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xserver-xorg-input-wacom - X.Org X server -- Wacom input driver

This package provides the X.Org driver for Wacom tablet devices.
Original maintainer
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS
Debian iconDebian 10.0
Debian iconDebian 9.0
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Debian iconDebian 10.0 buster/maindeb0.34.99.1-110.11.201793.2 kiB284 kiB
Debian iconDebian 9.0 stretch/maindeb0.34.0-110.11.201791.8 kiB279 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 17.10 artful/maindeb1:0.34.0-0ubuntu210.11.201784.8 kiB285 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/maindeb1:0.36.1-0ubuntu112.06.201887.6 kiB291 kiB
Ubuntu iconUbuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/maindeb1:0.32.0-0ubuntu310.11.201782.7 kiB276 kiB

Manual pages


xsetwacom - commandline utility to query and modify wacom driver settings.


wacom - Wacom input driver

Latest updates

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/main: Updated from 1:0.34.0-0ubuntu2 to 1:0.36.1-0ubuntu1

12.06.2018 08:30
Debian 10.0 icon

Debian 10.0 buster/main: Version introduced

10.11.2017 09:50
  • Make sibling device name matching slightly more lenient. This improves support of subdevices for MobileStudio Pro and Cintiq Pro.
  • Revert to Update properties with a timer func.
    With the new input thread it was possible to send events from that thread directly, but doing that had some other undesirable consequences, like triggering a bug in the server which could make it crash. Later versions of the server caught that, and instead caused this to spew warnings to the xorg logs. Closes: #856140, #862639
  • xsetwacom: use XkbGetMap instead of XkbGetKeyboard.
    This is more robust in cases where certain keyboard description components are missing.
  • Introduce "Pressure2K" config option for incompatible software. The 0.34.0 release included commit 3e56ce44 which increased the range of pressure values that are reported to better support newer devices which have greater precision than the historical range allowed for.

Unfortunately, there appear to be some buggy applications which don't take
into account the advertised range (though GTK 2/3 and Qt 3-5 should), and
may misbehave with the new range. Until they too are fixed, this release
includes a workaround that users can enable, forcing the use of the old
pressure range.

To enable that, you'll want to add something like the following snippet to
a file in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory (see xorg.conf(5) and wacom(4)
for more details of doing that).

Section "InputClass"

Identifier "Wacom pressure compatibility"
MatchDriver "wacom"
Option "Pressure2K" "true"


Closes: #862671

Debian 9.0 icon

Debian 9.0 stretch/main: Version 0.34.0-1 introduced

10.11.2017 09:38
  • Handle the input ABI 23 - removal of xf86BlockSIGIO.
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic/main: Version 1:0.34.0-0ubuntu2 introduced

10.11.2017 09:01
  • fix-tests.diff: Fix test build against new xserver.
Ubuntu 17.10 icon

Ubuntu 17.10 artful/main: Version 1:0.34.0-0ubuntu2 introduced

10.11.2017 08:45
  • fix-tests.diff: Fix test build against new xserver.
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS icon

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial/main: Version 1:0.32.0-0ubuntu3 introduced

10.11.2017 08:36
  • Really rebuild against the new xserver.
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