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regex.h(0p)regex.h — regular expression matching types
R(1)R - a language for data analysis and graphics
r10k(1)r10k - Puppet environment and module deployment
r10k-deploy(1)r10k-deploy - Puppet dynamic environment deployment
r10k-puppetfile(1)r10k-puppetfile - Perform operations on a Puppetfile
r2-docker(1)r2-docker - Open files within an r2 contained in a Docker image
r2agent(1)R2AGENT - radare2 remoting manager TODO
r2e(1)r2e - receive RSS feeds by email
r2e-migrate(1)r2e-migrate - Migrate your data from rss2email 2.x to rss2email 3.x.
r2pm(1)R2PM - radare2 package manager
R2rpm(1)R2rpm - Automatically generates RPM for R libraries.
R2spec(1)R2spec - Automatically generates RPM spec file for R libraries.
r2w(1)restweb - build websites with Python and docutils
r3dtops(1)r3dtops - Raster3D to PostScript label conversion
r3d_objects(1)rd3_objects - object types used by the Raster3D package
r8tohdf(1)r8tohdf - convert 8-bit raster images to HDF format
ra(1)ra - read argus(8) data.
ra-index(1)ra-index - index files for use with remembrance agent software
ra-retrieve(1)ra-retrieve - retrieve files that match a query for use with remembrance agent software
ra6(1)ra6 - A security assessment tool for attack vectors based on ICMPv6 Router Advertisement messages
rabbirc(1)rabbirc - IRC interface for Rabbit
rabbit(1)rabbit - presentation tool using RD, simple text format
rabbit-command(1)rabbit-command - commandline utility for Rabbit
rabbit-slide(1)rabbit-slide - Template generator for Rabbit
rabbit-theme(1)rabbit-teme - Theme generator for Rabbit
rabbiter(1)rabbiter - Twitter clients for Rabbit
rabbitmq-plugins(1)rabbitmq-plugins - command line tool for managing RabbitMQ broker plugins
rabbitmq-server(1)rabbitmq-server - start RabbitMQ AMQP server
rabbitmqctl(1)rabbitmqctl - command line tool for managing a RabbitMQ broker
rabbitsign(1)rabbitsign - sign applications for TI graphing calculators
rabbitvcs(1)rabbitvcs - Integrated version control for Nautilus
rabema_build_gold_standard(1)rabema_build_gold_standard - RABEMA Gold Standard Builder
rabema_evaluate(1)rabema_evaluate - RABEMA Evaluation
rabema_prepare_sam(1)rabema_prepare_sam - Prepare SAM For Rabema
rabin2(1)RABIN2 - Binary program info extractor
rabins(1)rabins - process argus(8) data within specified bins.
racc(1)racc - Ruby LALR parser generator
racc2y(1)racc2y - Racc grammar to yacc grammar
raccoon(1)raccoon - preparation of ligand screening projects
rackdiag(1)rackdiag - generate rack-structure-diagram image file from spec-text file.
rackdiag-3.6(1)rackdiag - generate rack-structure-diagram image file from spec-text file.
rackdiag-3.7(1)rackdiag - generate rack-structure-diagram image file from spec-text file.
rackdiag3(1)rackdiag3 - generate rack-structure-diagram image file from spec-text file.
racket(1)racket - core Racket implementation
rackup(1)rackup rackup(1) -- An utility for run Rack-based applications
racluster(1)racluster - aggregate argus(8) data files.
raco(1)raco - the RAcket COmmand-line tool
racon(1)racon - consensus module for raw de novo DNA assembly of long uncorrected reads
raconvert(1)raconvert - convert comma-separated ASCII argus(8) data, to binary argus(8) data.
racount(1)racount - count things from an argus(8) data file/stream.
rad(1)rad - manual page for rad 1.0
rad2mgf(1)rad2mgf - convert RADIANCE scene description to Materials and Geometry Format
radamsa(1)radamsa - a general purpose fuzzer
radare2(1)radare2 - Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor, disassembler and debugger
radclient(1)radclient - send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply
raddebug(1)raddebug - radlib debug utility
raddepend(1)raddepend - find RADIANCE scene dependencies
raddump(1)raddump - decipher captured RADIUS packets
radeapclient(1)radeapclient - send EAP packets to a RADIUS server, calculate responses
radecode(1)radecode - tshark-like decode of argus(1) user data
radeontop(1)radeontop - tool to show GPU utilization
radiance-experttools(1)radiance-experttools — Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts
radicale(1)radicale - a simple calendar server
radiff2(1)RADIFF2 - unified binary diffing utility
radio(1)radio - console radio application
radioclkd(1)radioclkd - decode time from radio clock(s) attached to serial port
radioob(1)radioob - search, show or listen to radio stations
radiotray(1)radiotray - a simple streaming music player.
radlast(1)radlast - show "last" info from the radwtmp file
radmrouted(1)radmrouted - radlib message router daemon
radon(1)radon - Python tool to compute code metrics
radsecproxy(1)radsecproxy - a generic RADIUS proxy that provides both RADIUS UDP and TCP/TLS (RadSec) transport.
radsecproxy-hash(1)radsecproxy-hash - print digests of Ethernet MAC addresses
radtest(1)radtest - send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply
radump(1)radump - tcpdump processing of the user data buffers from an argus(8) data file/stream.
radwho(1)radwho - show online users
radzap(1)radzap - remove rogue entries from the active sessions database
rad_counter(1)rad_counter - Query and maintain FreeRADIUS rlm_counter DB file. This tool is deprecated
raevent(1)raevent - read argus(8) event data.
rafilteraddr(1)rafilteraddr - select argus(8) data based on an IANA IP address file.
rafind2(1)rafind2 - Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor
ragator(1)ragator - aggregate argus(8) data file entries.
ragel(1)ragel - compile regular languages into executable state machines
ragg2(1)ragg2 - radare2 frontend for r_egg, compile programs into tiny binaries for x86-32/64 and arm.
ragg2-cc(1)ragg2-cc - CC frontend for compiling shellcodes
ragout(1)ragout - Chromosome assembly with multiple references
ragout-maf2synteny(1)ragout-maf2synteny - Reference-Assisted Genome Ordering UTility
ragout-overlap(1)ragout-overlap - Reference-Assisted Genome Ordering UTility
ragraph(1)ragraph - graph argus(8) data.
ragrep(1)ragrep - grep argus(8) user captured data.
rahash2(1)rahash2 - block based hashing utility
rahisto(1)rahisto - print histogram of metrics from argus(8) data.
rahosts(1)rahosts - report network addresses in argus(8) data.
raidz_test(1)raidz_test - raidz implementation verification and benchmarking tool
rainbow(1)rainbow - Colorize commands output using patterns.
rainbow-easy(1)rainbow-easy - wrapper of rainbow-run for the secure execution of untrusted programs
rainbow-resume(1)rainbow-resume - wrapper of rainbow-run for the secure execution of untrusted programs
rainbows(1)rainbows - rackup-like command to launch Rainbows!
rajce-get(1)rajce-get - Download images from
rajce-put(1)rajce-put - Upload images to
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