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linux-source-5.2 - Linux kernel source for version 5.2 with Debian patches

This package provides source code for the Linux kernel version 5.2. This source closely tracks official Linux kernel releases. Debian's modifications to that source consist of security fixes, bug fixes, and features that have already been (or are believed to be) accepted by the upstream maintainers.
Debian iconDebian 10.0
Debian iconDebian 10.0
Debian iconDebian 10.0 buster-backports/maindeb5.2.9-2~bpo10+1Aug 27105 MiB105 MiB
Debian iconDebian 10.0 buster-backports/maindeb5.2.17-1~bpo10+1Oct 09105 MiB105 MiB

Latest updates

Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Updated from 5.2.9-2~bpo10+1 to 5.2.17-1~bpo10+1

Oct 09
Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster-backports/main: Version 5.2.9-2~bpo10+1 introduced

Aug 27

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