Linux repositories inspector

apt - Command-line package manager for Debian packages

This package provides commandline tools for searching and managing as well as querying information about packages
as a low-level access to all features of the libapt-pkg library.
These include:
  • apt-get for retrieval of packages and information about them from authenticated sources and for installation, upgrade and removal of packages together with their dependencies
  • apt-cache for querying available information about installed as well as installable packages
  • apt-cdrom to use removable media as a source for packages
  • apt-config as an interface to the configuration settings
  • apt-key as an interface to manage authentication keys
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Fedora iconFedora rawhide
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Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS
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Debian iconDebian 10.0 buster/maindeb1.8.22019-06-171.35 MiB3.97 MiB
Debian iconDebian 9.0 stretch/maindeb1.4.92019-01-231.17 MiB3.46 MiB
Fedora iconFedora 28 releases/Everything-osrpm0.5.15lorg3.95-31.git522.fc282019-01-14799 kiB2.62 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases/Everything-osrpm0.5.15lorg3.95-33.git522.fc292019-01-14789 kiB2.72 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases-test/Everything-osrpm0.5.15lorg3.95-33.git522.fc292019-01-14789 kiB2.72 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 30 releases/Everything-osrpm0.5.15lorg3.95-35.git522.fc302019-06-17771 kiB3.13 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 31 releases/Everything-osrpm0.5.15lorg3.95-38.git522.fc312020-01-07814 kiB3.05 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora rawhide development/Everything-osrpm2.0.0-1.fc332020-03-101.26 MiB3.4 MiBFedora Project
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10 artful/maindeb1.52017-11-101.07 MiB3.57 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10 artful-updates/maindeb1.5.22019-01-121.07 MiB3.57 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/maindeb1.6.12018-06-121.11 MiB3.72 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-security/maindeb1.6.6ubuntu0.12019-01-221.11 MiB3.72 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-updates/maindeb1.6.122019-09-121.14 MiB3.78 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.10 cosmic/maindeb1.7.02019-01-141.12 MiB3.84 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.10 cosmic-security/maindeb1.7.0ubuntu0.12019-01-221.12 MiB3.84 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.10 cosmic-updates/maindeb1.7.52019-06-171.12 MiB3.85 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.04 disco/maindeb1.8.02019-03-101.15 MiB3.91 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.04 disco-proposed/maindeb1.8.42019-09-281.21 MiB3.98 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.04 disco-updates/maindeb1.8.32019-09-121.21 MiB3.98 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.10 eoan/maindeb1.9.42019-09-201.22 MiB4.06 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 20.04 focal/maindeb2.0.02020-03-241.23 MiB4.08 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/maindeb2.0.12020-03-251.23 MiB4.08 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/maindeb1.2.10ubuntu12017-11-101010 kiB3.21 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-security/maindeb1.2.29ubuntu0.12019-01-221020 kiB3.27 MiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-updates/maindeb1.2.322019-06-171.04 MiB3.38 MiB

Manual pages


apt-transport-http - APT transport for downloading via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

apt-transport-http(1) - Deutsch

apt-transport-http - APT-Transportmethode zum Herunterladen \(:uber das Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

apt-transport-http(1) - Français

apt-transport-http - Transport dAPT pour t\(’el\(’echargement par HTTP (protocole de transfert hypertexte)

apt-transport-http(1) - Nederlands

apt-transport-http - Transportmethode van APT voor het downloaden via het Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

apt-transport-http(1) - Português

apt-transport-http - Transporte do APT para descarregar via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


apt-transport-https - APT transport for downloading via the HTTP Secure protocol (HTTPS)

apt-transport-https(1) - Deutsch

apt-transport-https - APT-Transportmethode zum Herunterladen mittels HTTP-Sicherheitsprotokoll (HTTPS)

apt-transport-https(1) - Français

apt-transport-https - Le transport dAPT pour t\(’el\(’echarger par HTTPS (protocole de transfert hypertexte s\(’ecuris\(’e)

apt-transport-https(1) - Nederlands

apt-transport-https - Transportmethode van APT voor het downloaden via het HTTP Secure protocol (HTTPS)

apt-transport-https(1) - Português

apt-transport-https - Transporte do APT para descarregar via Protocolo Seguro HTTP (HTTPS)


apt-transport-mirror - APT transport for more automated mirror selection

apt-transport-mirror(1) - Deutsch

apt-transport-mirror - APT-Transportmethode f\(:ur st\(:arker automatisierte Spiegelserverauswahl

