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openstack - Ubuntu OpenStack Installer

Ubuntu OpenStack Installer provides an extremely simple way to install, deploy and scale an OpenStack cloud on top of Ubuntu server and Juju. Deploy onto a single physical system using virtual machines for testing, or use MAAS to deploy onto a cluster of any size.
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/universedeb1.0.62017-11-1010.2 kiB51 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-updates/universedeb1. kiB62 kiB

Latest updates

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-updates/universe: Version reintroduced

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-updates/universe: Version removed

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial-updates/universe: Version introduced

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/universe: Version 1.0.6 introduced


Related packages

openstack-aodh-api - OpenStack aodh api
openstack-aodh-common - Components common to all OpenStack aodh services
openstack-aodh-compat - OpenStack aodh compat
openstack-aodh-evaluator - OpenStack aodh evaluator
openstack-aodh-expirer - OpenStack aodh expirer
openstack-aodh-listener - OpenStack aodh listener
openstack-aodh-notifier - OpenStack aodh notifier
openstack-bagpipe-bgp - Networking-BaGPipe
openstack-barbican - OpenStack Barbican Key Manager
openstack-barbican-api - Barbican Key Manager API daemon
openstack-barbican-common - Common Files for the API and worker packages
openstack-barbican-keystone-listener - Barbican Keystone Listener daemon
openstack-barbican-worker - Barbican Key Manager worker daemon
openstack-ceilometer-central - OpenStack ceilometer central agent
openstack-ceilometer-common - Components common to all OpenStack ceilometer services
openstack-ceilometer-compute - OpenStack ceilometer compute agent
openstack-ceilometer-ipmi - OpenStack ceilometer ipmi agent
openstack-ceilometer-notification - OpenStack ceilometer notification agent
openstack-ceilometer-polling - OpenStack ceilometer polling agent
openstack-cinder - OpenStack Volume service
openstack-cinder-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Volume
openstack-clients - Metapackage to install all Openstack clients
openstack-cloud-identity - Metapackage to install an Openstack keystone
openstack-cloud-services - Metapackage to install all Openstack service dependencies
openstack-cloudkitty-api - The CloudKitty API
openstack-cloudkitty-common - CloudKitty common
openstack-cloudkitty-processor - The CloudKitty processor
openstack-cloudkitty-ui - The UI component for the CloudKitty service
openstack-cloudkitty-ui-doc - Documentation for the CloudKitty dashboard
openstack-cluster-installer - automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack
openstack-cluster-installer-cli - automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack - API client
openstack-cluster-installer-poc - automatic PXE and puppet-master installer for OpenStack - PoC
openstack-compute-node - Metapackage to install an Openstack compute node
openstack-congress - OpenStack Congress Service
openstack-congress-common - congress common files
openstack-dashboard - Openstack web user interface reference implementation
openstack-dashboard-apache - web application to control an OpenStack cloud - Apache support
openstack-dashboard-common - Django web interface for OpenStack - common files
openstack-dashboard-theme - OpenStack web user interface reference implementation theme module
openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme - Transitional dummy package for Ubuntu theme for Horizon
openstack-debian-images - script to build a Debian image for OpenStack
openstack-deploy - Tools to deploy OpenStack
openstack-designate-agent - OpenStack Designate agent
openstack-designate-api - OpenStack Designate API service
openstack-designate-central - OpenStack Designate Central service
openstack-designate-common - Designate common files
openstack-designate-mdns - OpenStack Designate Mini DNS service
openstack-designate-pool-manager - OpenStack Designate Pool Manager service
openstack-designate-producer - OpenStack Designate Producer service
openstack-designate-sink - OpenStack Designate Sink service
