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stress-ng-debugsource - Debug sources for package stress-ng

This package provides debug sources for package stress-ng. Debug sources are useful when developing applications that use this package or when debugging this package.
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Fedora iconFedora 28 releases/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-6.fc28Jan 14238 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-7.fc29Jan 14238 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 29 releases-test/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-7.fc29Jan 14238 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 30 releases/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-9.fc30Jun 17238 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora 30 releases-test/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-9.fc30Jun 17238 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
Fedora iconFedora rawhide development/Everything-debug-treerpm0.07.29-10.fc31Aug 03216 kiB1.25 MiBFedora Project
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 15.0 debug/ossrpm0.09.26-lp150.1.1Jan 17400 kiB1.67 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 15.1 debug/ossrpm0.09.26-lp151.2.3Jan 23400 kiB1.67 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Leap 42.3 debug/ossrpm0.06.12-3.1Jan 17215 kiB1.11 MiB
OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/ossrpm0.10.12-1.1Nov 29388 kiB2.04 MiB

Latest updates

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.11-1.1 to 0.10.12-1.1

Nov 29
  • Update to version 0.10.12
    • stress-sem-sysv: fix GETALL arg, it should not be pass by reference
    • stress-clock: fix segfault when timer_create fails
    • add more hdd specific advice hints
    • stress-revio: fix fadv-seq option, it is currently disabled
    • stress-hdd: fix fadv-seq option, it is currently disabled
    • stress-sem-sysv: remove trailing whitespace
    • stress-udp: exercise SIOCOUTQ and SIOCINQ ioctls
    • stress-sock: exercise SIOCOUTQ and SIOCINQ ioctls
    • stress-udp-flood: add SIOCOUTQ ioctl
    • Include linux/sockios.h include if is available
    • stress-shm: add lseek to exercise shm
    • stress-sem-sysv: exercise GETALL semctl command
    • stress-sem-sysv: fix typo GEZCNT -> GETZCNT
    • stress-sysfs: add poll to sysfs exercising
    • stress-sysfs: add some more file specific operations on /sysfs files
    • stress-clock: don't wait for timer completions, makes test more aggressive
    • stress-madvise: add MADV_COLD and MADV_PAGEOUT advice flags
    • stress-msg: add random MSG_STAT_ANY msgctl call
    • stress-msg: check struct msginfo is available with HAVE_MSGINFO
    • remove unix socket domain from udp stressor
    • stress-rdrand: increase rdrand read rate by adding inner loop
    • Manual: add clone3() to --clone description
    • core-shim: remove debug
    • stress-clone: convert NULL to a uint64_t for tls clone argument
    • stress-clone: exercise clone3() if it is available
    • stress-clone: add linux 5.5 CLONE_CLEAR_SIGHAND flag
    • stress-rdrand: remove rdrand32
    • stress-rdrand: add support for Power9 darn instruction
    • stress-tsc: add time stamp counter support for ppc64
    • stress-sockmany: clean up build warnings on openindiana
    • stress-stack: make altstack a void pointer, cleans up build warning
    • Fix --timer-slack from consuming the following arg (LP: #1853832)
    • stress-ng: add ppc64el target clones for power9 and generic
    • stress-fp-error: clean up error warning on non-standard fegetround prototypes
    • stress-memthrash: constify size arguments
    • stress-ipsec-mb: remove debug disabling of the stressor for x86
    • stress-ipsec-mb: Add --ipsec-mb-feature option
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.10-1.1 to 0.10.11-1.1

Nov 22
  • Update to version 0.10.11
    • Rename stress-socketmany to stress-sockmany to match the stressor name
    • Rename stress-socketpair to stress-sockpair to match the stressor name
    • Rename stress-socket-diag to stress-sockdiag to match the stressor name
    • Rename stress-socket-fd to stress-sockfd to match the stressor name
    • stress-sock: rename functions with sctp in name to sock
    • Rename sock stressor stress-socket.c to stress-sock.c
    • Add sockmany stressor to exercise many open socket connections
    • stress-dev: add initial /dev/ptp device exercising code
    • stress-schedpolicy: add SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling
    • stress-softlockup: force lowest niceness to be less nice
    • stress-softlockup: clean up a comment
    • Add some more corner case stressors
    • stress-shm-sysv: silently ignore EINVAL when deleting shared memory
    • manual: add default number of system V shared memory segments
    • stress-zero: add lseeks as these are allowed on /dev/zero
    • stress-zombie: don't give up when we hit out of memory
    • stress-schedpolicy: exercise sched_util_max if it is useable
    • stress-cache: add --cpu-sfence sfence instruction support (x86 only)
    • stress-af-alf: fix stack clobbering issue on arm64/armhf
    • stress-af-alg: report send/sendmsg EINVAL errors as debug, ignore for next time
    • stress-af-alg: add a preemption point on each crypto iteration
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.09-1.1 to 0.10.10-1.1