apt-transport-mirror(1) - Français

apt-transport-mirror - Transport dAPT pour une s\(’election plus automatique du miroir

apt-transport-mirror(1) - Nederlands

apt-transport-mirror - Transportmethode van APT voor een meer geautomatiseerde siegelserverselectie

apt-transport-mirror(1) - Português

apt-transport-mirror - Transporte do APT para selec\(,c\(~ao de mirror mais automatizada

apt.conf(5) - Deutsch

apt.conf - Konfigurationsdatei f\(:ur APT

apt.conf(5) - Français

apt.conf - Fichier de configuration pour APT

apt.conf(5) - Italiano

apt.conf - file di configurazione di APT

apt.conf(5) - Japanese

apt.conf - APT の設定ファイル


apt.conf - Configuration file for APT

apt.conf(5) - Nederlands

apt.conf - Configuratiebestand van APT

apt.conf(5) - Português

apt.conf - Ficheiro de configura\(,c\(~ao para o APT

apt.conf(5) - Español

apt.conf - Fichero de configuraci\(146;on de APT


apt_auth.conf - Login configuration file for APT sources and proxies

apt_auth.conf(5) - Deutsch

apt_auth.conf - Anmeldungskonfigurationsdatei f\(:ur APT-Quellen und Proxys

apt_auth.conf(5) - Français

apt_auth.conf - Fichier de configuration de connexion pour les sources et les mandataires dAPT

apt_auth.conf(5) - Nederlands

apt_auth.conf - Login-configuratiebestand voor APT-bronnen en -proxys

apt_auth.conf(5) - Português

apt_auth.conf - Ficheiro de configura\(,c\(~ao de Login para fontes e proxies do APT