openstack-designate-ui - OpenStack Designate UI Horizon plugin
openstack-designate-worker - OpenStack Designate Worker service
openstack-designate-zone-manager - OpenStack Designate Zone Manager service
openstack-doc-tools-common - tools used by the OpenStack Documentation project - common files
openstack-ec2-api - OpenStack Ec2api Service
openstack-glance - OpenStack Image Service
openstack-glance-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Image Service
openstack-heat-agents - Heat software config agent and hook scripts
openstack-heat-api - The Heat API
openstack-heat-api-cfn - Heat CloudFormation API
openstack-heat-common - Heat common
openstack-heat-engine - The Heat engine
openstack-heat-monolith - The combined Heat engine/API
openstack-heat-ui - OpenStack Heat Dashboard for Horizon
openstack-ironic-api - The Ironic API
openstack-ironic-common - Ironic common
openstack-ironic-conductor - The Ironic Conductor
openstack-ironic-inspector - Hardware introspection service for OpenStack Ironic
openstack-ironic-inspector-doc - Documentation for Ironic Inspector.
openstack-ironic-python-agent - A python agent for provisioning and deprovisioning bare metal servers
openstack-ironic-staging-drivers - Staging drivers for OpenStack Ironic
openstack-ironic-staging-drivers-doc - Ironic Staging Drivers documentation
openstack-ironic-ui - OpenStack Ironic Dashboard for Horizon
openstack-ironic-ui-doc - OpenStack Ironic Dashboard for Horizon - documentation
openstack-java-ceilometer-client - OpenStack Java Ceilometer Client
openstack-java-ceilometer-model - OpenStack Java Ceilometer Model
openstack-java-cinder-client - OpenStack Java Cinder Client
openstack-java-cinder-model - OpenStack Java Cinder Model
openstack-java-client - OpenStack Java Client
openstack-java-glance-client - OpenStack Java Glance Client
openstack-java-glance-model - OpenStack Java Glance Model
openstack-java-heat-client - OpenStack Java Heat Client
openstack-java-heat-model - OpenStack Java Heat Model
openstack-java-javadoc - Java docs for OpenStack Java SDK
openstack-java-keystone-client - OpenStack Java Keystone Client
openstack-java-keystone-model - OpenStack Java Keystone Model
openstack-java-nova-client - OpenStack Java Nova Client
openstack-java-nova-model - OpenStack Java Nova Model
openstack-java-quantum-client - OpenStack Java Quantum Client
openstack-java-quantum-model - OpenStack Java Quantum Model
openstack-java-resteasy-connector - OpenStack Java RESTEasy Connector
openstack-java-swift-client - OpenStack Java Swift Client
openstack-java-swift-model - OpenStack Java Swift Model
openstack-keystone - OpenStack Identity Service
openstack-keystone-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Identity Service
openstack-kolla - Build OpenStack container images
openstack-kuryr-kubernetes-common - Kuryr Kubernetes common files
openstack-kuryr-kubernetes-controller - Kuryr Kubernetes Controller
openstack-kuryr-kubernetes-doc - OpenStack Kuryr-Kubernetes documentation
openstack-macros - OpenStack Packaging - RPM Macros
openstack-magnum-api - The Magnum API
openstack-magnum-common - Magnum common
openstack-magnum-conductor - The Magnum conductor
openstack-magnum-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Magnum
openstack-magnum-ui - OpenStack Magnum UI Horizon plugin
openstack-manila - OpenStack Shared Filesystem Service
openstack-manila-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Shared Filesystem Service
openstack-manila-share - An implementation of OpenStack Shared Filesystem Service
openstack-manila-ui - Manila Management Dashboard
openstack-mistral-all - OpenStack Mistral All-in-one daemon
openstack-mistral-api - OpenStack Mistral API daemon
openstack-mistral-common - Components common for OpenStack Mistral
openstack-mistral-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Workflow Service
openstack-mistral-engine - OpenStack Mistral Engine daemon
openstack-mistral-event-engine - Openstack Mistral Event Engine daemon
openstack-mistral-executor - OpenStack Mistral Executor daemon
openstack-mistral-notifier - Openstack Mistral Notifier daemon
openstack-mistral-ui - OpenStack Mistral Dashboard for Horizon
openstack-murano-agent - VM-side guest agent that accepts commands from Murano engine and executes them.
