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wchar.h(0p)wchar.h — wide-character handling
wctype.h(0p)wctype.h — wide-character classification and mapping utilities
wordexp.h(0p)wordexp.h — word-expansion types
w(1)w - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w.procps(1)w - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w1find(1)w1find - Find 1-Wire weather sensors
w1retap(1)w1retap - Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors
w1sensors(1)w1sensors - Convert w1find output to w1retap configuration (text or SQL)
w2do(1)w2do - a simple text-based todo manager
w2html(1)w2html - a HTML exporter for w2do - Convert tin wildmat filters to tin regexp filters
w2text(1)w2text - a plain text exporter for w2do
w3af(1)w3af - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
w3af_console(1)w3af_console - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework with console interface
w3af_gui(1)w3af_gui - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework with graphical user interface
w3camd(1)w3camd - A simple web camera daemon
w3c_extended2dlf(1)w3c_extended2dlf - convert W3C Extended Log file as used by MS IIS to DLF
w3m(1)w3m - a text based web browser and pager
w3mfix(1)w3mfix - fixup program for w3mir
w3mir(1)w3mir - all purpose HTTP-copying and mirroring tool
w3mman(1)w3mman - an interface to the on-line reference manuals via w3m(1)
w90chk2chk.x(1)w90chk2chk.x - convert wannier90.x checkpoint file between machine-dependent and machine-independent formats
w90pov(1)w90pov - create PovRay input files to visualise Wannier functions
w90vdw.x(1)w90vdw.x - calculate van der Waals energies based on the idea of density decomposition via maximally-localised Wannier functions
wadc(1)wadc - Development Environment for the WadC language
wadccli(1)wadccli - command-line interface for Wad Compiler
wader-core-ctl(1)wader-core-ctl - control the wader-core daemon
waei(1)waei - Japanese-English dictionary
waitfor(1)waitfor - wait for a file action, with timeout.
waitmax(1)waitmax - manual page for waitmax version 1.1
waiverdb-cli(1)waiverdb-cli - WaiverDB Client
wajig(1)wajig - Simplified command line administrator for Debian
wakeonlan(1)wakeonlan - Perl script to wake up computers
wakeup(1)wakeup - A talking and fully customizable alarm clock
wakeup-settings(1)wakeup-settings - GUI frontend to configure wakeup, a talking and fully customizable alarm clock
wall(1)wall - write a message to all users
wallch(1)wallch - Wallpaper Changer
wallFunctionTable(1)wallFunctionTable - part of OpenFOAM (The Open Source CFD Toolbox).
wallHeatFlux(1)wallHeatFlux - is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
wallpaper(1)wallpaper - Find images which can be used as wallpapers
wallstreet(1)wallstreet - fill your console with wallstreet melodrama technobabble
walmgr3(1)walmgr3 - tool for managing WAL-based replication for PostgreSQL.
wammu(1)wammu - program for managing entries in your mobile phone
wammu-configure(1)wammu-configurator - program to configure Gammu engine (used by Wammu)
Wand-config(1)Wand-config - get information about the installed version of the Magick Wand
wannier90.x(1)wannier90.x - compute maximally-localised Wannier functions
wapiti(1)wapiti - A web application vulnerability scanner in Python
wapiti-cookie(1)wapiti-cookie - A Wapiti utility to fetch cookies from a webpage and store them in the Wapiti JSON format.
wapiti-getcookie(1)wapiti-getcookie - A Wapiti utility to fetch cookies from a webpage and store them in the Wapiti JSON format.
warg(1)warg - inference of homologous recombination in bacteria using whole genome sequences
WarpImageMultiTransform(1)WarpImageMultiTransform - part of ANTS registration suite
WarpTensorImageMultiTransform(1)WarpTensorImageMultiTransform - part of ANTS registration suite
WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform(1)WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform - part of ANTS registration suite
wasm-decompile(1)wasm-decompile - translate from the binary format to readable C-like syntax
wasm-interp(1)wasm-interp - decode and run a WebAssembly binary file
wasm-objdump(1)wasm-objdump - print information about a wasm binary
wasm-opcodecnt(1)wasm-opcodecnt - count opcode usage for instructions
wasm-strip(1)wasm-strip - remove sections of a WebAssembly binary file
wasm-validate(1)wasm-validate - validate a file in the WebAssembly binary format
wasm2c(1)wasm2c - convert a WebAssembly binary file to a C source and header
wasm2wat(1)wasm2wat - translate from the binary format to the text format
wast2json(1)wast2json - convert a file in the wasm spec test format to a JSON file and associated wasm binary files
wat-desugar(1)wat-desugar - parse .wat text form and print canonical flat format
wat2wasm(1)wat2wasm - translate from WebAssembly text format to the WebAssembly binary format
watch(1)watch - execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
watchdog_setup(1)watchdog_setup - Create a temporary installation of Pgpool-II clusters with watchdog
watchgnupg(1)watchgnupg - Read and print logs from a socket
watchman(1)watchman - a file watching service
watchman-make(1)watchman-make - automatically invoke a build tool or script in response to files changing.
watchman-wait(1)watchman-wait - waits for changes to files.
watch_maildirs(1)watch_maildirs - watch for and display Maildir/Maildir++ changes
waterfall(1)waterfall - view all characters of font in all sizes
waterfox(1)waterfox - the free, open and private browser
waterfox-classic(1)waterfox-classic - customizable privacy-conscious web browser with primary support for legacy extensions and secondary support for webextensions
watson(1)watson - helps you monitoring your time
wattr(1)wattr - get window attributes
wav2cdr(1)wav2cdr - converts input in (or similar to) wav format to cdr format suitable for writing onto audio CDs.
wav2swf(1)wav2swf - convert a WAV file to an SWF animation.
wavbreaker(1)wavbreaker - A tool to split wave files into multiple chunks
wavefront_master(1)wavefront_master - executes Wavefront workflow in parallel on distributed systems
wavemon(1)wavemon - a wireless network monitor
wavesurfer(1)wavesurfer - soundfile editor
wavinfo(1)wavinfo - Display format information for wave files
wavmerge(1)wavmerge - Merge multiple wave files into a single file
wavpack(1)wavpack - encode audio files to wavpack
wavtool-pl(1)wavtool-pl - program to concatenate and mix wav files
waypipe(1)waypipe - A transparent proxy for Wayland applications
wayv(1)wayV - capture drawn shapes (gestures), recognize them and carry out associated actions
wa_keyring(1)wa_keyring - WebAuth keyring manipulation tool
wbar(1)wbar - a light and fast launch bar
wbar-config(1)wbar-config - GUI to customize wbar
wbemcat(1)wbemcat - a multi-protocol CIM-XML client
wbemcli(1)wbemcli - independent command line CIM Client - utility to wrap up a PyWBEM session in a Python interactive console
wbemexec(1)wbemexec - submit a CIM operation request to a CIM Server
wbinfo(1)wbinfo - Query information from winbind daemon
wbmp2xpm(1)wbmp2xpm - Converts WBMP files to 1- bit XPM files
wbmptopbm(1)wbmptopbm - convert a wireless bitmap (wbmp) file to a PBM
wbox(1)wbox - HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server
wb_command(1)wb_command - command-line program for performing a variety of algorithmic tasks using volume, surface, and grayordinate data
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