apt_preferences(5) - Deutsch

apt_preferences - Voreinstellungssteuerdatei f\(:ur APT

apt_preferences(5) - Español

apt_preferences - Fichero de preferencias de APT

apt_preferences(5) - Français

apt_preferences - Fichier de contr\(^ole des pr\(’ef\(’erences pour APT

apt_preferences(5) - Italiano

apt_preferences - file di controllo delle preferenze per APT

apt_preferences(5) - Japanese

apt_preferences - APT 用選択制御ファイル


apt_preferences - Preference control file for APT

apt_preferences(5) - Nederlands

apt_preferences - Bestand om de voorkeursinstellingen voor APT te beheren

apt_preferences(5) - Polski

apt_preferences - Plik kontrolny preferencji APT

apt_preferences(5) - Português

apt_preferences - Ficheiro de controle de prefer\(^encias para o APT

sources.list(5) - Deutsch

sources.list - Liste konfigurierter APT-Datenquellen

sources.list(5) - Français

sources.list - Liste des sources de donn\(’ees APT configur\(’ees

sources.list(5) - Italiano

sources.list - elenco delle fonti di dati configurate per APT

sources.list(5) - Japanese

sources.list - APT のデータ取得元の設定リスト


sources.list - List of configured APT data sources

sources.list(5) - Nederlands

sources.list - Lijst met geconfigureerde gegevensbronnen van APT

sources.list(5) - Português

sources.list - Lista das fontes de dados APT configuradas


vendors.list - Security key configuration for APT


apt-patterns - Syntax and semantics of apt search patterns

apt(8) - Deutsch

apt - Befehlszeilenschnittstelle

apt(8) - Français

apt - interface en ligne de commande

apt(8) - Italiano

apt - interfaccia a riga di comando

apt(8) - Japanese

apt - コマンドラインインターフェイス


apt - command-line interface

apt(8) - Nederlands

apt - commandoregelinterface

apt(8) - Português

apt - interface de linha de comandos

apt-cache(8) - Deutsch

apt-cache - den APT-Zwischenspeicher abfragen

apt-cache(8) - Español

apt-cache - Realiza consultas al cach\(’e de APT

apt-cache(8) - Français

apt-cache - recherche dans le cache dAPT

apt-cache(8) - Italiano

apt-cache - interroga la cache di APT

apt-cache(8) - Japanese

apt-cache - APT キャッシュへの問い合わせ


apt-cache - query the APT cache

apt-cache(8) - Nederlands

apt-cache - zoeken in de cache van APT

apt-cache(8) - Polski

apt-cache - odpytanie bufora APT

apt-cache(8) - Português

apt-cache - pesquisa a cache do APT

apt-cdrom(8) - Deutsch

apt-cdrom - APT-CD-ROM-Verwaltungswerkzeug

apt-cdrom(8) - Español

apt-cdrom - Herramienta de APT para la gesti\(’on de discos \(’opticos

apt-cdrom(8) - Français

apt-cdrom - Utilitaire de gestion des CD dAPT

apt-cdrom(8) - Italiano

apt-cdrom - strumento APT per la gestione dei CD-ROM

apt-cdrom(8) - Japanese

apt-cdrom - APT CD-ROM 管理ユーティリティ


apt-cdrom - APT CD-ROM management utility

apt-cdrom(8) - Nederlands

apt-cdrom - Hulpprogramma van APT voor CD-beheer

apt-cdrom(8) - Polski

apt-cdrom - Narzędzie APT do zarządzania źr\(’od\(/lami typu CD-ROM

apt-cdrom(8) - Português

apt-cdrom - Utilit\(’ario de gest\(~ao de CD-ROM do APT

apt-config(8) - Deutsch

apt-config - APT-Konfigurationsabfrageprogramm

apt-config(8) - Español

apt-config - Programa para consultar la configuraci\(’on de APT

apt-config(8) - Français

apt-config - Programme dinterrogation de la configuration dAPT

apt-config(8) - Italiano

apt-config - programma di interrogazione della configurazione di APT

apt-config(8) - Japanese

apt-config - APT 設定取得プログラム


apt-config - APT Configuration Query program

apt-config(8) - Nederlands

apt-config - Programma om de configuratie van APT op te vragen

apt-config(8) - Polski

apt-config - Program odpytywania konfiguracji APT

apt-config(8) - Português

apt-config - Programa de Consulta de Configura\(,c\(~ao do APT

apt-get(8) - Deutsch

apt-get - APT-Werkzeug f\(:ur den Umgang mit Paketen -- Befehlszeilenschnittstelle

apt-get(8) - Français

apt-get - Utilitaire APT pour la gestion des paquets -- interface en ligne de commande.

apt-get(8) - Italiano

apt-get - strumento APT per la gestione dei pacchetti, interfaccia a riga di comando

apt-get(8) - Japanese

apt-get - APT パッケージ操作ユーティリティ -- コマンドラインインターフェース


apt-get - APT package handling utility -- command-line interface

apt-get(8) - Nederlands

apt-get - APT gereedschap voor het behandelen van pakketten -- commandoregelinterface

apt-get(8) - Português

apt-get - Utilit\(’ario de manuseamento de pacotes do APT -- interface de linha de comandos

apt-key(8) - Deutsch

apt-key - APT-Schl\(:usselverwaltungsdienstprogramm

apt-key(8) - Français

apt-key - Utilitaire de gestion des cl\(’es dAPT

apt-key(8) - Italiano

apt-key - strumento APT per la gestione delle chiavi

apt-key(8) - Japanese

apt-key - APT キー管理ユーティリティ


apt-key - APT key management utility

apt-key(8) - Nederlands

apt-key - Hulpprogramma voor het beheer van de sleutels van APT

apt-key(8) - Español

apt-key - Herramienta para gestionar las claves de APT

apt-key(8) - Polski

apt-key - Narzędzie zarządzanie kluczami APT

apt-key(8) - Português

apt-key - Utilit\(’ario de gest\(~ao de chaves do APT

apt-mark(8) - Deutsch

apt-mark - zeigt, setzt und hebt verschiedene Einstellungen f\(:ur ein Paket auf.

apt-mark(8) - Français

apt-mark - affiche, d\(’efinit ou red\(’efinit divers param\(‘etres dun paquet

apt-mark(8) - Italiano

apt-mark - mostra, imposta e deconfigura varie impostazioni per un pacchetto

apt-mark(8) - Japanese

apt-mark - パッケージの各種設定の表示、設定、設定解除


apt-mark - show, set and unset various settings for a package

apt-mark(8) - Nederlands

apt-mark - toon verschillende instellingen van een pakket, stel ze in of maak ze ongedaan

