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libicu-suse63_1-debuginfo - Debug information for package libicu-suse63_1

This package provides debug information for package libicu-suse63_1. Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this package or when debugging this package.
This package is not currently present in any repository

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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Version 63.1-1.2 removed

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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 63.1-1.1 to 63.1-1.2

  • Update to new upstream release 63.1
    • CLDR 34
      • Segmentation rules and emoji sort order adjusted for
      Unicode 11
      • Somali and Javanese data now up to moderate level
      (document content)
      • Tongan, Konkani, Maori, Dzongkha, Tatar, Kurdish (ku),
      and Xhosa data now up to basic level
      • Many data additions and corrections in many other
      • The following languages have been added to ICU: Sindhi,
      Maori, Turkmen, Javanese, Interlingua, Kurdish (ku), Xhosa
    • New currency: Venezuela's Bolívar Soberano (VES)
    • New Japanese calendar era from 2019: CLDR and ICU include data for testing that can be enabled.
      (ICU #12973, CLDR #10750)
    • To enable CLDR new Japanese era placeholder name, set environment variable (and Java system property for ICU4J) ICU_ENABLE_TENTATIVE_ERA=true.
    • New API for number and currency range formatting
      (class NumberRangeFormatter, #11276)
    • Support for additional Unicode properties: Indic_Positional_Category & Indic_Syllabic_Category (#8966) and Vertical_Orientation (#12850)
    • New API for code point maps and tries, mapping Unicode code points (U+0000..U+10FFFF) to integer values. (#13530)
    • Java classes CodePointMap, CodePointTrie, MutableCodePointTrie
    • C types UCPMap, UCPTrie, UMutableCPTrie
    • New API for getting a UnicodeSet per binary property and a code point map per enumerated/int-value property. (#20086)
    • Full conformance with UAX #14 Line Breaking
      (required BreakIterator feature work). (#7270)
    • C++ Locale class
      • Additional functions forLanguageTag()/toLanguageTag(),
      and functions that are easier and safer to use by using StringPiece and ByteSink rather than raw buffers. (#13417)
      • Move semantics. (#13645)
    • Various Out-Of-Memory (OOM) issues have been fixed.
  • Refresh icu-versioning.diff
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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Version 63.1-1.1 introduced

  • Update to new upstream release 59.1
    • Emoji 5.0 data
    • CLDR 31.0.1
    • * GMT and UTC are no longer unified, and CLDR provides distinct UTC display names, avoiding confusion with standard (winter) time in Britain.
    • New case mapping API (C++ & Java classes CaseMap) supports styled text
    • ICU4C now uses and requires C++11 language features and libraries.
    • ICU4C has also moved to char16_t as the type for UTF-16. This is a breaking change. Please see the detail section below.

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