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devscripts - scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

Contains the following scripts, dependencies/recommendations shown in brackets afterwards:
  • annotate-output: run a command and prepend time and stream (O for stdout, E for stderr) for every line of output.
  • archpath: Prints arch (tla/Bazaar) package names. Also supports calculating the package names for other branches. [tla | bazaar]
  • bts: A command-line tool for accessing the Debian Bug Tracking System, both to send mails to and to access the web pages and SOAP interface of the BTS. [www-browser, libauthen-sasl-perl, libnet-smtps-perl, libsoap-lite-perl, liburi-perl, libwww-perl, bsd-mailx | mailx]
  • build-rdeps: Searches for all packages that build-depend on a given package.
    dctrl-tools, dose-extra, libdpkg-perl
  • chdist: tool to easily play with several distributions. [dctrl-tools]
  • checkbashisms: check whether a /bin/sh script contains any common bash-specific constructs.
  • cowpoke: upload a Debian source package to a cowbuilder host and build it, optionally also signing and uploading the result to an incoming queue.
  • cvs-debi, cvs-debc: wrappers around debi and debc respectively (see below) which allow them to be called from the CVS working directory.
  • cvs-debrelease: wrapper around debrelease which allows it to be called from the CVS working directory. [cvs-buildpackage, dupload | dput, ssh-client]
  • cvs-debuild: A wrapper for cvs-buildpackage to use debuild as its package building program. [cvs-buildpackage, fakeroot, lintian, gnupg |gnupg2]
  • dcmd: run a given command replacing the name of a .changes or .dsc file with each of the files referenced therein. *
  • dcontrol: remotely query package and source control files for all Debian distributions. [liburl-perl, libwww-perl]
  • dd-list: given a list of packages, pretty-print it ordered by maintainer. *
  • debc: List contents of current package. Do this after a successful "debuild" to see if the package looks all right.
  • debchange (abbreviation dch): Modifies debian/changelog and manages version numbers for you. It will either increment the version number or add an entry for the current version, depending upon the options given to it.
    libdistro-info-perl, libsoap-lite-perl*
  • debcheckout: checkout the development repository of a Debian package. *
  • debclean: Clean a Debian source tree. Debclean will clean all Debian source trees below the current directory, and if requested, also remove all files that were generated from these source trees (that is .deb, .dsc and .changes files). It will keep the .diffs and original files, though, so that the binaries and other files can be rebuilt if necessary.
  • debcommit: Commits changes to cvs, darcs, svn, svk, tla, bzr, git, or hg, using new entries in debian/changelog as the commit message. Also supports tagging Debian package releases. [cvs | darcs | subversion | svk | tla | bzr | git-core | mercurial, libtimedate-perl]
  • debdiff: A program which examines two .deb files or two .changes files and reports on any difference found in their file lists. Useful for ensuring that no files were inadvertently lost between versions. Can also examine two .dsc files and report on the changes between source versions. For a deeper comparison one can use the diffoscope package.
    wdiff, patchutils*
  • debdiff-apply: Apply unified diffs of two Debian source packages, such as those generated by debdiff, to a target Debian source package. Any changes to debian/changelog are dealt with specially, to avoid the conflicts that changelog diffs typically produce when applied naively. May be used to check that old patches still apply to newer versions of those packages.
    python3-debian, python3-unidiff, quilt
  • debi: Installs the current package by using the setuid root debpkg script described below. It assumes that the current package has just been built (for example by debuild), and the .deb lives in the parent directory, and will effectively run dpkg -i on the .deb. The ability to install the package with a very short command is very useful when troubleshooting packages.
  • debpkg: A wrapper for dpkg used by debi to allow convenient testing of packages. For debpkg to work, it needs to be made setuid root, and this needs to be performed by the sysadmin -- it is not installed as setuid root by default. (Note that being able to run a setuid root debpkg is effectively the same as having root access to the system, so this should be done with caution.) Having debpkg as a wrapper for dpkg can be a Good Thing (TM), as it decreases the potential for damage by accidental wrong use of commands in superuser mode (e.g., an inadvertent rm -rf * in the wrong directory is disastrous as many can attest to).
  • debrelease: A wrapper around dupload or dput which figures out which version to upload, and then calls dupload or dput to actually perform the upload. [dupload | dput, ssh-client]
  • debrepro: A script that tests reproducibility of Debian packages. It will build a given source directory twice, with a set of variation between the first and second build, and compare the binary packages produced. If diffoscope is installed, it is used to compare non-matching binaries. If disorderfs is installed, it is used during the build to inject non-determinism in filesystem listing operations.
    faketime, diffoscope, disorderfs
  • debrsign: This transfers a .changes/.dsc pair to a remote machine for signing, and runs debsign on the remote machine over an SSH connection.
    gnupg | gnupg2, debian-keyring, ssh-client
  • debsign: Use GNU Privacy Guard to sign the changes (and possibly dsc) files created by running dpkg-buildpackage with no-sign options. Useful if you are building a package on a remote machine and wish to sign it on a local one. This script is capable of automatically downloading the .changes and .dsc files from a remote machine. [gnupg |gnupg2, debian-keyring, ssh-client]*
  • debsnap: grab packages from [libwww-perl, libjson-perl]
