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fawkes - Robot Software Framework

Fawkes is a component-based software framework for robotic real-time applications for various platforms and domains.

It was developed for cognitive robotics real-time applications like soccer and service robotics and supports fast information exchange and efficient combination and coordination of different components to suit the needs of mobile robots operating in uncertain environments.

Install this meta package to get a useful Fawkes base system.
Fedora iconFedora rawhide
Fedora iconFedora 31
Fedora iconFedora 28
Fedora iconFedora 29
Fedora iconFedora 30
Fedora iconFedora 28 releases/Everything-osrpm1.0.1-16.fc282019-01-1417.1 kiB0 BFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases/Everything-osrpm1.0.1-18.fc292019-01-1411.1 kiB0 BFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases-test/Everything-osrpm1.0.1-18.fc292019-01-1411.1 kiB0 BFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 30 releases/Everything-osrpm1.0.1-18.fc292019-06-1711.1 kiB0 BFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 31 releases/Everything-osrpm1.2.0-9.fc31Jan 0711.5 kiB0 BFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora rawhide development/Everything-osrpm1.3.0-11.fc33Mar 0812 kiB0 BFedora Project

Latest updates

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-10.fc33 to 1.3.0-11.fc33

Mar 08
  • Rebuild for librealsense 2.33
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-9.fc32 to 1.3.0-10.fc33

Feb 24
  • Rebuild for gazebo-10
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-7.fc32 to 1.3.0-9.fc32

Jan 31
Fedora icon

Fedora 31 releases/Everything-os: Version 1.2.0-9.fc31 introduced

Jan 07
  • Remove dependencies on ROS packages by default (reenable with --with-ros)
  • Remove dependency on player (FTBFS)
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-4.fc32 to 1.3.0-7.fc32

Jan 03
  • Disable for opencv4
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-3.fc32 to 1.3.0-4.fc32

Oct 31
  • Remove unused dependency on PyQt4-devel to remove Python2 dependency
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.3.0-1.fc32 to 1.3.0-3.fc32

Oct 23
  • Rebuild for yaml-cpp 0.6.3.
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-11.fc32 to 1.3.0-1.fc32

Oct 08
  • Update to 1.3.0
  • Add sub-packages for plugins realsense, realsense2, skiller-simulator
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-9.fc32 to 1.2.0-11.fc32

Oct 07
  • Add patch for CGAL 5.0
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-8.fc31 to 1.2.0-9.fc32

Aug 24
  • Remove dependencies on ROS packages by default (reenable with --with-ros)
  • Remove dependency on player (FTBFS)
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-7.fc31 to 1.2.0-8.fc31

Aug 08
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-6.fc31 to 1.2.0-7.fc31

Jul 21
  • Update sub-packages required by meta package
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.2.0-5.fc31 to 1.2.0-6.fc31

Jul 16
  • Do not require plugin-pcl-db sub-package from devenv
Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.0.1-18.fc29 to 1.2.0-5.fc31

  • Add patch to use correct build flags for flite/ALSA
Fedora icon

Fedora 30 releases/Everything-os: Version 1.0.1-18.fc29 introduced

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Version 1.0.1-18.fc29 reintroduced

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Version 1.0.1-18.fc29 removed

Fedora icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-os: Updated from 1.0.1-13.fc28 to 1.0.1-18.fc29

