Linux repositories inspector
ucontext.h(0p)ucontext.h - user context
ulimit.h(0p)ulimit.h — ulimit commands
unistd.h(0p)unistd.h — standard symbolic constants and types
utime.h(0p)utime.h — access and modification times structure
utmpx.h(0p)utmpx.h — user accounting database definitions
u1lint(1)u1lint - Python lint tool wrapper and output formatter
u1trial(1)u1trial - Python unit test runner for using DBus and Twisted together
u2f-host(1)u2f-host - Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host Tool
u2f-server(1)libu2f-server - Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Server Tool
u3-tool(1)u3-tool - Tool for controlling the special features of an U3 USB Flash disk.
uacme(1)uacme - ACMEv2 client written in plain C code with minimal dependencies
ualpn(1)ualpn - lightweight proxying ACMEv2 tls-alpn-01 responder
uapevent(1)uapevent - interpret events from Marvell uAP wireless driver
uaputl(1)uaputl - configure Marvell uAP wireless driver
uberftp(1)uberftp - GridFTP-enabled client
ubertooth-afh(1)ubertooth-afh(1) - passive detection of AFH channel map
ubertooth-btle(1)ubertooth-btle -- Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sniffing and more
ubertooth-debug(1)ubertooth-debug - Classic Bluetooth discovery, sniffing, and decoding
ubertooth-dfu(1)ubertooth-dfu(1) - Device firmware update for Ubertooth
ubertooth-dump(1)ubertooth-dump(1) - output a continuous stream of received bits
ubertooth-ego(1)ubertooth-ego(1) - Yuneec E-Go sniffing
ubertooth-follow(1)ubertooth-follow - CLK discovery and follow for a particular UAP/LAP
ubertooth-rx(1)ubertooth-rx(1) - Classic Bluetooth discovery, sniffing, and decoding
ubertooth-scan(1)ubertooth-scan(1) - active(Bluez) device scan and inquiry supported by Ubertooth
ubertooth-specan(1)ubertooth-specan(1) - a spectrum analyzer for Ubertooth
ubertooth-specan-ui(1)ubertooth-specan-ui - spectrum analyzer for the 2.4 GHz ISM band
ubertooth-util(1)ubertooth-util(1) - general purpose Ubertooth utility
ubmatrix(1)ubmatrix - Sardana GUI application for setting diffractomer parameters
ubuntu-advantage(1)ubuntu-advantage - Manage Ubuntu Advantage services from Canonical
ubuntu-build(1)ubuntu-build - command-line interface to Launchpad build operations
ubuntu-core-launcher(1)ubuntu-core-launcher - internal tool for confining snappy applications
ubuntu-core-upgrade(1)ubuntu-core-upgrade - apply an Ubuntu Core system image to a running system
ubuntu-defaults-image(1)ubuntu-defaults-image - create installation image from default settings package
ubuntu-defaults-template(1)ubuntu-defaults-template - create skeleton defaults customization package
ubuntu-device-flash(1)ubuntu-device-flash -
ubuntu-distro-info(1)ubuntu-distro-info - provides information about Ubuntu’s distributions
ubuntu-emulator(1)ubuntu-emulator - create and run emulator images of Ubuntu Touch
ubuntu-image(1)ubuntu-image - Generate a bootable disk image
ubuntu-iso(1)ubuntu-iso - tool to examine Ubuntu CD (ISO) installation media
ubuntu-kylin-software-center(1)ubuntu-kylin-software-center - launch ubuntu-kylin-software-center frontends
ubuntu-kylin-software-center-daemon(1)ubuntu-kylin-software-center-daemon - launch ubuntu-kylin-software-center-daemon frontends
ubuntu-kylin-wizard(1)ubuntu-kylin-wizard - setup wizard for Ubuntu/Ubuntu Kylin
ubuntu-mate-welcome(1)ubuntu-mate-welcome - Welcome screen for Ubuntu MATE
ubuntu-mate-welcome-launcher(1)ubuntu-mate-welcome-launcher - Launcher for Ubuntu MATE Welcome
ubuntu-server-tip(1)ubuntu-server-tip - Display one short tip about the Ubuntu Server
ubuntu-upload-permission(1)ubuntu-upload-permission - Query upload rights and (optionally) list the people and teams with upload rights for a package
ubuntu-vm-builder(1)ubuntu-vm-builder - builds virtual machines from the command line
ubuntustudio-controls(1)ubuntustudio-controls - Is an audio setup utility for Ubuntu Studio
ubuntustudio-installer(1)ubuntustudio-installer - select packages to install from command line.