openstack-murano-api - The Murano API
openstack-murano-cf-api - The Murano Cloud Foundry API
openstack-murano-common - Murano common
openstack-murano-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Murano services
openstack-murano-engine - The Murano engine
openstack-murano-ui - The UI component for the OpenStack murano service
openstack-murano-ui-doc - Documentation for OpenStack murano dashboard
openstack-neutron - OpenStack Networking Service
openstack-neutron-bgp-dragent - Neutron BGP Dynamic Routing agent
openstack-neutron-bigswitch-agent - Neutron Big Switch Networks agent
openstack-neutron-bigswitch-lldp - Neutron Big Switch Networks LLDP service
openstack-neutron-bigswitch-vif-plug-ivs - Neutron Big Switch Networks os-vif plugin for IVS
openstack-neutron-common - Neutron common files
openstack-neutron-dynamic-routing-common - Neutron Dynamic Routing common package
openstack-neutron-fwaas - Openstack Networking FWaaS plugin
openstack-neutron-l2gw-agent - Neutron L2 Gateway Agent
openstack-neutron-lbaas - Openstack Networking LBaaS plugin
openstack-neutron-lbaas-ui - Horizon UI support for Neutron LBaaS
openstack-neutron-lbaas-ui-doc - Documentation for Neutron LBaaS dashboard
openstack-neutron-linuxbridge - Neutron Linuxbridge agent
openstack-neutron-macvtap-agent - Neutron macvtap agent
openstack-neutron-metering-agent - Neutron bandwidth metering agent
openstack-neutron-ml2 - Neutron ML2 plugin
openstack-neutron-openvswitch - Neutron openvswitch plugin
openstack-neutron-rpc-server - Neutron (RPC only) Server
openstack-neutron-sriov-nic-agent - Neutron SR-IOV NIC agent
openstack-neutron-vpnaas - Openstack Networking VPNaaS plugin
openstack-neutron-vyatta-agent - Neutron VPNaaS Vyatta agent
openstack-nova - OpenStack Compute (nova)
openstack-nova-api - OpenStack Nova API services
openstack-nova-cells - OpenStack Nova Cells services
openstack-nova-common - Components common to all OpenStack Nova services
openstack-nova-compute - OpenStack Nova Virtual Machine control service
openstack-nova-conductor - OpenStack Nova Conductor services
openstack-nova-console - OpenStack Nova console access services
openstack-nova-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Compute
openstack-nova-migration - OpenStack Nova Migration
openstack-nova-network - OpenStack Nova Network control service
openstack-nova-novncproxy - OpenStack Nova noVNC proxy service
openstack-nova-placement-api - OpenStack Nova Placement APIservice
openstack-nova-scheduler - OpenStack Nova VM distribution service
openstack-nova-serialproxy - OpenStack Nova serial console access service
openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy - OpenStack Nova Spice HTML5 console access service
openstack-octavia-amphora-agent - OpenStack Octavia Amphora Agent service
openstack-octavia-api - OpenStack Octavia API service
openstack-octavia-common - Octavia common files
openstack-octavia-diskimage-create - OpenStack Octavia Amphora diskimage-builder script
openstack-octavia-health-manager - OpenStack Octavia Health-Manager service
openstack-octavia-housekeeping - OpenStack Octavia Housekeeping service
openstack-octavia-ui - OpenStack Octavia Dashboard for Horizon
openstack-octavia-worker - OpenStack Octavia Consumer service
openstack-packstack - Openstack Install Utility
openstack-packstack-doc - Documentation for Packstack
openstack-packstack-puppet - Packstack Puppet module
openstack-panko-api - OpenStack panko api
openstack-panko-common - Components common to all OpenStack panko services
openstack-panko-doc - Documentation for OpenStack panko
openstack-pkg-tools - Tools and scripts for building Openstack packages in Debian
openstack-proxy-node - Metapackage to install an Openstack proxy node
openstack-puppet-modules - Puppet modules to deploy OpenStack
openstack-rally - Benchmarking System for OpenStack
openstack-rally-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Rally
openstack-rally-plugins - A collection of plugins for OpenStack Rally
openstack-resource-agents - pacemaker resource agents for OpenStack
openstack-sahara - Apache Hadoop cluster management on OpenStack
openstack-sahara-api - The Sahara cluster management API
openstack-sahara-common - Components common to all Sahara services