apt-mark(8) - Português

apt-mark - mostrar, definir e apagar v\(’arias defini\(,c\(~oes para um pacote

apt-secure(8) - Deutsch

apt-secure - Archivauthentifizierungsunterst\(:utzung f\(:ur APT

apt-secure(8) - Français

apt-secure - Gestion de lauthentification darchive avec APT

apt-secure(8) - Italiano

apt-secure - supporto per lautenticazione degli archivi per APT

apt-secure(8) - Japanese

apt-secure - APT アーカイブ認証サポート


apt-secure - Archive authentication support for APT

apt-secure(8) - Nederlands

apt-secure - Ondersteuning in APT voor de authenticatie van archieven

apt-secure(8) - Português

apt-secure - Suporte de autentica\(,c\(~ao de arquivos para o APT

Latest updates

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.0.1 introduced

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.0.0 removed

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Updated from 1.9.10 to 2.0.0

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Updated from 1.9.12 to 2.0.0

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.9.10-1.fc33 to 2.0.0-1.fc33

  • Update to 2.0.0
Debian icon

Debian experimental experimental/main: Version 1.9.12 removed

Debian icon

Debian experimental experimental/main: Updated from 1.9.10 to 1.9.12

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Updated from 1.9.11 to 1.9.12

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.11 introduced

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.9.7-2.fc32 to 1.9.10-1.fc33

  • Update to 1.9.10 (#1804170)
Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Updated from 1.9.9 to 1.9.10

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.10 removed

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.10 introduced

Debian icon

Debian experimental experimental/main: Updated from 1.9.9 to 1.9.10

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.9.7-1.fc32 to 1.9.7-2.fc32

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.9 removed

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Updated from 1.9.8 to 1.9.9

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.9 introduced

Debian icon

Debian experimental experimental/main: Updated from 1.9.8 to 1.9.9

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 1.9.8 removed


Related packages

apt-apidoc - Documentation for developing against APT libraries
apt-btrfs-snapshot - Automatically create snapshot on apt operations
apt-build - frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages
apt-cacher - Caching proxy server for Debian/Ubuntu/Devuan software repositories
apt-cacher-ng - caching proxy server for software repositories
apt-cacher-ng-debuginfo - Debug information for package apt-cacher-ng
apt-cacher-ng-debugsource - Debug sources for package apt-cacher-ng
apt-clone - Script to create state bundles
apt-config-auto-update - Apt configuration for automatic cache updates
apt-config-icons - APT configuration snippet to enable icon downloads
apt-config-icons-hidpi - APT configuration snippet to enable HiDPI icon downloads
apt-config-icons-large - APT configuration snippet to enable large icon downloads
apt-config-icons-large-hidpi - APT configuration snippet to enable large HiDPI icon downloads
apt-cudf - CUDF solver integration for APT
apt-dater - terminal-based remote package update manager
apt-dater-dbg - terminal-based remote package update manager (dbg symbols)
apt-dater-host - host helper application for apt-dater
apt-debuginfo - Debug information for package apt
apt-debugsource - Debug sources for package apt
apt-devel - Development files and documentation for APT's libapt-pkg
apt-doc - documentation for APT
apt-dpkg-ref - APT, Dpkg Quick Reference sheet
apt-file - search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface)
apt-forktracer - utility for tracking non-official package versions
apt-libs - Runtime libraries for apt
apt-libs-debuginfo - Debug information for package apt-libs
apt-listbugs - tool which lists critical bugs before each APT installation
apt-listchanges - package change history notification tool
apt-listdifferences - source differences notification tool
apt-mirror - APT sources mirroring tool
apt-move - Maintain Debian packages in a package pool
apt-mx - apt defaults for MX-Linux.
apt-notifier - tray applet to notify of system and application updates
apt-offline - offline APT package manager
apt-offline-gui - offline APT package manager - GUI
apt-p2p - apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages
apt-plugins-list - Additional commands to list extra packages and leaves
apt-plugins-log - Log the changes being introduced by the transaction
apt-rdepends - recursively lists package dependencies
apt-show-source - Shows source-package information
apt-show-versions - lists available package versions with distribution
apt-src - manage Debian source packages
apt-transport-https - Transitional package: curl-https download transport for APT
apt-transport-s3 - APT transport for privately held AWS S3 repositories
apt-transport-spacewalk - APT transport for communicating with Spacewalk servers
apt-transport-tor - APT transport for anonymous package downloads via Tor
apt-utils - package management related utility programs
apt-utils-debuginfo - Debug information for package apt-utils
apt-venv - apt virtual environment
apt-xapian-index - maintenance and search tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
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