ubxtool(1)ubxtool - u-blox tool
uc-echo(1)uc-echo - Short-read Error Correction
ucblogo(1)ucblogo - a dialect of lisp using turtle graphics famous for teaching kids.
ucc(1)ucc - UseCode Compiler for Exult
ucf(1)ucf - Update Configuration File: preserve user changes in configuration files
ucfq(1)ucfq - query the ucf database
ucfr(1)ucfr - Update Configuration File Registry: associate packages with configuration files
uchardet(1)uchardet - universalchardet (Universal Charset Detector)
uchime(1)uchime - reads a fasta file and reference file and outputs potentially chimeric sequences
ucimf(1)ucimf - unicode console input method framework
ucimf_keyboard(1)ucimf_keyboard - ucimf jfbterm keyboard shortcut mapping tool
ucimf_start(1)ucimf_start - libucimf unicode console input method framework starter
uck-gui(1)uck-gui - Ubuntu Customization Kit graphical user interface
uck-remaster(1)uck-remaster - Ubuntu Customization Kit main remastering backend script
uck-remaster-chroot-rootfs(1)uck-remaster-chroot-rootfs - Ubuntu Customization Kit chroot helper script
uck-remaster-clean(1)uck-remaster-clean - Ubuntu Customization Kit cleaning helper script
uck-remaster-clean-all(1)uck-remaster-clean-all - Ubuntu Customization Kit cleaning helper script
uck-remaster-finalize-alternate(1)uck-remaster-finalize-alternate - Ubuntu Customization Kit "alternate" ISO images finalization script
uck-remaster-mount(1)uck-remaster-mount - Ubuntu Customization Kit image mounting script
uck-remaster-pack-initrd(1)uck-remaster-pack-initrd - Ubuntu Customization Kit initrd packing script
uck-remaster-pack-iso(1)uck-remaster-pack-iso - Ubuntu Customization Kit ISO image packing script
uck-remaster-pack-rootfs(1)uck-remaster-pack-rootfs - Ubuntu Customization Kit rootfs packing script
uck-remaster-prepare-alternate(1)uck-remaster-prepare-alternate - Ubuntu Customization "alternate" images preparing script
uck-remaster-remove-win32-files(1)uck-remaster-remove-win32-files - Ubuntu Customization Kit windows files removal script
uck-remaster-umount(1)uck-remaster-umount - Ubuntu Customization Kit image unmounting script
uck-remaster-unpack-initrd(1)uck-remaster-unpack-initrd - Ubuntu Customization Kit initrd unpacking script
uck-remaster-unpack-iso(1)uck-remaster-unpack-iso - Ubuntu Customization Kit ISO image unpacking script
uck-remaster-unpack-rootfs(1)uck-remaster-unpack-rootfs - Ubuntu Customization Kit rootfs unpacking script
uclean(1)uclean - remove redundant files from upstream source packages
ucmatose(1)ucmatose - RDMA CM connection and simple ping-pong test.
ucommon-config(1)ucommon-config - script to get information about ucommon library
uconv(1)uconv - convert data from one encoding to another
ucpp(1)ucpp - C preprocessor
ucrpf1host(1)ucrpf1host - host program for Panowin F1 3D printer
ucs2any(1)ucs2any - generate BDF fonts containing subsets of ISO 10646-1 codepoints
ucsim(1)s51, savr, sz80 - 8051, AVR and Z80 microcontrollers simulator for SDCC.
ucspi-proxy(1)ucspi-proxy - Copy data between a UCSPI client and server
ucspi-proxy-http-xlate(1)ucspi-proxy-http-xlate - Translating HTTP proxy
ucto(1)ucto - Unicode Tokenizer
ucview(1)ucview - a video capture and display program
ucxt(1)ucxt - Ultima 7/8 usecode disassembler.
udaddy(1)udaddy - RDMA CM datagram setup and simple ping-pong test.
udav(1)udav - program for data visualization based on MathGL library
udebug(1)udebug - Reports Ubik process status for a database server process
udevil(1)udevil - alternative storage media interface
udfinfo(1)udfinfo — show information about UDF filesystem
udisks(1)udisks - udisks command line tool
udisks-tcp-bridge(1)udisks-tcp-bridge - udisks TCP/IP bridge
udisksctl(1)udisksctl - The udisks command line tool
UDJ(1)UDJ - A social music player
udo(1)udo - convert files from UDO into different formats
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