Nov 12
  • Update to version 0.10.10
    • stress-ipsec-mb: rename IPSEC to IPSec
    • stress-ipsec-mb: add helper function to get and memset the next job
    • stress-ipsec-mb: increment jobs count in stress_job_check_status
    • stress-ipsec-mb: check that jobs are complete as soon as possible
    • stress-funcret: rename counter ii to i
    • README: Fix typo in requests
    • README: Add contributing information
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.08-1.1 to 0.10.09-1.1

Nov 09
  • Update to version 0.10.09
    • code cleanup
    • stress-af-alg: add default configs to complement /proc/crypto list
    • stress-af-alg: add defconfigs with --af-alg-dump
    • stress-af-alg: introduce the --af-alg-dump option
    • stress-af-alg: use 'aead' salg_type for CRYPTO_AEAD on bind()
    • stress-af-alg: fix sockaddr algorithm type on bind()
    • stress-stack: check for ENOMEM fork failure and retry
    • stress-stack: don't throw a fatal error when sigaltstack fails
    • stress-stack: return error code in child using _exit() and not return
    • core-madvise: Add 5.4 MADV_COLD and MADV_PAGEOUT hints
    • stress-prctl: add PR_GET_SPECULATION_CTRL exerciser
    • Manual: update af-alg description
    • Make a couple of const strings static
    • stress-af-alg: fix build errors on undefined macros
    • stress-af-alg: add aead support
    • stress-af-alg: remove some debugging messages
    • stress-af-alg: remove old unused crypto structures
    • stress-af-alg: only add crypto algorithms that are supported by the stressor
    • stress-af-alg: use crypto algorithm data from /proc/crypto
    • stress-clone: Add CLONE_NEWCGROUP
    • stress-daemon: add expanding backoff timeout
    • stress-daemon: keep retrying fork if we don't have enough resources
    • stress-daemon: add minor backoff before fork retry (LP: #1849595)
    • stress-vm: print stressor name using args->name rather than literal string
    • stress-readahead: print stressor name in failure message
    • stress-matrix-3d: use pr_fail for short error failure messages
    • stress-matrix-3d: use pr_fail_err for short error failure messages
    • stress-iomix: fix one more pr_fail message
    • stress-iomix: use pr_fail_err for short error failure messages
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.07-1.1 to 0.10.08-1.1

Oct 24
  • Update to version 0.10.08
    • README: Add SuSE package information
    • stress-x86syscall: use cpuid if it is available
    • stress-judy: Add Judy array stressor
    • Add memory hotplug stressor
    • stress-sendfile: add missing line after variable declaration
    • stress-dev: add some more linux keyboard ioctls to exercise
    • stress-tree: fix error messages when nodes are not found
    • stress-swap: detect for EINVAL errors on swapon
    • stress-filename: don't use chars in filename that throw EILSEQ errors
    • stress-fiemap: detect if file system can support FIEMAP ioctls
    • stress-zlib: make some char * pointers non-clobberable by longjmp
    • stress-urandom: add mmap'ing to /dev/urandom for more exercising
    • stress-zlib: use text_start and text_end based on stress-zlib object code
    • Add x86syscall vsyscall stressor
    • stress-tsc: fix info message when tsc is not supported
  • Add BuildRequires "libapparmor-devel" needed by stress-apparmor
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.06-1.1 to 0.10.07-1.1

Oct 04
  • Update to version 0.10.07
    • Remove smatchify script, we now use other tools to static analyse stress-ng
    • Don't show utf8 chars on dump consoles
    • stress-clone: make child process larger to make it more OOM-able
    • core-out-of-memory: open and close proc interface after each write
    • stress-rdrand: unroll loop x 4 more times for more throughput
    • inline the __keep_stressing function, reduce call overhead for more throughput
    • stress-stack: make alternative signal stack privately mapped
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.05-1.1 to 0.10.06-1.1

Sep 27
  • Update to version 0.10.06
    • stress-mcontend: ensure mmap'd file is sync'd with zero data
    • stress-rmap: don't make fallocate failures a rmap test failure
    • stress-shm: fork and exit a child to exercise shm dup and removal
    • stress-ng: fix jobfile with classes
    • stress-procfs: don't randomly read pci proc info on ARM64
    • stress-procfs: remove bad buffer test, it's not portable
    • stress-sysfs: remove bad address reads, these fault on ARM64
    • stress-inode-flags: move open/close to controlling process
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.02-2.1 to 0.10.05-1.1