  • debuild: A wrapper for building a package (i.e., dpkg-buildpackage) to avoid problems with insufficient permissions and wrong paths etc. Debuild will set up the proper environment for building a package. Debuild will use the fakeroot program to build the package by default, but can be instructed to use any other gain-root command, or can even be installed setuid root. Debuild can also be used to run various of the debian/rules operations with the same root-gaining procedure. Debuild will also run lintian to check that the package does not have any major policy violations. [fakeroot, lintian, gnupg | gnupg2]*
  • deb-reversion: increases a binary package version number and repacks the package, useful for porters and the like.
  • dep3changelog: generate a changelog entry from a DEP3-style patch header.
  • desktop2menu: given a desktop file, generate a skeleton for a menu file. [libfile-desktopentry-perl]
  • dget: Downloads Debian source and binary packages. Point at a .changes or .dsc to download all references files. Specify a package name to download it from the configured apt repository. [wget | curl]
  • diff2patches: extracts patches from a .diff.gz file placing them under debian/ or, if present, debian/patches. [patchutils]
  • dpkg-depcheck, dpkg-genbuilddeps: Runs a specified command (such as debian/rules build) or dpkg-buildpackage, respectively, to determine the packages used during the build process. This information can be helpful when trying to determine the packages needed in the Build-Depends etc. lines in the debian/control file. [build-essential, strace]
  • dscextract: extract a single file from a Debian source package. [patchutils]
  • dscverify: check the signature and MD5 sums of a dsc file against the most current Debian keyring on your system. [gnupg | gnupg2, debian-keyring]
  • edit-patch: add/edit a patch for a source package and commit the changes.
    quilt | dpatch | cdbs
  • getbuildlog: download package build logs from Debian auto-builders. [wget]
  • git-deborig: try to produce Debian orig.tar using git-archive(1). [libdpkg-perl, libgit-wrapper-perl, liblist-compare-perl, libstring-shellquote-perl, libtry-tiny-perl]
  • grep-excuses: grep britney's excuses to find out what is happening to your packages. [libdbd-pg-perl, libterm-size-perl, libyaml-syck-perl, wget, w3m]
  • hardening-check: report the hardening characteristics of a set of binaries.
  • list-unreleased: searches for packages marked UNRELEASED in their changelog.
  • ltnu (Long Time No Upload): List all uploads of packages by the given uploader or maintainer and display them ordered by the last upload of that package, oldest uploads first.
  • manpage-alert: locate binaries without corresponding manpages. [man-db]
  • mass-bug: mass-file bug reports. [bsd-mailx | mailx]
  • mergechanges: merge .changes files from the same release but built on different architectures.
  • mk-build-deps: Given a package name and/or control file, generate a binary package which may be installed to satisfy the build-dependencies of the given package. [equivs]
  • mk-origtargz: Rename upstream tarball, optionally changing the compression and removing unwanted files.
    libfile-which-perl, unzip, xz-utils, file
  • namecheck: Check project names are not already taken.
  • nmudiff: prepare a diff of this version (presumably an NMU against the previously released version (as per the changelog) and submit the diff to the BTS. [patchutils, mutt]
  • origtargz: fetch the orig tarball of a Debian package from various sources, and unpack it.
  • plotchangelog: display information from a changelog graphically using gnuplot. [libtimedate-perl, gnuplot]
  • pts-subscribe: subscribe to the PTS (Package Tracking System) for a limited period of time. [bsd-mailx | mailx, at]
  • rc-alert: list installed packages which have release-critical bugs.
    wget | curl
  • rmadison: remotely query the Debian archive database about packages.
    liburi-perl, wget | curl
  • sadt: run DEP-8 tests. [python3-debian]
  • salsa: manipulates repositories and users
  • suspicious-source: output a list of files which are not common source files. [python3-magic]
  • svnpath: Prints the path to the Subversion repository of a Subversion checkout. Also supports calculating the paths for branches and tags in a repository independent fashion. Used by debcommit to generate svn tags. [subversion]
  • tagpending: runs from a Debian source tree and tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending. [libsoap-lite-perl]
  • transition-check: Check a list of source packages for involvement in transitions for which uploads to unstable are currently blocked.
    libwww-perl, libyaml-syck-perl
  • uscan: Automatically scan for and download upstream updates. Uscan can also call a program such as uupdate to attempt to update the Debianised version based on the new update. Whilst uscan could be used to release the updated version automatically, it is probably better not to without testing it first. Uscan can also verify detached OpenPGP signatures if upstream's signing key is known. [file, gpgv | gpgv2, gnupg | gnupg2, libfile-which-perl, liblwp-protocol-https-perl, libmoo-perl, libwww-perl, unzip, xz-utils]*
  • uupdate: Update the package with an archive or patches from an upstream author. This will be of help if you have to update your package. It will try to apply the latest diffs to your package and tell you how successful it was. [patch]
  • what-patch: determine what patch system, if any, a source package is using.
  • whodepends: check which maintainers' packages depend on a package.
  • who-permits-upload: Retrieve information about Debian Maintainer access control lists. [gnupg | gnupg2, libencode-locale-perl, libwww-perl, debian-keyring]
  • who-uploads: determine the most recent uploaders of a package to the Debian archive. [gnupg | gnupg2, debian-keyring, debian-maintainers, wget]
  • wnpp-alert: list installed packages which are orphaned or up for adoption.
    wget | curl
  • wnpp-check: check whether there is an open request for packaging or intention to package bug for a package. [wget | curl]
  • wrap-and-sort: wrap long lines and sort items in packaging files.
  • /usr/share/doc/devscripts/examples: This directory contains examples of procmail and exim scripts for sorting mail arriving to Debian mailing lists.
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Manual pages

