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icingaweb2-module-businessprocess - simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - businessprocess module

Icinga Web 2 is a very modular, fast and simple web interface for your Icinga monitoring environment.
The software will give you a web frontend for your monitoring solution, and can run additional modules, extending monitoring data, or even supplying something new to the webinterface.
Business Process viewer and modeler provides a web-based process modeler. It integrates as a module into Icinga Web 2 and provides a plugin check command for Icinga. Tile and tree views can be shown inline, as dashlets or fullscreen. All of those for whole processes or just parts of them.
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 20.04
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 20.04 focal/universedeb2.1.0-12020-01-071020 kiB3.36 MiB

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Ubuntu 20.04 focal/universe: Version 2.1.0-1 introduced

  • Initial release (Closes: #920418)

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