Sep 21
  • Update to version 0.10.05
    • core-shim: fix typo in shim_move_mount
    • core-shim: use shim_enosys for more ENOSYS returns
    • Clean up shims for syslog(2) and syslog(3)
    • stress-ramfs: remove it from the filesystem test
    • stress-dirdeep: make inodes info into a debug message
    • stress-vm: fix verification failure with gray code method
    • stress-socket: make EPIPE a non-fatal error condition
    • stress-udp: use correct default UDP port 7000
    • stress-ng: rescan the exclusion list for --class stressors
    • core-shim: reset errno before each waitpid call
    • stress-socket: handle SIGPIPE as non-fatal
    • stress-physpage: don't abort on zero address physpage
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.02-1.1 to 0.10.02-2.1

Sep 06
  • Update to version 0.10.04
    • Remove execute bit on bash completion script
    • stress-cpu: fix build time checks for __cpuid()
    • stress-cpu: add a collatz sequence stressor
    • stress-dev: temporarily disable hpet test
    • stress-stack: use memory backed mmap'd alternative stack
    • stress-inode-flags: detect failures in pthread and propagate these back to parent (LP: #1841900)
    • Add a pthread return pointer to pthread args
    • Add new 5.3 sched_attr fields, fixes EFBIG on sched_{get|set}attr
    • core-helper: don't call sched_getcpu on s390x
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.10.00-1.1 to 0.10.02-1.1

Aug 29
  • Update to version 0.10.02
    • stress-pthread: protect counter with spinlock not mutex lock
    • stress-pthread: don't block forever on pthread_cond_wait()
    • core-cache: use a fixed size buffer for reading in /sys info
    • stress-pty: don't report a failure on EINTR (LP: #1840512)
    • stress-cpu: add an x86 cpuid instruction exerciser
    • stress-cpu: add a 64 bit division stressor
    • stress-pthread: don't tkill pthreads, can lead to futex blocking
  • Update to version 0.10.01
    • stress-procfs: disable read to read-only buffer
    • stress-procfs: don't use large filenames on small pthread stacks
    • bash-completion: remove the shebang at the start
    • stress-ramfs: fix umounting races
    • stress-ramfs: add capability check before running
    • Add ramfs stressor, this also exercises the new mount system calls
    • Add brk emulation for systems that don't support brk()
    • stress-clone: add CLONE_PIDFD (new with Linux 5.2)
    • stress-cpu: warn if CPU affinity may have been set
    • stress-vforkmany: fix build error
    • stress-vforkmany: wrap vfork syscall and put pragmas around it
    • stress-fork: move pragmas to outside the stress_vfork function
    • stress-memrate: handle memory sizes < 1MB
Fedora rawhide icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-debug-tree: Updated from 0.07.29-9.fc30 to 0.07.29-10.fc31

Aug 03
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.09.60-1.1 to 0.10.00-1.1

Jul 16
  • Update to version 0.10.00
    • stress-pthread: abort if mutex lock is unlockable
    • stress-cpu: use CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID to measure CPU consumed
    • stress-cpu: fix CPU loading calculation
    • core-helper: keeping on ringing SIGALRM until stressors get the message
    • stress-memthrash: make stressors more yielding
    • stress-fork: do explicit keep_stressing() call rather than simple flag check
    • stress-fork: block SIGALRM and check for pending SIGALRMs
    • Add stress_sigalrm_pending and stress_sigalrm_block helpers
    • stress-brk: exercise zero expansion of brk
    • stress-efivar: exercise efi variable interfaces a little more
    • core-out-of-memory: refactor code, add a set adjustment helper
    • core-sched: put sched types into a lookup table
    • stress-socket: remove debug
    • stress-dev: exercise /dev/nvram
    • stress-socket: exercise IP_MTU if it is available
    • stress-sctp: use setsockopt for more socket option exercising
    • stress-sctp: add some sctp related getsockopt calls
    • stress-fcntl: don't make EPERM a fatal test failure
    • stress-chroot: don't make EPERM a fatal test failure
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from to 0.09.60-1.1