annotate-output(1) - Deutsch

annotate-output - versieht Programmausgaben mit Zeit und Datenstrom

annotate-output(1) - Français

annotate-output - Annoter la sortie d’un programme avec la date et les flux


annotate-output - annotate program output with time and stream

archpath(1) - Deutsch

archpath - gibt Architekturarchivnamen (tla/Bazaar) mit Unterstützung für Zweige aus

archpath(1) - Français

archpath - Afficher les noms des archives arch (tla ou Bazaar), avec la gestion des branches


archpath - output arch (tla/Bazaar) archive names, with support for branches

bts(1) - Deutsch

bts - Befehlszeilenschnittstelle der Entwickler zum Debian Bug Tracking System

bts(1) - Français

bts - Interface en ligne de commande des dévelopeurs pour le système de bogues de Debian (BTS)


bts - developers’ command line interface to the Debian Bug Tracking System

build-rdeps(1) - Deutsch

build-rdeps - findet Pakete, die von einem speziellen Paket zum Bau abhängen (umgekehrte Bauabhängigkeit)

build-rdeps(1) - Français

build-rdeps - Trouver les paquets qui dépendent d’un paquet donné pour leur construction


build-rdeps - find packages that depend on a specific package to build (reverse build depends)

chdist(1) - Deutsch

chdist - Skript, um einfach mit mehreren Distributionen zu spielen

chdist(1) - Français

chdist - Script pour facilement jouer avec différentes distributions


chdist - script to easily play with several distributions

checkbashisms(1) - Deutsch

checkbashisms - prüft auf Bash-spezifisches in /bin/sh-Skripten

checkbashisms(1) - Français

checkbashisms - Rechercher des constructions spécifiques à bash dans les scripts /bin/sh


checkbashisms - check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts

cowpoke(1) - Deutsch

cowpoke - baut ein Debian-Quellpaket in einer fernen Cowbuilder-Instanz

cowpoke(1) - Français

cowpoke - Construire un paquet source Debian dans une instance de cowbuilder distante