Fedora icon

Fedora 29 releases-test/Everything-os: Version 1.0.1-18.fc29 introduced

Fedora icon

Fedora 29 releases/Everything-os: Version 1.0.1-18.fc29 introduced


Related packages

fawkes-core - Fawkes base system
fawkes-core-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-core
fawkes-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes
fawkes-debugsource - Debug sources for package fawkes
fawkes-devel - Development files for Fawkes
fawkes-devel-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-devel
fawkes-devenv - Development environment Fawkes
fawkes-doc - Fawkes API documentation
fawkes-firevision - Computer vision sub-system
fawkes-firevision-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-firevision
fawkes-firevision-tools - Computer vision sub-system tools
fawkes-firevision-tools-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-firevision-tools
fawkes-guis - GUI applications to control Fawkes
fawkes-guis-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-guis
fawkes-lua - Lua libraries and scripts for Fawkes
fawkes-lua-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-lua
fawkes-plugin-amcl - Fawkes plugin providing adaptive Monte Carlo Localization
fawkes-plugin-amcl-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-amcl
fawkes-plugin-bblogger - Fawkes plugin to log data from blackboard
fawkes-plugin-bblogger-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-bblogger
fawkes-plugin-bbsync - Fawkes plugin to synchronize multiple instances
fawkes-plugin-bbsync-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-bbsync
fawkes-plugin-cedar - Fawkes plugin for system status monitoring
fawkes-plugin-cedar-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-cedar
fawkes-plugin-clips - Fawkes plugin providing CLIPS environments
fawkes-plugin-clips-agent - Fawkes plugin to run a CLIPS-based agent
fawkes-plugin-clips-agent-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-agent
fawkes-plugin-clips-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips
fawkes-plugin-clips-executive - Fawkes plugin to run the Clips Executive
fawkes-plugin-clips-executive-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-executive
fawkes-plugin-clips-navgraph - Fawkes plugin to provide the CLIPS navgraph feature
fawkes-plugin-clips-navgraph-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-navgraph
fawkes-plugin-clips-pddl-parser - Fawkes plugin to parse PDDL from CLIPS
fawkes-plugin-clips-pddl-parser-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-pddl-parser
fawkes-plugin-clips-protobuf - Fawkes plugin to access protobuf messages from CLIPS
fawkes-plugin-clips-protobuf-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-protobuf
fawkes-plugin-clips-tf - Fawkes plugin to access coordinate transforms from CLIPS
fawkes-plugin-clips-tf-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-tf
fawkes-plugin-clips-webview - Fawkes plugin to provide introspection of CLIPS contexts
fawkes-plugin-clips-webview-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-clips-webview
fawkes-plugin-colli - Fawkes plugin for local path planning with collision avoidance
fawkes-plugin-colli-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-colli
fawkes-plugin-dynamixel - Fawkes plugin generic access to Dynamixel servos
fawkes-plugin-dynamixel-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-dynamixel
fawkes-plugin-festival - Fawkes Festival speech synthesis plugin
fawkes-plugin-festival-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-festival
fawkes-plugin-flite - Fawkes Flite speech synthesis plugin
fawkes-plugin-flite-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-flite
fawkes-plugin-gazebo - Fawkes plugin for Gazebo simulation integration
fawkes-plugin-gazebo-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazebo
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-comm - Fawkes plugin to simulate network communication
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-comm-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-comm
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-depthcam - Fawkes plugin to simulate a depth camera
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-depthcam-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-depthcam
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-laser - Fawkes plugin to simulate a laser range finder
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-laser-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-laser
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-localization - Fawkes plugin to provide localization data
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-localization-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-localization
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-robotino - Fawkes plugin to simulate Robotino robot
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-robotino-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-robotino
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-timesource - Fawkes plugin to use simulation time
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-timesource-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-timesource
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-vis-localization - Fawkes plugin to visualize localization info
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-vis-localization-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-vis-localization
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-webcam - Fawkes plugin to provide images from simulated webcam
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-webcam-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gazsim-webcam
fawkes-plugin-gossip - Fawkes plugin for Gossip communication
fawkes-plugin-gossip-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-gossip
fawkes-plugin-imu - Fawkes plugin for access IMU sensors
fawkes-plugin-imu-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-imu
fawkes-plugin-jaco - Fawkes plugin to access a Kinova Jaco arm
fawkes-plugin-jaco-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-jaco
fawkes-plugin-joystick - Fawkes plugin to access joysticks
fawkes-plugin-joystick-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-joystick
fawkes-plugin-joystick-teleop - Fawkes plugin to move a robot by joystick
fawkes-plugin-joystick-teleop-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-joystick-teleop
fawkes-plugin-katana - Fawkes plugin to control the Katana robot arm
fawkes-plugin-katana-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-katana