Jun 28
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.09.57-1.1 to

Jun 19
  • Package bash-completion script
  • Update to version
    • stress-wcs: fix segfault because of using incorrect string pointer
  • Update to version 0.09.59
    • Add bash completion script
    • Fix up missing options args on help for various stressors
    • stress-fcntl: ignore EINTR as a failed error return
    • stress-iomix: add yield point in ioctl exercising
    • stress-resources: add missing ifdef guard on fd_memfd
    • stress-resources: add more yield points
    • stress-ioprio: add more yield points
    • stress-inode-flags: add another yield point check per ioctl
    • stress-hrtimes: optimize the reaping process of child processes
    • stress-vfork: improve vforkmany stressor yielding
    • stress-dnotify: make dnotify wait loop yield
    • Add more yield points when touching pages with mincore_touch_pages
    • stress-bad-altstack: fix inverted logic of yield checks
    • stress-bad-altstack: add some more yield points
    • stress-yield: clarify yielder task types
    • stress-mmap: voidify unused argument mmap_mprotect
    • stress-str: fix incorrect size for str2
    • stress-wcs: fill string with random characters to the correct length
    • stress-shellsort: remove base_index helper function
    • stress-shellsort: correctly constify return from base_index()
    • remove declaration of ret, it shadows a higher scoped declaration
    • stress-prct: remove environ declaration, it is defined int unistd.h
    • core-helper: voidify unused capability argument
    • Revert "stress-vecmath: align data to cache boundary and copy on initialization"
    • core-helper: fix missing int type in stress_check_capability declaration
    • check for capabilities rather than if euid is zero
    • stress-clone: make parent of clone'd processes less oomable
    • stress-vecmath: align data to cache boundary and copy on initialization
    • sorting: fix comments of sorting functions
    • Add shell sort CPU/memory stressor
    • stress-wcstr: cache align start of wide strings
    • stress-wcstr: remove a string randomization, exercises wcstr functions more
    • stress-str: use len1, len2 for string lengths
    • stress-mremap: remove empty line
    • Add in missing white space
    • Ignore SIGUSR1, don't let it stop stressing
    • core-job: fix optind check, should only check for non --job options
    • jobs: parse jobfile name from correct argv[] location
    • stress-pidfd: replace goto's with continues
    • stress-poll: replace redo goto with a for-loop
    • stress-prctl: also exercise PR_SET_PTRACER
    • stress-prlimit: add more PR_SET_MM exercising
    • stress-prctl: pass correct zero flags on PR_SET_MM_BRK
    • stress-str: remove an string randomization, exercises str functions more
    • stress-bad-altstack: install signal handler in child as early as possible (LP: #1830856)
    • stress-netdev: add in missing ioctls to exercise
    • stress-seccomp: add maximum seccomp bpf filter stress
    • Add --msg-types to manual
    • stress-mq: remove an unnecessary assignment
    • stress-mq: remove stop flag, just kill child to remove complexity
    • stress-msg: remove need for magic stop message, just kill child instead
    • stress-msg: make message 4 bytes, cache align it to get more throughput
    • stress-shm: voidify memset return
    • stress-enosys: replace multiple if statements with loop
    • stress-cyclic: refactor some code
    • stress-cyclic: add less accurate usleep sleep delays
    • zlib: add lrand48 data source zlib method
    • stress-funccall: rename funcall -> funccall
    • stress-clone: make parent of the clones child processes an OOMable target (LP: #1828788)
    • Add pass by value function return funcret stress tests
    • stress-fault: make minor page faults more stressy
Fedora 30 icon

Fedora 30 releases-test/Everything-debug-tree: Version 0.07.29-9.fc30 introduced

Jun 17
Fedora 30 icon

Fedora 30 releases/Everything-debug-tree: Version 0.07.29-9.fc30 introduced

Jun 17
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.09.53-1.1 to 0.09.57-1.1

Apr 02
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.09.52-1.1 to 0.09.53-1.1

Feb 20
  • Update to version 0.09.53
    • stress-zlib: mark zero pipe reads as an interrupted pipe
    • stress-zlib: improve error handling messages
    • stress-sem: check for errno being zero for dilos
    • test/test-bsd-wchar: Explicitly include stdio.h
    • stress-af-alg: add yield detection before a blocking accept()
    • stress-socket: add yield detection before a blocking accept()
    • stress-sctp: add yield detection before a blocking accept()
    • stress-dccp: add yield detection before a blocking accept()
    • stress-epoll: add yield detection before a blocking accept()
    • stress-socket-fd: add more yield detection points
    • stress-ng: cast pid_t to int for printf
    • stress-vm-segv: add some voidifications on ptrace calls
    • Voidify return from several functions
    • core-perf: add spinlock/unlock error checking
    • thermal-zone: remove degrees char and also add Kelvin too
    • stress-tree: ensure avl cleans it's nodes on free
    • stress-key: don't perform KEYCTL_CLEAR, add more error checking
    • stress-daemon: perform more SysV daemon like actions
    • Handle ENOMEM fork failures by retrying
    • stress-ng: catch and report weird child termination issues
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed icon

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed debug/oss: Updated from 0.09.51-1.1 to 0.09.52-1.1

Feb 15
Fedora rawhide icon

Fedora rawhide development/Everything-debug-tree: Updated from 0.07.29-8.fc30 to 0.07.29-9.fc30

Feb 12

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