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php5 - PHP5 Core Files

This package contains the PHP5 core files, including PHP binary (CLI) and PHP configuration (php.ini). This package must be installed in order to use PHP. Additionally, extension modules and server modules (e.g. for Apache) may be installed.

Additional documentation is available in package php-doc.

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OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 ossrpm5.5.14-80.22019-01-171.51 MiB10 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-97.12019-01-211.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-94.12019-01-211.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-91.22019-01-211.5 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-88.12019-01-211.53 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-85.12019-01-211.51 MiB9.82 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-82.12019-01-211.52 MiB9.82 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-118.12019-06-171.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-115.12019-06-171.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-112.12019-03-011.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-109.12019-01-211.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-106.22019-01-211.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-103.12019-01-211.51 MiB9.86 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/ossrpm5.5.14-100.12019-01-211.5 MiB9.86 MiB

Manual pages


phar, phar.phar - PHAR (PHP archive) command line tool


php - PHP Command Line Interface ’CLI’ php-cgi - PHP Common Gateway Interface ’CGI’ command


php-config - get information about PHP configuration and compile options


phpize - prepare a PHP extension for compiling

Latest updates

OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-115.1 to 5.5.14-118.1

  • security update
  • added patches
    CVE-2019-11036 [bsc#1134322]
    • php-CVE-2019-11036.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-112.1 to 5.5.14-115.1

  • security update
    • CVE-2019-9024 [bsc#1126821]
      • php-CVE-2019-9024.patch
    • CVE-2019-9020 [bsc#1126711]
      • php-CVE-2019-9020.patch
    • CVE-2018-20783 [bsc#1127122]
      • php-CVE-2018-20783.patch
    • CVE-2019-9021 [bsc#1126713]
      • php-CVE-2019-9021.patch
    • CVE-2019-9023 [bsc#1126823]
      • php-CVE-2019-9023.patch
    • CVE-2019-9641 [bsc#1128722]
      • php-CVE-2019-9641.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-109.1 to 5.5.14-112.1

  • CVE-2019-6977 [bsc#1123354]
    • php-CVE-2019-6977.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-106.2 to 5.5.14-109.1

  • security update
    • imap_open script injection flaw, CVE-2018-19518 [bsc#1117107]
      • php-imap_open-script-injection.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-103.1 to 5.5.14-106.2

  • security update
    • CVE-2018-17082 [bsc#1108753]
      • php-CVE-2018-17082.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Updated from 5.5.14-100.1 to 5.5.14-103.1

  • fix segfault in pcre extension, CVE-2017-9118 [bsc#1105466]
    • php-pcre-replace-impl-CWE-680.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 update/oss: Version 5.5.14-100.1 introduced

  • security update
    • CVE-2018-10545 [bsc#1091367]
      • php-CVE-2018-10545.patch
    • CVE-2018-10547 [bsc#1091362]
      • php-CVE-2018-10547.patch
    • CVE-2018-10546 [bsc#1091363]
      • php-CVE-2018-10546.patch
    • CVE-2018-10548 [bsc#1091355]
      • php-CVE-2018-10548.patch
OpenSUSE icon

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 oss: Version 5.5.14-80.2 introduced