cowpoke - Build a Debian source package in a remote cowbuilder instance

cvs-debc(1) - Deutsch

cvs-debc - Inhalte eines mit Cvs-buildpackage/Cvs-debuild erzeugten Pakets ansehen

cvs-debc(1) - Français

cvs-debc - Visualiser le contenu d’un paquet Debian créé par cvs-buildpackage ou cvs-debuild


cvs-debc - view contents of a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package

cvs-debi(1) - Deutsch

cvs-debi - installiert mit Cvs-buildpackage/Cvs-debuild erzeugtes Paket

cvs-debi(1) - Français

cvs-debi - Installer un paquet créé par cvs-buildpackage ou cvs-debuild


cvs-debi - install cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package

cvs-debrelease(1) - Deutsch

cvs-debrelease - lädt ein mit Cvs-buildpackage/Cvs-debuild erzeugtes Paket hoch

cvs-debrelease(1) - Français

cvs-debrelease - Envoyer à l’archive Debian un paquet créé par cvs-buildpackage ou cvs-debuild


cvs-debrelease - upload a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package

cvs-debuild(1) - Deutsch

cvs-debuild - baut ein Debian-Paket mittels Cvs-buildpackage und Debuild

cvs-debuild(1) - Français

cvs-debuild - Construire un paquet Debian avec cvs-buildpackage et debuild


cvs-debuild - build a Debian package using cvs-buildpackage and debuild

dcmd(1) - Deutsch

dcmd - expandiert Dateilisten von .dsc-/.changes-Dateien auf der Befehlszeile

dcmd(1) - Français

dcmd - Développer la liste des fichiers d’un fichier .dsc ou .changes sur une ligne de commande


dcmd - expand file lists of .dsc/.changes files in the command line

dcontrol(1) - Deutsch

dcontrol — fragt Pakete und Steuerungsdateien für alle Debian-Distributionen ab

dcontrol(1) - Français

dcontrol - Interroger les fichiers de contrôle des paquets source et binaires pour toutes les distributions Debian


dcontrol -- Query package and source control files for all Debian distributions

dd-list(1) - Deutsch

dd-list - nette Liste der .deb-Pakete und ihrer Betreuer

dd-list(1) - Français

dd-list - Afficher une jolie liste de paquets .deb et de leurs responsables


dd-list - nicely list .deb packages and their maintainers

deb-reversion(1) - Deutsch

deb-reversion - einfaches Skript, um die Version einer .deb-Datei zu ändern

deb-reversion(1) - Français

deb-reversion - simple script pour changer la version dun fichier .deb


deb-reversion - simple script to change the version of a .deb file


deb-why-removed - shows the reason a package was removed from the archive

debc(1) - Deutsch

debc - Inhalt eines generierten Debian-Pakets betrachten

debc(1) - Français

debc - Visualiser le contenu d’un paquet Debian créé


debc - view contents of a generated Debian package

debchange(1) - Deutsch

debchange - Werkzeug zum Verwalten der Datei »debian/changelog« in einem Quellpaket

debchange(1) - Français

debchange - Outil pour la maintenance du fichier debian/changelog d’un paquet source


debchange - Tool for maintenance of the debian/changelog file in a source package

debcheckout(1) - Deutsch

debcheckout - checkt das Entwicklerdepot eines Debian-Pakets aus

debcheckout(1) - Français

debcheckout - Récupérer le contenu du dépôt d’un paquet Debian


debcheckout - checkout the development repository of a Debian package

debclean(1) - Deutsch

debclean - bereinigt einen Quellcodeverzeichnisbaum

debclean(1) - Français

debclean - Nettoyer une arborescence de code source


debclean - clean up a sourcecode tree

debcommit(1) - Deutsch

debcommit - übergibt Änderungen an einem Paket

debcommit(1) - Français

debcommit - Soumettre les changements à un paquet


debcommit - commit changes to a package

debdiff(1) - Deutsch

debdiff - vergleicht Dateilisten in zwei Debian-Paketen

debdiff(1) - Français

debdiff - Comparer la liste des fichiers de deux paquets Debian


debdiff - compare file lists in two Debian packages

debdiff-apply(1) - Deutsch

debdiff-apply - wendet ein Debdiff auf eine Debian-Quellpaket an.

