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y2racc(1)y2racc - Yacc grammar to racc grammar
y4mcolorbars(1)y4mcolorbars - Create a YUV4MPEG2 stream containing a colorbar test pattern
y4mdenoise(1)y4mdenoise - Motion-compensating YUV4MPEG-frame denoiser
y4mscaler(1)y4mscaler - Scale/crop/translate a YUV4MPEG2 stream
y4mtopnm(1)y4mtopnm - Convert a YUV4MPEG2 stream to PNM images
y4mtoppm(1)y4mtoppm - Convert YUV4MPEG2 stream to PPM images
y4munsharp(1)y4munsharp - Unsharp filter for YUV4MPEG2 streams
yabar(1)Yabar - a modern and lightweight status bar for X window managers.
yabasic(1)yabasic - yet another Basic
yabause(1)yabause - Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator
yabause-gtk(1)yabause - Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator
yabause-qt(1)yabause - Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator
yac2ncid(1)yac2ncid - YAC server to NCID server gateway
yacas(1)yacas, yacas_client — small and flexible general-purpose computer algebra system
yacc(1)yacc - GNU Project parser generator
yacg(1)yacg - Yet Another Configuration Generator
yacpi(1)YACPI - Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface
YACReader(1)YACReader - launch YACReader application.
YACReaderLibrary(1)YACReaderLibrary - launch YACReaderLibrary application.
yad(1)yad - display GTK+ dialogs in shell scripts
yade(1)Yade - manual page for Yade version: 2020.01a
yade-batch(1)Using - manual page for Using python version: 3.8.2 (default, Feb 25 2020, 13:04:52)
yadm(1)yadm - Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
yafc(1)yafc - Yet another FTP client
yagf(1)yagf - graphical interface for cuneiform and tesseract
yaggo(1)yaggo - generate command line parser using getopt_long
yagi(1)yagi - Yagi-Uda project antenna current calculator
yagtd(1)yagtd - utility to help organize your to-do lists
yagv(1)yagv - Visualize 3D-printing G-code files
yaha(1)YAHA - find split-read mappings on single-end queries
yahoo2mbox(1)yahoo2mbox - Retrieve and store Yahoo! Groups messages
yahooquote(1)yahooquote - Get stock quotes from Yahoo!
yahtzeesharp(1)yahtzeesharp - sort of poker with dice and less money
yakuake(1)YaKuake - a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.
yamcha(1)yamcha - general purpose chunk annotator
yamcha-mkmodel(1)yamcha-mkmodel - train an annotator model
yamdi(1)yamdi - yet another metadata injector (flv)
yamidecode(1)yamidecode - decode application based on libyami
yamiencode(1)yamiencode - encode application based on libyami
yamiinfo(1)yamiinfo - display supported features and capabilities by yami
yamitranscode(1)yamitranscode - transcode application base on libyami
yamivpp(1)yamivpp - vpp application base on libyami
yaml2po(1)yaml2po - Convert YAML files to Gettext PO localization files.
yamllint(1)yamllint - A linter for YAML files. yamllint does not only check for syntax validity, but for weirdnesses like key repetition and cosmetic problems such as lines length, trailing spaces, indentation, etc.
yaml_to_db(1)yaml_to_db - convert a subset of YAML into fsdb
yample(1)Yample - Yet Another Mail Processing Language.
yangcli(1)yangcli - YANG-based NETCONF-over-SSH client application
yangdump(1)yangdump - validate YANG modules and convert them to different formats
yanglint(1)yanglint - YANG lint tool
yangre(1)yangre - YANG regular expression processor
yank(1)yank - yank terminal output to clipboard
yank-cli(1)yank - yank terminal output to clipboard
yao(1)yao - Adaptive Optics simulation tool in yorick
yap(1)yap - prolog interpreter and compiler
yapet(1)yapet - text based password manager
yapet2csv(1)yapet2csv - convert YAPET file to CSV file
yapf(1)yapf - Python code formatter
yapf3(1)yapf3 - Python code formatter
yapp(1)yapp - A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module
yapps(1)yapps - create a Python module from a grammar file
yapps2(1)yapps2 - generate python parser code from grammar description file
yapra(1)yapra - pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator
yaps(1)YAPS - converts an abc file to a PostScript file
yara(1)yara - find files matching patterns and rules written in a special-purpose language.
yarac(1)yarac - compile rules to yara
yara_indexer(1)yara_indexer - Yara Indexer
yara_mapper(1)yara_mapper - Yara Mapper
yard(1)yard - documentation tool for Ruby
yardoc(1)yardoc - Ruby tool to generate documentation for the Ruby programming language
yaret(1)YaRET - Yet another Ripper Encoder Tagger
yarn(1)yarn - scenario testing of Unix command line tools
yarnpkg(1)yarnpkg - Fast, reliable and secure npm alternative
yarssr(1)yarssr - get RSS feeds in your GNOME notification area
yash(1)yash - a POSIX-compliant command line shell
yaskkserv_hairy(1)yaskkserv_hairy - Yet Another SKK SERVer (feature-rich version)
yaskkserv_make_dictionary(1)yaskkserv_make_dictionary - dictionary converter for yaskkserv
yaskkserv_normal(1)yaskkserv_normal - Yet Another SKK SERVer (generic version)
yaskkserv_simple(1)yaskkserv_simple - Yet Another SKK SERVer (simple version)
yasm(1)yasm - The Yasm Modular Assembler
yasr(1)yasr - (Yet Another Screen Reader) is an attempt at a lightweight, portable screen reader.
yasw(1)yasw - an application used to correct images taken with a camera while scanning a book
yat2m(1)yat2m - Yet Another Texinfo to Man Converter 1.27
yath(1)yath - Primary Command Line Interface (CLI) for Test2::Harness
yatm(1)yatm - Yet Another Time Machine
yaws(1)yaws - yet another webserver
yaz-asncomp(1)yaz-asncomp - YAZ ASN.1 compiler
yaz-client(1)yaz-client - Z39.50/SRU client for implementors
yaz-config(1)yaz-config - Script to get information about YAZ.
yaz-iconv(1)yaz-iconv - YAZ Character set conversion utility
yaz-icu(1)yaz-icu - YAZ ICU utility
yaz-illclient(1)yaz-illclient - ILL client
yaz-json-parse(1)yaz-json-parse - YAZ JSON parser
yaz-marcdump(1)yaz-marcdump - MARC record dump utility
yaz-record-conv(1)yaz-record-conv - YAZ Record Conversion Utility
yaz-url(1)yaz-url - YAZ URL fetch utility
yazc(1)yazc - yet another zip cracker
yazpp-config(1)yazpp-config - Script to get information about YAZ++.
ybmtopbm(1)ybmtopbm - convert a Bennet Yee "face" file to PBM
ycmd(1)ycmd - code-completion and comprehension server
ydpdict(1)ydpdict - an interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries
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