocclient(1)qdigidocclient - Qt based UI application for verifying and signing digital signatures
qdigidoccrypto(1)qdigidoccrypto - an application for digitally signing and encrypting documents
qdirstat(1)qdirstat - Qt-based directory statistics
qdirstat-cache-writer(1)qdirstat-cache-writer - script to write QDirStat cache files from cron jobs
qe(1)QEmacs - tiny full-screen editor
qelectrotech(1)qelectrotech - Electric diagrams editor
qemu(1)qemu-doc - QEMU version 4.2.0 User Documentation
qemu-debootstrap(1)qemu-debootstrap - QEMU debootstrap wrapper
qemu-img(1)qemu-img - QEMU disk image utility
qemu-io(1)qemu-io - QEMU Disk exerciser
qemu-kvm(1)qemu-doc - QEMU version 2.12.0 User Documentation
qemu-launcher(1)qemu-launcher - Graphical front-end for the QEMU computer emulator.
qemu-sanity-check(1)qemu-sanity-check - run a simple sanity check on qemu and the Linux kernel
qemu-system(1)qemu-doc - QEMU version 4.2.0 User Documentation
qemu-trace-stap(1)qemu-trace-stap - QEMU SystemTap trace tool
qemu-user(1)qemu-user - QEMU User Emulator
qemu-user-static(1)qemu-user-static - QEMU User Emulator (static version)
qemuctl(1)qemuctl - Graphical control for qemu
qesteidutil(1)qesteidutil - Qt based UI application for managing smart card PIN/PUK codes and certificates
qevent(1)qevent - subscribe and respond to Grid Engine events
qexo(1)qexo - the XQuery language implemented on a Java VM
qextract(1)qextract - Extract an wriions from FITS files
qfaxreader(1)qfaxreader - A multipage TIFF/FAX viewer
QFitsView(1)QFitsView - FITS file viewer based on DPUSER
qflatboob(1)qflatboob - search for housing
qflow(1)qflow - Open-Source Digital Synthesis Flow
qfractalnow(1)qfractalnow - Explore fractals and generate fractal images.
qgalleroob(1)qgalleroob - search for images
qgis(1)qgis - QGIS Geographic Information System
qgis.bin(1)qgis - QGIS Geographic Information System
qgit(1)qgit - QT interface to git trees, with stgit support.
qgle(1)qgle — A Graphical Interface to GLE
qgpumode(1)qgpumode - change GPU mode
qgpureset(1)qgpureset - reset GPU error counts
qhalf(1)qhalf - halfspace intersection about a point
qhandjoob(1)qhandjoob - search for job
qhavedate(1)qhavedate - interact with dating websites
qhimdtransfer(1)qhimdtransfer - Transfer software for MiniDisc devices
qhold(1)qhold - hold back Grid Engine jobs from execution
qhold-ge(1)qhold - hold back Sun Grid Engine jobs from execution
qhold-torque(1)qhold - hold pbs batch jobs
qhost(1)qhost - show the status of Grid Engine hosts, queues, jobs
qhull(1)qhull - convex hull, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, halfspace intersection about a point, hull volume, facet area
qiime2lefse(1)qiime2lefse - determine features of organisms, clades, taxonomic units, genes
qikea(1)qikea - Internet Key Exchange Access Manager
qikec(1)qikec - Internet Key Exchange Connect
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