debdiff-apply(1) - Français

debdiff-apply - Appliquer un debdiff à un paquet source Debian


debdiff-apply - apply a debdiff to a Debian source package

debi(1) - Deutsch

debi - installiert die aktuelle Version eines erzeugten Debian-Pakets

debi(1) - Français

debi - Installer la version actuelle d’un paquet Debian créé


debi - install current version of generated Debian package

debpkg(1) - Deutsch

debpkg - Wrapper für Dpkg

debpkg(1) - Français

debpkg - Encapsulation d’appels à dpkg


debpkg - wrapper for dpkg

debrelease(1) - Deutsch

debrelease - ein Wrapper um Dupload oder Dput

debrelease(1) - Français

debrelease - Encapsulation d’appels à dupload ou dput


debrelease - a wrapper around dupload or dput


debrepro - reproducibility tester for Debian packages

debrsign(1) - Deutsch

debrsign - signiert mittels SSH ein Debian-.changes- und .dsc-Dateipaar aus der Ferne

debrsign(1) - Français

debrsign - Signer des fichiers .changes et .dsc Debian à distance avec SSH


debrsign - remotely sign a Debian .changes and .dsc file pair using SSH

debsign(1) - Deutsch

debsign - signiert ein Debian-.changes- und -.dsc-Dateipaar mittels GPG

debsign(1) - Français

debsign - Signer une paire de fichiers .changes et .dsc Debian avec GPG


debsign - sign a Debian .changes and .dsc file pair using GPG

debsnap(1) - Deutsch

debsnap - ruft alte Momentaufnahmen von Debian-Paketen ab

debsnap(1) - Français

debsnap - Récupérer d’anciennes versions de paquets Debian


debsnap - retrieve old snapshots of Debian packages

debuild(1) - Deutsch

debuild - baut ein Debian-Paket

debuild(1) - Français

debuild - Construire un paquet Debian


debuild - build a Debian package

dep3changelog(1) - Deutsch

dep3changelog - erzeugt einen Changelog-Eintrag aus Patch-Kopfzeilen im DEP3-Stil

dep3changelog(1) - Français

dep3changelog - Préparer une entrée du journal de modifications à partir de l’en-tête d’un correctif compatible DEP3


dep3changelog - generate a changelog entry from a DEP3-style patch header

desktop2menu(1) - Deutsch

desktop2menu - erstellt ein Menüdateigerüst aus einer Desktop-Datei

desktop2menu(1) - Français

desktop2menu - Créer un modèle de fichier menu à partir d’un fichier desktop


desktop2menu - create a menu file skeleton from a desktop file

devscripts(1) - Deutsch

devscripts - Skripte, die das Leben von Debian-Entwicklern erleichtern

devscripts(1) - Français

devscripts - Scripts pour faciliter le travail des développeurs Debian


devscripts - scripts to ease the lives of Debian developers

dget(1) - Deutsch

dget — lädt Debian-Quell- und -Binärpakete herunter

dget(1) - Français

dget - Télécharger des paquets Debian source et binaires


dget -- Download Debian source and binary packages

diff2patches(1) - Deutsch

diff2patches - extrahiert non-debian/-Patches aus .diff.gz-Dateien.

diff2patches(1) - Français

diff2patches - Extraire les correctifs qui ne s’appliquent pas à debian/ dans des fichiers .diff.gz


diff2patches - Extract non-debian/ patches from .diff.gz files

dpkg-depcheck(1) - Deutsch

dpkg-depcheck - bestimmt Pakete, die benutzt werden, um einen Befehl auszuführen.

dpkg-depcheck(1) - Français

dpkg-depcheck - Déterminer les paquets utilisés pour exécuter une commande


dpkg-depcheck - determine packages used to execute a command

dpkg-genbuilddeps(1) - Deutsch

dpkg-genbuilddeps - erzeugt eine Liste von Paketen, die benutzt werden, um dieses Paket zu bauen

dpkg-genbuilddeps(1) - Français

dpkg-genbuilddeps - Produire la liste des paquets utilisés pour la construction de ce paquet


