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libopenvdb7.0 - Sparse Volume Processing toolkit - lib

OpenVDB is an open source C++ library comprising a novel hierarchical data structure and a suite of tools for the efficient storage and manipulation of sparse volumetric data discretized on three-dimensional grids. It is developed and maintained by DreamWorks Animation for use in volumetric applications typically encountered in feature film production.
This package contains the libraries needed to run OpenVDB applications
This package is not currently present in any repository

Latest updates

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Debian experimental experimental/main: Version 7.0.0-1 removed

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Debian experimental experimental/main: Version 7.0.0-1 introduced

  • New upstream version 7.0.0
  • d/patches: Refresh patches for new release
  • d/control: Update package version since new ABI
  • d/rules: Update rules file to match new upstream
  • d/control: Replace python3-all-dev with python3.7-dev. Closes: #951829
  • d/control: Remove dependency to jemalloc. See #951704 for details
  • d/rules: Add missing log4cplus cmake option
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