Linux repositories inspector
tar.h(0p)tar.h — extended tar definitions
tcp.h(0p)netinet/tcp.h - definitions for the Internet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
termios.h(0p)termios.h — define values for termios
tgmath.h(0p)tgmath.h — type-generic macros
time.h(0p)time.h — time types
trace.h(0p)trace.h — tracing
t-prot(1)t-prot - TOFU Protection - Display Filter for RFC 5322 messages
t1ascii(1)t1ascii - convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary to ASCII
t1asm(1)t1asm - assemble PostScript Type 1 font
t1binary(1)t1binary - convert PostScript Type 1 font from ASCII to binary
t1disasm(1)t1disasm - disassemble PostScript Type 1 font
t1dotlessj(1)t1dotlessj - create a dotless-j PostScript Type 1 font
t1lint(1)t1lint - check a PostScript Type 1 font for correctness
t1mac(1)t1mac - translate a PFA or PFB PostScript Type 1 font into Macintosh format
t1rawafm(1)t1rawafm - produce raw AFM metrics from a PostScript Type 1 font
t1reencode(1)t1reencode - re-encode a PostScript Type 1 font
t1testpage(1)t1testpage - create a PostScript proof for a Type 1 font
t1unmac(1)t1unmac - translate a Mac PostScript Type 1 font into PFA or PFB format
t2a(1)t2a - Convert files from old MLX format to Mimage format
t2html(1)t2html - Simple text to HTML converter. Relies on text indentation rules.
t2n(1)t2n - simple command-line tool for NXT
t2p(1)t2p - A text to phoneme converter
t3highlight(1)t3highlight - create syntax highlighted document from source file.
t3keyc(1)t3keyc - terminal key sequences database checker
t3learnkeys(1)t3learnkeys - learn key sequences for terminal
tab2graph(1)tab2graph - turn tabular data into a graph
tabbed(1)tabbed - generic tabbed interface
tabbed-user(1)tabbed-user - tabbed reconfiguration helper and launcher script
tabble(1)tabble - program launcher with tabs for X
tabble-wrapper(1)tabble-wrapper - restart tabble for $LOGNAME
tabdelim_to_db(1)tabdelim_to_db - convert tab-delimited data into fsdb
tabfunc(1)tabfunc - convert table to functions for rcalc, etc.
tabix(1)tabix - Generic indexer for TAB-delimited genome position files
tableau-parm(1)tableau-parm - Tableau Write-blocking Bridge Query/Command Utility
tablefromascii(1)tablefromascii - Convert an ASCII file to a table
tablet-encode(1)tablet-encode - video converter for Nokia Internet Tablets
tablify(1)tablify - turn a delimited text file into a text table
tablix2(1)tablix2 - general timetable solver
tablix2_benchmark(1)tablix2_benchmark - Tablix benchmark utility
tablix2_output(1)tablix2_output - Tablix data export utility
tablix2_plot(1)tablix2_plot - Tablix data plotter
tablix2_test(1)tablix2_test - Tablix testing framework front-end
tabmerge(1)tabmerge - unify delimited files on common fields
taboot(1)taboot - run a taboot release script
tabs(1)tabs - set tabs on a terminal
tabsort(1)tabsort - Sort a FITS binary table based on values in one column.
tabulate(1)tabulate - Pretty-print tabulate data.
tac(1)tac - concatenate and print files in reverse
tachk(1)tachk - Check the validity of the trust anchors in a named.conf file
tachyon(1)Tachyon - parallel ray-tracer
tachyon-nox(1)tachyon-nox - parallel/multiprocessor ray tracer with no X support
tachyon-ogl(1)tachyon-ogl - parallel/multiprocessor ray tracer with OpenGL display
tack(1)tack - terminfo action checker
tacker(1)tacker - Client for Tacker API
tagainijisho(1)tagainijisho - Japanese dictionary and learning assistant
tagcloud(1)tagcloud - visualize notes as a tagcloud
tagcoll(1)tagcoll - Perform various operations on a tagged collection
taggrepper(1)taggrepper - search and match tags of media file for regular expressions
taglog(1)taglog - Time Management and Recording system
tagmp3(1)tagmp3 - manipulate ID3v1 tags
tagpending(1)tagpending - tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending
tagsoup(1)tagsoup - convert nasty, ugly HTML to clean XHTML
tags_demo(1)tags_demo - GNURadio and UHD tags example
tagtool(1)tagtool - a tool to tag and rename MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.
tahoe(1)tahoe - Secure distributed filesystem.
tail(1)tail - output the last part of files
tailf(1)tailf - follow the growth of a log file
tailhex(1)tailhex — hex dumper with tail-following support
tailor(1)tailor - tool to keep in sync various kinds of repository
tails-installer(1)C]tails-installer] - installs and upgrades Tails on USB drives
tails-installer-launcher(1)tails-installer-launcher - launches Tails Installer
taktuk(1)TakTuk - a tool for large scale remote execution deployment
talk(1)talk - talk to another user
talkfilters(1)b1ff, brooklyn, chef, cockney, drawl, fudd, funetak, jethro, jive, kraut, pansy, pirate, postmodern, redneck, valspeak, warez - GNU talk filters
TalkSoup(1)TalkSoup - IRC client for GNUstep
talkwith(1)talkwith - script to easily switch speakup speech synthesizer
talwani2d(1)talwani2d - Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 2-D bodies
talwani3d(1)talwani3d - Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 3-D bodies
tandem(1)tandem - X!Tandem mass spectrometry software for peptide sequencing
tang-nagios(1)tang-nagios - A Nagios plugin for Tang
tang-show-keys(1)tang-show-keys - Output signing key thumbprints
tangerine(1)tangerine - Perl dependency metadata tool
tangerine-properties(1)Tangerine-Properties - DAAP Server configuration tool
tangle(1)tangle - translate WEB to Pascal
tanglet(1)tanglet - A single player word finding game based on Boggle
tantan(1)tantan - low complexity and tandem repeat masker for biosequences
tanukiwrapper(1)wrapper - Jar daemon wrapper
tap(1)run.js - Test-Anything-Protocol module for Node.js
tap-mocha-reporter(1)tap-mocha-reporter - format output of tap using mocha like reporter
tap-parser(1)cmd.js - Test-Anything-Protocol parser for Node.js
tap2deb(1)tap2deb - create Debian packages which wrap .tap files
tap2junit(1)tap2junit - Converts TAP output to JUnit
tap2rpm(1)tap2rpm - create RPM packages which wrap .tap files
tapconvert(1)tapconvert - convert Twisted configurations from one format to another
tape(1)tape - tap-producing test harness for node and browsers
tape2pulses(1)tape2pulses — Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape pulse dumper
tape2wav(1)tape2wav — Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape to wav audio file converter
tapecalc(1)tapecalc - full-screen editing calculator
tapeconv(1)tapeconv — Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape file converter
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