dpkg-genbuilddeps - generate a list of packages used to build this package

dscextract(1) - Deutsch

dscextract - extrahiert eine einzelne Datei aus einem Debian-Quellpaket

dscextract(1) - Français

dscextract - Extraire un seul fichier d’un paquet source Debian


dscextract - extract a single file from a Debian source package

dscverify(1) - Deutsch

dscverify - überprüft die Gültigkeit eines Debian-Pakets

dscverify(1) - Français

dscverify - Vérifier la validité d’un paquet Debian


dscverify - verify the validity of a Debian package

edit-patch(1) - Deutsch

edit-patch, add-patch - Werkzeug, das Patches für Debian-Quellpakete vorbereitet

edit-patch(1) - Français

edit-patch, add-patch - Préparation de correctifs pour paquets source Debian


edit-patch, add-patch - tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages

getbuildlog(1) - Deutsch

getbuildlog - lädt Bauprotokolle von den automatischen Debian-Paketbaumaschinen herunter

getbuildlog(1) - Français

getbuildlog - Télécharger les journaux de construction des serveurs Debian de construction automatique


getbuildlog - download build logs from Debian auto-builders

git-deborig(1) - Deutsch

git-deborig - versucht, mittels git-archive(1) Debians orig.tar zu erstellen.

git-deborig(1) - Français

git-deborig - Tenter de produire orig.tar de Debian avec git-archive(1)


git-deborig - try to produce Debian orig.tar using git-archive(1)

grep-excuses(1) - Deutsch

grep-excuses - durchsucht die Testing-Excuses-Dateien nach einem bestimmten Betreuer

grep-excuses(1) - Français

grep-excuses - Rechercher les fichiers d’excuses pour Testing d’un responsable


grep-excuses - search the testing excuses files for a specific maintainer

hardening-check(1) - Deutsch

hardening-check - prüft Binärdateien auf Sicherheitshärtungsfunktionalitäten

hardening-check(1) - Français

hardening-check - Vérifier les binaires pour des fonctionnalités de sécurisation


hardening-check - check binaries for security hardening features

licensecheck(1) - Deutsch

licensecheck - einfache Lizenzprüfung für Quelldateien

licensecheck(1) - Français

licensecheck - Vérificateur de licence pour fichiers source


licensecheck - simple license checker for source files

list-unreleased(1) - Deutsch

list-unreleased - zeigt Pakete, die UNRELEASED sind

list-unreleased(1) - Français

list-unreleased - Afficher les paquets qui ne sont pas encore envoyés (UNRELEASED)


list-unreleased - display UNRELEASED packages


ltnu - lists packages of a maintainer ordered by last upload

manpage-alert(1) - Deutsch

manpage-alert - sucht nach Programmen ohne zugehörige Handbuchseiten

manpage-alert(1) - Français

manpage-alert - Chercher des programmes sans page de manuel


manpage-alert - check for binaries without corresponding manpages

mass-bug(1) - Deutsch

mass-bug - reicht einen Massenfehlerbericht gegen eine Liste von Paketen ein

mass-bug(1) - Français

mass-bug - Soumettre en masse un rapport de bogue contre une liste de paquets


mass-bug - mass-file a bug report against a list of packages

mergechanges(1) - Deutsch

mergechanges - fügt mehrere Changes-Dateien zusammen

mergechanges(1) - Français

mergechanges - Fusionner plusieurs fichiers changes


mergechanges - merge multiple changes files

mk-build-deps(1) - Deutsch

mk-build-deps - baut ein Paket, das die Bauabhängigkeiten eines Pakets erfüllt

mk-build-deps(1) - Français

mk-build-deps - Construire un paquet qui satisfait les dépendances de construction d’un paquet


mk-build-deps - build a package satisfying a package’s build-dependencies

mk-origtargz(1) - Deutsch

mk-origtargz - benennt den Tarball der Originalautoren um, ändert wahlweise die Komprimierung und entfernt unerwünschte Dateien.

mk-origtargz(1) - Français

mk-origtargz - Renommer l’archive amont, en modifiant éventuellement la compression et en supprimant les fichiers non désirés


mk-origtargz - rename upstream tarball, optionally changing the compression and removing unwanted files

namecheck(1) - Deutsch

namecheck - prüft, ob Projektnamen bereits vergeben sind

namecheck(1) - Français

namecheck - Vérifier la disponibilité des noms de projet.


namecheck - Check project names are not already taken.

