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stringtemplate4-bootstrap - A Java template engine

StringTemplate is a java template engine (with ports for
C# and Python) for generating source code, web pages,
emails, or any other formatted text output. StringTemplate
is particularly good at multi-targeted code generators, multiple site skins, and internationalization/localization.
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OpenSUSE iconOpenSUSE Tumbleweed ossrpm4.2-1.10 - 14:58248 kiB274 kiB

Latest updates

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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed oss: Updated from 4.0.8-1.1 to 4.2-1.1

0 - 14:58
  • Upgrede to version 4.2
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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed oss: Version 4.0.8-1.1 introduced

Oct 27
  • Initial packaging of stringtemplate4 4.0.8 as multibuild

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stringtemplate4 - A Java template engine
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