fawkes-plugin-laser - Fawkes plugin to access laser range finders
fawkes-plugin-laser-cluster - Fawkes plugin to extract clusters from laser data
fawkes-plugin-laser-cluster-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-laser-cluster
fawkes-plugin-laser-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-laser
fawkes-plugin-laser-filter - Fawkes plugin providing laser data filtering
fawkes-plugin-laser-filter-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-laser-filter
fawkes-plugin-laser-lines - Fawkes plugin to extract lines from laser data
fawkes-plugin-laser-lines-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-laser-lines
fawkes-plugin-laser-pointclouds - Fawkes plugin to convert laser data to point clouds
fawkes-plugin-laser-pointclouds-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-laser-pointclouds
fawkes-plugin-luaagent - Agent framework written in Lua
fawkes-plugin-luaagent-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-luaagent
fawkes-plugin-map-lasergen - Fawkes plugin to generate fake laser data
fawkes-plugin-map-lasergen-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-map-lasergen
fawkes-plugin-mongodb - Fawkes plugin to access MongoDB databases
fawkes-plugin-mongodb-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-mongodb
fawkes-plugin-mongodb-log - Fawkes plugin to log data to MongoDB
fawkes-plugin-mongodb-log-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-mongodb-log
fawkes-plugin-mongodb-rrd - Fawkes plugin to generate MongoDB performance data
fawkes-plugin-mongodb-rrd-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-mongodb-rrd
fawkes-plugin-navgraph - Fawkes plugin for a 2D navigation graph
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-clusters - Fawkes plugin to convert clusters to obstacles
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-clusters-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-navgraph-clusters
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-navgraph
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-generator - Fawkes plugin to generate a navgraph from POIs
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-generator-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-navgraph-generator
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-static-constraints - Fawkes plugin to apply static constraints on navgraph
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-static-constraints-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-navgraph-static-constraints
fawkes-plugin-openni - Fawkes plugin providing access to OpenNI
fawkes-plugin-openni-data - Fawkes plugin for data acquisition using OpenNI
fawkes-plugin-openni-data-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-openni-data
fawkes-plugin-openni-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-openni
fawkes-plugin-openni-handtracker - Fawkes plugin to track hands using OpenNI
fawkes-plugin-openni-handtracker-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-openni-handtracker
fawkes-plugin-openni-pcl-frombuf - Fawkes plugin to create point clouds from FireVision buffer
fawkes-plugin-openni-pcl-frombuf-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-openni-pcl-frombuf
fawkes-plugin-openni-usertracker - Fawkes plugin to track humans using OpenNI
fawkes-plugin-openni-usertracker-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-openni-usertracker
fawkes-plugin-pantilt - Fawkes plugin to control pan-tilt units
fawkes-plugin-pantilt-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-pantilt
fawkes-plugin-pcl-db - Fawkes plugins to store and retrieve pointclouds from MongoDB
fawkes-plugin-pcl-db-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-pcl-db
fawkes-plugin-player - Integration of Player framework
fawkes-plugin-player-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-player
fawkes-plugin-realsense - Fawkes plugin to use older Intel RealSense cameras
fawkes-plugin-realsense-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-realsense
fawkes-plugin-realsense2 - Fawkes plugin to use newer Intel RealSense cameras
fawkes-plugin-realsense2-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-realsense2
fawkes-plugin-refboxcomm - RoboCup referee box integration
fawkes-plugin-refboxcomm-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-refboxcomm
fawkes-plugin-robot-state-publisher - Fawkes plugin to publish transforms based on model
fawkes-plugin-robot-state-publisher-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-robot-state-publisher
fawkes-plugin-robotino - Fawkes driver for the Festo Robotino
fawkes-plugin-robotino-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-robotino
fawkes-plugin-robotino-ir-pcl - Fawkes plugin for Robotino IR data as pointcloud
fawkes-plugin-robotino-ir-pcl-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-robotino-ir-pcl
fawkes-plugin-roomba - Fawkes plugin to control a Roomba
fawkes-plugin-roomba-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-roomba
fawkes-plugin-rrd - Fawkes plugin providing tools to create RRD graphs
fawkes-plugin-rrd-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-rrd
fawkes-plugin-rrdweb - Fawkes plugin to provide graphs view webview
fawkes-plugin-rrdweb-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-rrdweb
fawkes-plugin-skiller - Fawkes behavior engine plugin
fawkes-plugin-skiller-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-skiller
fawkes-plugin-skiller-simulator - Fawkes plugin to simulate skill execution
fawkes-plugin-skiller-simulator-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-skiller-simulator
fawkes-plugin-static-transforms - Fawkes plugin to publish static transforms
fawkes-plugin-static-transforms-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-static-transforms
fawkes-plugin-tabletop-objects - Fawkes plugin for table top scene analysis on 3D point clouds
fawkes-plugin-tabletop-objects-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-tabletop-objects
fawkes-plugin-ttmainloop - Time tracking main loop
fawkes-plugin-ttmainloop-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-ttmainloop
fawkes-plugin-webview - Fawkes polugin to provide a web interface
fawkes-plugin-webview-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-webview
fawkes-plugin-xmlrpc - XML-RPC communication plugin
fawkes-plugin-xmlrpc-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-plugin-xmlrpc
fawkes-protobuf - Google protobuf libraries and integration for Fawkes
fawkes-protobuf-debuginfo - Debug information for package fawkes-protobuf
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