nmudiff(1) - Deutsch

nmudiff - versendet ein NMU-Diff per E-Mail an die Debian-Fehlerdatenbank

nmudiff(1) - Français

nmudiff - Envoyer un courrier contenant le correctif d’une NMU vers le BTS Debian


nmudiff - email an NMU diff to the Debian BTS

origtargz(1) - Deutsch

origtargz - ruft den Original-Tarball eines Debian-Pakets aus verschiedenen Quellen ab und entpackt ihn.

origtargz(1) - Français

origtargz - Récupérer l’archive amont d’un paquet Debian depuis divers sources, et la dépaqueter


origtargz - fetch the orig tarball of a Debian package from various sources, and unpack it

plotchangelog(1) - Deutsch

plotchangelog - zeichnet Debian-Changelogs

plotchangelog(1) - Français

plotchangelog - Représenter les modifications Debian sous forme de graphique


plotchangelog - graph Debian changelogs

pts-subscribe(1) - Deutsch

pts-subscribe - zeitlich begrenztes Abonnement des PTS

pts-subscribe(1) - Français

pts-subscribe - Abonnement au PTS limité dans le temps


pts-subscribe - time-limited subscription to the PTS

rc-alert(1) - Deutsch

rc-alert - sucht nach installieren Paketen mit release-kritischen Fehlern

rc-alert(1) - Français

rc-alert - Rechercher les paquets installés ayant des bogues empêchant leur intégration dans la prochaine distribution


rc-alert - check for installed packages with release-critical bugs


reproducible-check - Reports on the reproducible status of installed packages

rmadison(1) - Deutsch

rmadison - fragt Pakete aus der Debian-Archivdatenbank aus der Ferne ab

rmadison(1) - Français

rmadison - Interroger à distance la base de données de l’archive Debian


rmadison -- Remotely query the Debian archive database about packages

sadt(1) - Deutsch

sadt - einfaches DEP-8-Test-Ausführungsprogramm

sadt(1) - Français

sadt - Simple exécution de test DEP-8


sadt - simple DEP-8 test runner


salsa - tool to manipulate salsa repositories and group members

suspicious-source(1) - Deutsch

suspicious-source - sucht nach Dateien, die nicht die von der GPL »Quelltext« sind.

suspicious-source(1) - Français

suspicious-source - Rechercher des fichiers qui ne sont pas sous la « forme la plus adéquate pour les modifications » demandée par la GPL


suspicious-source - search for files that do not meet the GPL’s definition of "source" for a work

svnpath(1) - Deutsch

svnpath - gibt die SVN-URL mit Unterstützung für Markierungen und Zweige aus.

svnpath(1) - Français

svnpath - Afficher l’URL svn avec la gestion des tags et des branches


svnpath - output svn url with support for tags and branches

tagpending(1) - Deutsch

tagpending - markiert Fehler, die im neuesten Changelog geschlossen werden sollen, als anstehend.

tagpending(1) - Français

tagpending - Placer l’étiquette « pending » sur tous les bogues à fermer dans le dernier groupe d’entrée du fichier changelog


tagpending - tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending

transition-check(1) - Deutsch

transition-check - prüft, ob eine Paketliste an Übergängen beteiligt ist

transition-check(1) - Français

transition-check - Vérifier si un paquet est impliqué dans des transitions


transition-check - check a package list for involvement in transitions


uscan - scan/watch upstream sources for new releases of software

uupdate(1) - Deutsch

uupdate - führt ein Upgrade eines Quellcodepakets von einer Revision der Ursprungsautoren durch

uupdate(1) - Français

uupdate - Mettre à jour un paquet source depuis une version amont


uupdate - upgrade a source code package from an upstream revision

what-patch(1) - Deutsch

what-patch - ermittelt, welches Patch-System ein Debian-Paket nutzt

what-patch(1) - Français

what-patch - Détecter le système de correctif utilisé dans un paquet Debian


what-patch - detect which patch system a Debian package uses

who-permits-upload(1) - Deutsch

who-permits-upload - schlägt Debian-Paketbetreuer-ACLs (Zugriffssteuerungslisten) nach

who-permits-upload(1) - Français

who-permits-upload - Rechercher dans les listes de contrôle d’accès de mainteneurs Debian