openstack-sahara-doc - Usage documentation for the Sahara cluster management API
openstack-sahara-engine - The Sahara cluster management engine
openstack-sahara-image-pack - Sahara Image Pack
openstack-sahara-tests-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Sahara Tests
openstack-sahara-ui - Sahara Management Dashboard
openstack-selinux - SELinux Policies for OpenStack
openstack-selinux-devel - Development files (interfaces) for openstack-selinux
openstack-selinux-test - AVC Tests for openstack-selinux
openstack-senlin-api - OpenStack Senlin API service
openstack-senlin-common - Senlin common files
openstack-senlin-doc - Senlin documentation
openstack-senlin-engine - OpenStack Senlin Engine service
openstack-suse-macros - OpenStack SUSE - RPM Macros
openstack-suse-sudo - OpenStack SUSE - Sudo Support
openstack-swift-account - Account services for Swift
openstack-swift-container - Container services for Swift
openstack-swift-doc - Documentation for openstack-swift
openstack-swift-object - Object services for Swift
openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 - The swift3 plugin for Openstack Swift
openstack-swift-proxy - A proxy server for Swift
openstack-tacker - OpenStack Tacker Service
openstack-tacker-common - tacker common files
openstack-tempest - OpenStack Integration Test Suite (Tempest)
openstack-tempest-all - All OpenStack Tempest Plugins
openstack-tempest-ci - validate OpenStack Debian packages using tempest and openstack-deploy
openstack-tempest-ci-live-booter - configures a server to boot a custom live image to test OpenStack
openstack-tempest-doc - Documentation for the OpenStack Integration Test Suite
openstack-toaster - Metapackage to install all of Openstack services at once
openstack-tripleo-common - Python library for code used by TripleO projects.
openstack-tripleo-common-container-base - Package for the TripleO base container image
openstack-tripleo-common-containers - Files for building TripleO containers
openstack-tripleo-common-devtools - A collection of tools for TripleO developers and CI
openstack-tripleo-heat-templates - Heat templates for TripleO
openstack-tripleo-heat-templates-compat - Heat templates for TripleO old version support
openstack-tripleo-image-elements - OpenStack TripleO Image Elements for diskimage-builder
openstack-tripleo-puppet-elements - OpenStack TripleO Puppet Elements for diskimage-builder
openstack-tripleo-ui - TripleO UI --- GUI for the TripleO project
openstack-tripleo-validations - Ansible playbooks to detect potential issues with TripleO deployments
openstack-tripleo-validations-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Tripleo Validations
openstack-tripleo-validations-tests - Tests for TripleO validations
openstack-trove - OpenStack DBaaS (trove)
openstack-trove-api - OpenStack trove API service
openstack-trove-common - Components common to all OpenStack trove services
openstack-trove-conductor - OpenStack trove conductor service
openstack-trove-guestagent - OpenStack trove guest agent
openstack-trove-taskmanager - OpenStack trove taskmanager service
openstack-trove-ui - Trove Management Dashboard
openstack-utils - Helper utilities for OpenStack services
openstack-vitrage-api - OpenStack vitrage api
openstack-vitrage-collector - OpenStack vitrage collector
openstack-vitrage-common - Components common to all OpenStack vitrage services
openstack-vitrage-doc - Documentation for OpenStack vitrage
openstack-vitrage-graph - OpenStack vitrage graph
openstack-vitrage-ml - OpenStack vitrage machine learning
openstack-vitrage-notifier - OpenStack vitrage notifier
openstack-vitrage-persistor - OpenStack vitrage persistor
openstack-vitrage-snmp-parsing - OpenStack vitrage SNMP parsing
openstack-vitrage-ui - Vitrage Management Dashboard
openstack-vitrage-ui-doc - Documentation for Vitrage dashboard
openstack-watcher-api - OpenStack Watcher API service
openstack-watcher-applier - OpenStack Watcher Applier service
openstack-watcher-common - Components common for OpenStack Watcher
openstack-watcher-decision-engine - OpenStack Watcher Decision Engine service
openstack-watcher-doc - Documentation for OpenStack Workflow Service
openstack-zaqar - Message queuing service for OpenStack
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