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php5-ice - Simple and fast PHP framework delivered as C-extension
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php5-imap - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-intl - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-intl-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-intl
php5-json - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-json-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-json
php5-ldap - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-ldap-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-ldap
php5-mbstring - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-mcrypt - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-mssql - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-mysql - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-odbc - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-opcache - PHP5 Extension Module
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php5-openssl - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-openssl-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-openssl
php5-pcntl - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-pcntl-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-pcntl
php5-pdo - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-pdo-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-pdo
php5-pear - PHP Extension and Application Repository
php5-pear-Auth_SASL - Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php5-pear-cache_lite - Fast and Safe little cache system
php5-pear-channel-ezno - Adds channel to PEAR
php5-pear-channel-horde - Adds channel to PEAR
php5-pear-channel-phpunit - Adds channel to PEAR
php5-pear-channel-symfony - Adds channel to PEAR
php5-pear-channel-symfony2 - Adds channel to PEAR
php5-pear-Crypt_Blowfish - Allows for quick two-way blowfish encryption without the MCrypt PHP extension
php5-pear-Date - Generic date/time handling
php5-pear-Date_Holidays - Driver based class to calculate holidays
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Austria - Driver class to calculate holidays in Austria
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Brazil - Driver class to calculate holidays in Brazil
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Croatia - Driver class to calculate holidays in Croatia
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Denmark - Driver class to calculate holidays in Denmark
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_EnglandWales - Driver class to calculate holidays in England and Wales
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Finland - Driver class to calculate holidays in Finland
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Germany - Driver class to calculate holidays in Germany
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Iceland - Driver class to calculate holidays in Iceland
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Ireland - Driver class to calculate holidays in Ireland
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Italy - Driver class to calculate holidays in Italy
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Japan - Driver class to calculate holidays in Japan
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Netherlands - Driver class to calculate holidays in Netherlands
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Norway - Driver class to calculate holidays in Norway
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Portugal - Driver class to calculate holidays in Portugal
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Romania - Driver class to calculate holidays in Romania
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Spain - Driver class to calculate holidays in Spain
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Sweden - Driver class to calculate holidays in Sweden
php5-pear-DB - Database Abstraction Layer
php5-pear-DB_DataObject - An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables
php5-pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder - Build automatically HTML_QuickForm objects from a DB_DataObject-derived class
php5-pear-ezc-Base - Base package of ezcomponents
php5-pear-ezc-ConsoleTools - ConsoleTools package of ezcomponents
php5-pear-ezc-Graph - Graph package of ezcomponents
php5-pear-File - Common file and directory routines
php5-pear-File_IMC - Create and parse IMC-style files (like vCard and vCalendar)
php5-pear-HTML_Common - A base class for other HTML classes
php5-pear-HTML_QuickForm - Methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms
php5-pear-HTTP_Request - Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
php5-pear-HTTP_Request2 - Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
php5-pear-HTTP_WebDAV_Server - WebDAV Server Base class
php5-pear-Log - A base class for other HTML classes
php5-pear-Mail - Multiple interfaces for sending emails
php5-pear-Mail_Mime - Mail_Mime provides classes to create mime messages
php5-pear-Mail_mimeDecode - Decode mime messages
php5-pear-MDB2 - Database abstraction layer
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysql - MySQL MDB2 driver
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli - MySQLi MDB2 driver
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_pgsql - PostgreSQL MDB2 driver
php5-pear-Net_DIME - DIME encoding and decoding
php5-pear-Net_IDNA2 - PHP library for Punycode encoding and decoding
php5-pear-Net_IMAP - Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
php5-pear-Net_LDAP - UNmaintained OOP interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
php5-pear-Net_LDAP2 - Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
php5-pear-Net_Sieve - Handles talking to a sieve server
php5-pear-Net_SMTP - An implementation of the SMTP protocol
php5-pear-Net_Socket - Network Socket Interface
php5-pear-Net_URL - Easy parsing of Urls
php5-pear-Net_URL2 - Class for parsing and handling URL
php5-pear-phpunit-bytekit - A php-bytekit cli
php5-pear-phpunit-DbUnit - DbUnit port for PHP/PHPUnit to support database interaction testing
php5-pear-phpunit-File_Iterator - Filters files based on a list of suffixes
php5-pear-phpunit-Object_Freezer - Filters files based on a list of suffixes
php5-pear-phpunit-PHPUnit_MockObject - Mock Object library for PHPUnit
php5-pear-phpunit-PHP_CodeBrowser - Integration in Hudson and CruiseControl
php5-pear-phpunit-PHP_CodeCoverage - PHP code coverage information
php5-pear-phpunit-PHP_Timer - Utility class for timing
php5-pear-phpunit-PHP_TokenStream - Wrapper around PHP's tokenizer extension
php5-pear-phpunit-Text_Template - Simple template engine
php5-pear-Services_Weather - An interface to various online weather-services
php5-pear-SOAP - SOAP Client/Server for PHP
php5-pear-symfony-YAML - Symfony YAML Component
php5-pear-symfony2-Console - Symfony2 Console Component
php5-pear-symfony2-Finder - Symfony2 Finder Component
php5-pear-symfony2-Yaml - Symfony2 Yaml Component
php5-pear-Text_CAPTCHA - Generation of CAPTCHAs
php5-pear-Text_Figlet - Render text using FIGlet fonts
php5-pear-Text_Password - Creating passwords with PHP
php5-pear-Text_Wiki - Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup
php5-pear-XML_Serializer - Swiss-army knife for creating, reading and writing XML files
php5-pear-XML_SVG - XML SVG API (unmaintained)
php5-pgsql - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-pgsql-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-pgsql
php5-phalcon - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-phalcon-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-phalcon
php5-phalcon-debugsource - Debug sources for package php5-phalcon
php5-phar - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-phar-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-phar
php5-posix - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-posix-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-posix
php5-pspell - PHP5 pspell extension
php5-pspell-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-pspell
php5-readline - PHP5 readline extension
php5-readline-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-readline
php5-redland - Php5 bindings for programs that use Redland
php5-redland-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-redland
php5-shmop - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-shmop-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-shmop
php5-smarty3 - Template/Presentation Framework for PHP
php5-smarty3-doc - Docs for Smarty
php5-snmp - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-snmp-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-snmp
php5-soap - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-soap-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-soap
php5-sockets - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-sockets-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-sockets
php5-sqlite - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-sqlite-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-sqlite
php5-suhosin - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-suhosin-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-suhosin
php5-sysvmsg - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-sysvmsg-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-sysvmsg
php5-sysvsem - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-sysvsem-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-sysvsem
php5-sysvshm - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-sysvshm-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-sysvshm
php5-tidy - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-tidy-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-tidy
php5-tn3270 - PHP5 Extension Module implementing tn3270 protocol
php5-tn3270-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-tn3270
php5-tokenizer - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-tokenizer-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-tokenizer
php5-wddx - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-wddx-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-wddx
php5-xmlreader - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-xmlreader-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-xmlreader
php5-xmlrpc - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-xmlrpc-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-xmlrpc
php5-xmlwriter - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-xmlwriter-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-xmlwriter
php5-xsl - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-xsl-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-xsl
php5-zip - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-zip-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-zip
php5-zlib - PHP5 Extension Module
php5-zlib-debuginfo - Debug information for package php5-zlib
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