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gpsd-dbg - Global Positioning System - debugging symbols

The gpsd service daemon can monitor one or more GPS devices connected to a host computer, making all data on the location and movements of the sensors available to be queried on TCP port 2947.
This package contains the python debug modules and some test tools to the debug the behaviour of gpsd. Debug symbols are being shipped in the dbgsym package.
Original maintainer
Debian iconDebian experimental
Debian iconDebian 10.0
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.10
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.04
Debian iconDebian 9.0
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Debian iconDebian 10.0 buster/maindeb3.17-610.04.2019242 kiB947 kiB
Debian iconDebian experimental experimental/maindeb3.18.1-114.01.2019253 kiB982 kiB
Debian iconDebian 9.0 stretch/maindeb3.16-410.11.2017255 kiB973 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10 artful/universedeb3.16-410.11.2017207 kiB964 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/universedeb3.17-528.12.2017196 kiB896 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.10 cosmic/universedeb3.17-5build114.01.2019196 kiB896 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 19.04 disco/universedeb3.17-5build114.01.2019196 kiB896 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/universedeb3.15-2build110.11.20171.13 MiB2.01 MiB

Latest updates

Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster/main: Updated from 3.17-5+b1 to 3.17-6

10.04.2019 23:12
  • [0a8e4e18] Pull json fixes from upstream to fix a stack-based buffer overflow, which may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on embedded platforms via traffic on Port 2947/TCP or crafted JSON inputs.
    CVE-2018-17937 / Closes: #925327
    The update also fixes several other json parser bugs.
    • ECMA-404 says JSON \u must have 4 hex digits
    • Allow for \u escapes with fewer than 4 digits.
    • Fail on bad escape string.
  • [71020f4f] Update git-buildpackage config to build from the buster branch.
Ubuntu 19.04 icon

Ubuntu 19.04 disco/universe: Version 3.17-5build1 introduced

14.01.2019 13:00
See package libgps23
Debian experimental icon

Debian experimental experimental/main: Version 3.18.1-1 introduced

14.01.2019 03:34
Christian Ehrhardt
  • Lintian/Standarts/Compat-level fixes
    • [7f88e6a6] d/copyright: update to dep-5 format and for project changes
    • [1260d1f4] d/p/series: mention the purpose of
    • [900bdc19] d/patches/gpsd_hotplug_rules_disable_generic_serial_converters add dep-3 header
    • [03a2b421] add minimal header to debian/patches/full-systemd-support
    • [6759d5f2] d/gpsd.init: remove sysV to not jeopardize socket activation
    • [090182f8] d/gpsd.maintscript: clean up dropped sysV init (conffile)
    • [405bf8c1] add autopkgtest to verify service/socket
    • [373e3f23] d/rules: use to detect the package version
    • [8022d1d5] d/p/python3_support_in-SConstruct: add minimal dep-3 patch header
    • [00b447e6] d/control{.in}: point to current packaging repo with secure url
    • [7640cb28] d/control{.in}: update debhelper build dependencies per lintian warnings
    • [1b87b0c0] d/rules, d/control{.in}: do not depend on qt5-default meta package
    • [b7db9f61] d/source/lintian-overrides: mark gpsd-dbg not being a package with debug symbols
    • [7e4513b8] d/gpsd.{pre,post}{rm,inst}: drop code only needed for upgrades from oldoldstable
    • [53f3ec60] d/compat: bump to compat 11, no further changes needed
    • [40505722] standards-version 3.9.8: switch deprecated menu to FreeDesktop entries
    • [3d6613a5] standards-version 4.0.0: do not build man pages if nodoc is set in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
    • [dd9396d4] standards-version 4.0.1: Use priority 'optional' instead of deprecated priority 'extra'
    • [d3563a42] debian/watch: use https and signature verification
    • [397d7744] d/control{.in}: bump Standards-Version to 4.2.1
    • [cd2c0ad1] d/rules: switch to dh_missing to prepare for compat 12
    • [2e9946c7] d/rules: use dh_installsystemd for compat >=11
    • [0031cfc8] d/control{.in}: simplify by dropping conflicts/breaks not even in oldoldstable anymore
  • complete python3 support that was started in 3.17-6 (Closes: #883286)
    • [30da0ff0] d/control{.in}: fix duplicate-long-description in python[3]-gps packages
    • [c088a6d7] d/ add missing python3 changes
    • [96a7df91] d/control{.in}: scons for python3 will need >=3.5
    • [cf5d6e63] d/control{.in}: remove ancient X-Python-Version
    • [f15fbbe8] d/rules: scons need target_python set for py2/py3
    • [91daffd9] d/python3-gps.install: follow subversion specific py3 shared objects naming convention
    • [f53cd4a2] d/control{.in}: let gpsd-clients also depend on python3 bits
    • [fd7ff117] d/control{.in}, d/gpsd-clients.install, d/python3-gps.install: tools gpscat, gpsfake and gpsprof are python2 and part of the cli tools, so move them from python3-gps to gpsd-clients
    • [69de7b75] d/control: add ${python3:Depends} to gpsd-clients in case upstream switches to python3
    • [2f1dc482] d/control{.in}: add python dependencies not picked up by dh_python
    • [25a79e9f] d/control{.in}: remove manual python dependency python:Depends will take care
    • [02c1d28c] d/rules: remap wrong install prefix enforced by scons
  • [fd58e624] New upstream version 3.18.1
    • [0abe62cb] d/p/full-systemd-support: update for 3.18.1
    • [d6e6fe9a] d/p/python3_support_in-SConstruct: dropped as it is in 3.18.1
    • [324d2966] d/control{.in}: add python dependencies for better checks in
      1. 18.1
    • [7fd30c38] d/gpsd-clients.install: add new ubxtool and zerk to manage JAVAD and u-blox GPS
    • [1caba4b3] d/libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.symbols: update symbols to 3.18
    • [6eb6d26a] d/libqgpsmmLIBGPSSONAME.symbols: update symbols to 3.18
  • [d5ee2b3e] d/control[.in}, d/rules, d/usr.sbin.gpsd, d/gpsd.install: add apparmor profile for gpsd
Bernd Zeimetz
  • [cc886877] Depend on the fixed scons version
  • [3ad7153a] Delete __pycache__ in clean target.
  • [b27def48] Add the build-in-debian .travis.yml again
Christian Ehrhardt
  • [981b512c] d/t/control: mark test to require container. Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <>
  • [35763ca7] d/t/control: mark all binaries we need as dependencies (expect no base system to be present) Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <>
  • [950c3576] d/libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.install: use generated LIBGPSSONAME version. Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <>
  • [d8942ba4] - d/rules, d/libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.install: replace with a quirk to avoid issues by broken fakeroot. Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <>
Bernd Zeimetz
  • [32ffa216] Let autopkgtest not fail build on travis.
  • [da9c1c8a] Use $(LIBGPS_SONAME) instead of hardcoded soname.
  • [a481720a] Updating debian/control from debian/
  • [205cf6a0] Fix scons version in, too.
Ubuntu 18.10 icon

Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic/universe: Version 3.17-5build1 introduced

14.01.2019 03:08
See package libgps23
Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster/main: Updated from 3.17-5 to 3.17-5+b1

12.01.2019 14:00
  • Binary-only non-maintainer upload for amd64; no source changes.
  • Rebuild against libncurses6.
Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster/main: Updated from 3.17-3 to 3.17-5

01.01.2018 22:45
  • [fd1e83f9] Add pkg-config as Build-Dependency.
    Went missing somehow :(
  • [6d0e69e3] Build with default compiler standard
  • [8994d7cb] Actually change, not control.
    Needs an extra check to make sure I don't forget again :)
  • [a744cad9] Updating debian/control from debian/
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-proposed/universe: Version 3.17-5 removed

28.12.2017 06:57
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/universe: Updated from 3.17-3 to 3.17-5

28.12.2017 06:51
See package libgps23
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-proposed/universe: Version 3.17-5 introduced

28.12.2017 03:10
See package libgps23
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/universe: Updated from 3.16-4 to 3.17-3

22.11.2017 01:40
See package libgps23
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-proposed/universe: Version 3.17-3 removed

22.11.2017 01:25
Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster/main: Version 3.17-3 introduced

10.11.2017 09:45
  • [2638b3e] Avoid duplicate ppscheck installation.
    Thanks to Andreas Beckmann (Closes: #879951)
Debian 9.0 icon

Debian 9.0 stretch/main: Version 3.16-4 introduced

10.11.2017 09:24
  • [2405f456] Fix debug symbol handling.
    Debug symbols went missing when upstream switched the strip option name.
    Thanks to Andre Naujoks (Closes: #842792)
  • [74c3cd07] Updating debian/control from debian/
  • [b66410da] hadle debian/control creation a bit better
  • [06a9623f] Use gz compression for now.
  • [44376877] Remove obsolete build dependency on hardening-includes.
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic-proposed/universe: Version 3.17-3 introduced

10.11.2017 09:15
See package libgps23
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/universe: Version 3.16-4 introduced

10.11.2017 09:03
See package libgps22
Ubuntu 17.10 icon

Ubuntu 17.10 artful/universe: Version 3.16-4 introduced

10.11.2017 08:47
See package libgps22
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/universe: Version 3.15-2build1 introduced

10.11.2017 08:37
See package libgps22

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