who-permits-upload - look-up Debian Maintainer access control lists

who-uploads(1) - Deutsch

who-uploads - identifiziert die, die das Debian-Quellpaket hochgeladen haben

who-uploads(1) - Français

who-uploads - Identifier les personnes ayant envoyé des paquets source Debian


who-uploads - identify the uploaders of Debian source packages

whodepends(1) - Deutsch

whodepends - prüft, wessen Betreuers Pakete von einem Paket abhängen

whodepends(1) - Français

whodepends - Vérifier quels paquets (et responsables) dépendent d’un autre


whodepends - check which maintainers’ packages depend on a package

wnpp-alert(1) - Deutsch

wnpp-alert - prüft, ob installierte Pakete zur Adoption stehen oder verwaist sind

wnpp-alert(1) - Français

wnpp-alert - Rechercher les paquets installés offerts à l’adoption ou orphelins


wnpp-alert - check for installed packages up for adoption or orphaned

wnpp-check(1) - Deutsch

wnpp-check - prüft, ob ein Paket paketiert oder dies angefordert wurde.

wnpp-check(1) - Français

wnpp-check - Vérifier si un paquet est en cours de création ou si sa création a été demandée


wnpp-check - check if a package is being packaged or if this has been requested

wrap-and-sort(1) - Deutsch

wrap-and-sort - bricht lange Zeilen um und sortiert Elemente in Debian-Paketierungsdateien

wrap-and-sort(1) - Français

wrap-and-sort - Couper les lignes longues et trier les objets des fichiers d’empaquetage


wrap-and-sort - wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files

devscripts.conf(5) - Deutsch

devscripts.conf - Konfigurationsdatei für das Paket Devscripts

devscripts.conf(5) - Français

devscripts.conf - Fichier de configuration du paquet devscripts


devscripts.conf - configuration file for the devscripts package

Latest updates

OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed oss: Updated from 2.19.5-1.2 to 2.19.5-1.3

  • Update to 2.19.5:
    • various fixes in scripts all around:
      • See /usr/share/doc/packages/devscripts/changelog
    • Add conflicts on packages with the same binaries
Debian icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Updated from 2.19.7~bpo10+1 to 2.20.2~bpo10+1

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Updated from 2.20.1ubuntu1 to 2.20.2ubuntu2

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.20.2ubuntu2 removed

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.20.2ubuntu2 introduced

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 2.20.1-1.fc32 to 2.20.2-1.fc32

  • Update to 2.20.2
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 2.19.7-1.fc32 to 2.20.1-1.fc32

  • Update to 2.20.1
Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Updated from 2.19.7ubuntu2 to 2.20.1ubuntu1

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.20.1ubuntu1 removed

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Updated from 2.20.1 to 2.20.1ubuntu1

Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal-proposed/main: Version 2.20.1 introduced

Fedora icon

Fedora 31 releases/Everything-os: Version 2.19.6-2.fc31 introduced

OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 oss: Version 2.15.1-lp152.3.3 introduced

  • Update to version 2.15.1
    • see /usr/share/doc/packages/devscripts/changelog for details
  • Upstream moved to python3
    • Use python3-{devel,setuptools} instead of python-{devel,setuptools}
    That means compatibility with SLE11 is broken
  • Remove now unapplied patches
    • devscripts-pod2man-no-utf8.patch
    • devscripts-old-File-Path.patch
  • Adapt devscripts-2.11.7-remove-install-layout-deb.patch to upstream changes > devscripts-2.15.1-remove-install-layout-deb.patch
  • Remove yet obsolete compatibility stuff
  • Remove obsolete patch:
    • fix_pod_syntax.patch
Ubuntu icon

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/main: Version 2.19.7ubuntu2 introduced

OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed oss: Updated from 2.19.5-1.1 to 2.19.5-1.2

  • Update to 2.19.5:
    • various fixes in scripts all around:
      • See /usr/share/doc/packages/devscripts/changelog
    • Add conflicts on packages with the same binaries
Debian icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Version 2.19.7~bpo10+1 reintroduced

Debian icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Version 2.19.7~bpo10+1 removed

Debian icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Updated from 2.19.6~bpo10+1 to 2.19.7~bpo10+1

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 2.19.6-4.fc32 to 2.19.7-1.fc32

  • Update to 2.19.7
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 2.19.6-3.fc32 to 2.19.6-4.fc32

  • Rebuilt for Python 3.8.0rc1 (#1748018)

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devscripts-checkbashisms - Devscripts checkbashisms script
devscripts-compat - Compatibility package for devscripts-minimal
devscripts-debuginfo - Debug information for package devscripts
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