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z(1)z - safely (un)tar and (de)feather files and directories
z-push-admin(1)z-push-admin — device and user administration for Z-push
z-push-gab2contacts(1)z-push-gab2contacts — synchronize Global Address Book data to a contact folder
z-push-gabsync(1)z-push-gabsync — synchronize Global Address Book data
z-push-top(1)z-push-top — top-like overview of Z-push
z3(1)z3 - a state-of-the art theorem prover from Microsoft Research
z80asm(1)z80asm - assembler for the Z80 microprocessor
z80dasm(1)z80dasm - Z80 assembly generating disassembler
z88dk(1)z88dk - The z88 Development Kit.
z88dk-appmake(1)appmake - The z88dk application generator
z88dk-copt(1)copt - peephole optimizer
z88dk-z80asm(1)z88dk-z80asm - Z80 assembler compiler.
z88dk-zcc(1)zcc - The frontend of z88dk
zabbix-agentd(1)zabbix_agentd - manual page for zabbix_agentd (daemon) (Zabbix) 3.0.24
zabbix-get(1)zabbix_get - manual page for zabbix_get (Zabbix) 3.0.24
zabbix-java-gateway.jar(1)zabbix-java-gateway.jar - Zabbix Java/JMX monitoring agent.
zabbix-proxy-mysql(1)zabbix_proxy - manual page for zabbix_proxy (Zabbix) 3.0.24
zabbix-proxy-postgresql(1)zabbix_proxy - manual page for zabbix_proxy (Zabbix) 3.0.26
zabbix-proxy-sqlite(1)zabbix_proxy - manual page for zabbix_proxy (Zabbix) 3.0.26
zabbix-sender(1)zabbix_sender - manual page for zabbix_sender (Zabbix) 3.0.24
zabbix-server-mysql(1)zabbix_server - manual page for zabbix_server (Zabbix) 3.0.24
zabbix-server-postgresql(1)zabbix_server - manual page for zabbix_server (Zabbix) 3.0.26
zabbix-server-sqlite(1)zabbix_server - manual page for zabbix_server (Zabbix) 3.0.29
zabbix_agent(1)zabbix_agent - remote agent that collects system information
zabbix_get(1)zabbix_get - Zabbix get utility
zabbix_sender(1)zabbix_sender - Zabbix sender utility
zad(1)zad - manual page for zad 1.0
zalign(1)zalign - parallel local alignment of biological sequences
zanata_language_list(1)zanata_language_list - List supported languages of a Zanata server
zanata_pom_xml_make(1)zanata_pom_xml_make - Make a pom.xml for using Zanata
zanata_zanata_xml_make(1)zanata_zanata_xml_make - Make a zanata.xml for using Zanata
zap(1)checkidx, copydbf, dbfutil, dbfxtrct, deletall, dumphdr, packdbf, reindex, undelall, zap - a collection of tools for xbase database files
zapping(1)zapping - a Gnome TV and Teletext viewer
zapping_remote(1)zapping_remote - sends commands to a running instance of Zapping
zapping_setup_fb(1)zapping_setup_fb - prepares V4L/V4L2 driver for overlay
zart(1)ZArt - G’MIC image processing language demonstration.
zathura(1)zathura - a document viewer
zaway(1)zaway - tell other people via Zephyr that you aren’t around
zbackup(1)zbackup - versatile deduplicating backup tool
zbarcam(1)zbarcam - scan and decode bar codes from a video device
zbarimg(1)zbarimg - scan and decode bar codes from image file(s)
zbl(1)zbl - manual page for zbl 1.0
zblacklist(1)zblacklist - zmap IP blacklist tool
zcash-cli(1)zcash-cli - manual page for zcash-cli v2.0.4
zcash-fetch-params(1)zcash-fetch-params - Downloads the Zcash network parameters
zcash-tx(1)zcash-tx - manual page for zcash-tx v2.0.4
zcashd(1)zcashd - manual page for zcashd v2.0.4
zcat(1)zcat - decompress and concatenate files to standard output
zcertificate(1)zcertificate - manual page for zcertificate 1
zcf(1)zcf - manual page for zcf 1.0
zcl(1)zcl - manual page for zcl 1.0
zcmp(1)zcmp - decompress and compare two files byte by byte
zcp(1)zcp - manual page for zcp 1.0
zct(1)zct - manual page for zct 1.0
zctl(1)zctl - zephyr control program
zcv(1)zcv - manual page for zcv 1.0
zdbsp(1)zdbsp - GL Nodes builder for DOOM engines
zdiff(1)zdiff - decompress and compare two files line by line
zeal(1)zeal - a simple offline API documentation browser
zebraidx-2.0(1)zebraidx - Zebra Administrative Tool
zef(1)zef - manual page for zef 1.0
ZeGrapher(1)ZeGrapher - program for plotting mathematical functions.
zegrep(1)zgrep - search compressed and uncompressed files
zeisstopnm(1)zeisstopnm - convert a Zeiss confocal file to PNM
zeitgeist-daemon(1)zeitgeist-daemon - D-Bus interface providing a log of activities
zeitgeist-datahub(1)zeitgeist-datahub - passive loggers for Zeitgeist
zekr(1)zekr - A Quran study tool
zenity(1)zenity - display GTK+ dialogs
zenmap(1)zenmap - Graphical Nmap frontend and results viewer
zenon(1)zenon - Automated theorem prover for first-order classical logic
zentest(1)zentest - scans your target and unit-test code and writes your missing code
zephyr(1)zephyr - Zephyr Notification Service
zerk(1)zerk - All purpose GREIS fitting
zerofill(1)zerofill - clear unused disk space and blank devices.
zerotier-cli(1)zerotier-cli - control local ZeroTier virtual network service
zerotier-idtool(1)zerotier-idtool - tool for creating and manipulating ZeroTier identities
zEscrow(1)zEscrow - escrow a copy of ~/.ecryptfs and the mount passphrase to an escrow service compatible with the zEscrow open API for safe keeping
zev(1)zev - manual page for zev 1.0 - SNAP module
zfgrep(1)zgrep - search compressed and uncompressed files
zforce(1)zforce - force a ’.gz’ extension on all gzip files
zfr(1)zfr - manual page for zfr 1.0
zftp(1)zftp - CERNLIB program to transfer ZEBRA formatted files over a network
zgrep(1)zgrep - search compressed files for a regular expression
zgz(1)zgz - Frankenstein’s compressor
zhack(1)zhack - libzpool debugging tool
zhcon(1)zhcon - fast CJK console environment for GNU/Linux and BSD
zhpy(1)zhpy - the python language in chinese
zia-config(1)zia-config - script to get information about the installed version of libzia
zidrav(1)zidrav - detect and repair corruption in transfered files
zile(1)Zile - Zile Is Lossy Emacs
zim(1)zim - A Desktop Wiki Editor
zimg(1)zimg - render 2d data of arbitrary format
zimpl(1)zimpl - Zuse Institute Mathematical Programming Language
zimwriterfs(1)zimwriterfs - creates ZIM files from a locally-stored directory
zint(1)zint - Encode data as a barcode image.
zip(1)zip - package and compress (archive) files
zip2st(1)zip2st - convert directory or .zip archive to .st disk image
zipalign(1)zipalign - ZIP/APK alignment tool for Android application files
zipcloak(1)zipcloak - encrypt entries in a zipfile
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